4 Method To Read Instagram Messages Without Being Seen

4 Method To Read Instagram Messages Without Being Seen

Do you want to read Instagram messages without being seen or letting the other person know? WhatsApp has about 3 or 4 different ways through which you can read whatsapp messages without being seen. Unlike Whatsapp, Instagram doesn’t let you hide read receipts. However, there are still tricks and tips which can allow you to read messages without being seen. There is the Instagram’s restrict feature that you can use.

Instagram DMs is the place where you will find the most engaging and daunting messages which you would rather not see. And sometimes there are so many DMs that you always have to tread wisely while seeing them. You may also want that for some DMs, you don’t want the other person to know that you have seen their message.

1. Read Instagram Messages without Marking as seen

Instagram launched a new feature in 2016, which allowed the users to restrict people. It is basicallly to limit someone’s ability to engage with you without the need to block or unfollow them.

Step 1 : Open your Instagram account on your phone.

Step 2 : Go to the profile of that person whose messages you want to but don’t want to be seen.

Step 3 : There will three dot menu at the top right corner. Click it.

Step 4 : From the options, Select Restrict.

Step 5 : Click on the Restrict Account to Confirm.

Step 6 : Go to the message button and read their message.

Now you will be able to read all of their messages without letting the other person know. Now, even if you go back and unrestrict their profile, there message will be not marked as seen.

2. Turn Off Wifi/Data to hide Instagram Read Receipts

Turning off your Internet is one of the simplest ways to read any Insta DM without marking them as seen. However, remember that as soon as you go online again, it will be marked as seen. The steps to follow are:

Step 1 : Enable your phone’s Internet and let all the DMs come.

Step 2 : Then disable your Internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Step 3 : Now go to the messages and read the DM. As of now it won’t be marked as seen.

Step 4 : For android users, they can go to their manage apps section of their settings and “Force Stop” Instagram so that it no longer runs in the background.

Step 5 : After that even if you go online, the DM won’t be marked as seen until and unless you open Instagram.

Step 6 : iOS users don’t ahve the option of Force Stop therefore they are suggested to stay offline until you’re ready to deal with the message because as soon as you go online, it’ll be marked as read.

3. Disable Internet and Log Out to Read instagram messages without being seen

This is kind of very similar to what we did in the last point. However in this there is no risk of getting the DMs marked as seen.

Step 1 : Disable your phone’s mobile data or wifi connection.

Step 2 : Now go to the Instagram messages tab and read the message.

Step 3 : Then log out of your profile.

Step 4 : Now you can connect back to the Internet, the message won’t be marked as seen.

Step 5 : When you want to reply, or are ready to let them know, you can again log in to your profile.

4. Read Instagram DMs secretely using Third – Party Services

There are several third-party services let you connect and read your Instagram messages without letting the other user know. For instance, AirGrow lets you read messages without sending read receipts. It also has the option to send your DMs over email.

These were some of the ways which you can use to not let the other person know that you have seen their DMs. Now you can read instagram messages without being seen or without letting the other person know and also take your time to respond to the messages if you are busy.

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Garima Jain