5 Appliances You Need for a Smart Home

5 Appliances You Need for a Smart Home

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and a fast-speed internet connection, our lives are getting digitized. The Internet of Things brought about the introduction of smart home technology. 

This new innovation is making our lifestyle easier and much simpler. It is now easy for you to access your device, manage your routine and chores, and also perform various functions throughout the day. All of this is now possible at the tip of our fingers.

To give you an idea, a smart home works when different gadgets and appliances such as lights, locks, heating and cooling systems, TV, and others are connected and controlled through a single device. That device can be your phone or laptop, making it the primary one for managing the whole system.

All it takes is a stable internet connection that would allow you to access your smart home devices from anywhere, anytime. For that, we recommend checking out Xfinity internet plans that bring the amazing speed and connection performance you need. Simply call the Xfinity customer service number to learn how, through their internet services, you can enjoy managing appliances and devices around your home. 

If you are intrigued, check out the following smart home appliances you can install to get started on building a smart home lifestyle:

Amazon Echo Studio

We are going to start with Amazon Echo Studio. It is the perfect speaker that you can have for your smart home. It has Dolby Atmos and 3D sound effects, enriching the sounds and music, and videos alike. 

Apart from acting as a high-quality speaker, it is also an effective smart home assistant. It can connect with all your smart devices around the home; hence, you don’t need a hub for it. Amazon Echo Studio is a must-have for enriching your home life.

Phillip Hue

These include smart bulbs that offer lighting solutions in your home. These bulbs are placed in the usual bulb holders, but what makes them different from traditional bulbs is that they have internet and Bluetooth features. You can connect your primary device to these bulbs, and then turn them on and off from the device. Don’t even need to reach for the light switches.

Moreover, you can set up a schedule for when you want these bulbs turned off or on; if you prefer, these smart bulbs will turn on every day during sunset, and turn off every night when you are about to sleep. You can also control the light density and color of these smart bulbs.

Eve Energy

What is a smart home without a smart switch? Eve Energy is your go-to smart switch. The smart switch function allows you to turn the switches off or on, at the tap of a button. Although there are many smart switch options available, the reason we recommend Eve Energy is that it also monitors your appliance’s electric usage. 

source – AppleInsider

You can keep an eye on which electric appliance is causing a surge in your electric bill. This feature allows you to make your home an energy-efficient one.

Eufy Video Doorbell 2K

This is your best option for a smart doorbell. That’s right, you can even implement smart home technology on the doorbell of your home.

Eufy Video Doorbell comes with a camera in-built, that works day and night. The camera is connected to your device and gives you a video feed of the view outside your door. It has a storage space of up to 16 GB that you can save.

The only downside is that you need to keep it charged. The Eufy Video Doorbell 2K can go on for six months, after which you need to charge it.

Google Hub Nest Max

Last but not the least, you definitely need a hub through which you can manage all your smart appliances and gadgets. For this, Google Hub Nest Max is a perfect choice. It has a built-in screen and a nesting speaker pad. It also has a front camera.

Google Hub Nest Max also acts as a Home Assistant. Just say, “OK Google, switch on the TV.” and it will carry out the task.

Wrapping Up

In short, we have listed just a few essential smart home devices that we think you need to get started on building a smart home. But smart home technology isn’t limited to this list; there are many other smart devices out there. 

There are smart fridges, that keep stock of the temperature of the appliance as well as let you know what is left inside, smart sprinklers that you can schedule to turn on at a specific time every morning and informs you of any water discrepancies, etc. All these smart home devices are meant to simplify your lifestyle, and that is all possible thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT). 

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