5 Rare Diseases that gives superpower to humans

5 Rare Diseases that gives superpower to humans

Yes, I am not kidding. Superhuman power could be defined as any perk over an average human. Believe it or not, some rare diseases could make their carriers similar to superheroes. In this post, we will also talk about the burdens which come with these superpowers. So, let’s get started without delay.

1). Super Memory

From a medical point of view, it is also called Hyperthymesia. It could cause a person to remember all the memories of their lifetime just loke playing a movie. There are not many people who diagnosed with this unique disease. They can describe any day of their life down to a single insignificant thing. You might be thinking that it must be awesome to have a super memory like that. If yes, then think again. Usually, anyone will try to forget or sugarcoat the unpleasant events in their lives, but people with Hyperthymesia forget nothing. They could also sever headaches and insomnia as a side effect. Too heavy a burden to call it a superpower.

2). Insensitive to pain

Inborn analgesia, the medical name of the disease, which makes people insensitive to pain. They cannot feel even an ounce of pain. Yes, it is time to know the burdens. Pain is an integral part of our life. It helps us notice any damages to our bodies. So, we can take care of it. When people with analgesia suffer any physical harm, they will not see a thing until it is visible directly. Even the broken bones were unnoticed, and without proper treatment on time, it could severely threaten the patient. It is vital to know problems to fix it, and that is why our body sends pain to remind you of the issues.

3). Super Genius

It is called savant syndrome, and people with this syndrome are the super genius because people with such conditions are extremely talented in drawing, music, painting, calculations, cartography, or even constructing a 3D model with every little detail. They can do many complex calculations within a blink of an eye, like calculating the multiplication of a three-digit number or calculating the day of any date in a year. These people can mostly do anything which makes them super genius like literally. There is one problem with them, and that is ‘The mental deficiency,’ well it is not like you can get everything.

4). Fearless

Urbach-Wiethe disease is a sporadic genetic disorder in which the diagnosed person can not feel any fear, which is also called a fearless disorder. It sounds like big balls to me. Okay, don’t mind my language. You must be thinking about what could be a negative side effect of this kind of superpowers. So, let me explain this to you in short. People with these fearless conditions are just like the people who are insensitive to pain. Fear is also an essential part of life, which protects you from any dangerous situations. People with no concern for death can jump into any situation with care for there life, which could be fatal for them.

5). Stone man

It is also a genetic syndrome, and it causes the soft tissue to turn onto a bone. It also progresses through life. It caused by the mutation of the ACVR1 gene, which is responsible for the development of different tissues. It makes muscle turn into a bone, and even the joints are attached. You can imagine the consequences; even movement will be hard. It is almost impossible to remove the bone surgically because the body will produce more bones in that area to self-repair. This disease currently has no treatment, but fortunately, it is a rare syndrome.

After knowing this, I bet many for you are even feeling glad to not received any superpowers. Well, there may be another option? What if we start to use 100% of our brains? Maybe we can get better superpowers this way, but it should be left for another post.

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