6 Best Instagram Reels editing app | 2022

6 Best Instagram Reels editing app | 2022

Making a reel is fun and exciting, reels open a plethora of opportunities to grow and expand your work. In the changing times of the internet, reels have become a huge hit among the audience, and to post an attractive reels you might need some best Instagram Reels editing app

Just like TikTok took the world by storm, now reels are doing a very similar job. Reels have opened a huge space for creators to show their talents and creativity. If you want to increase engagement on Instagram then reels are the best platfrom right now. 

Even a 15-30 second reel, can get you more engagement than a collaboration, using reels might you to get free Instagram followers in a short period of time. So, if you are a small business owner or an influencer on Instagram reels are your way to reach a targeted audience. 

Best Instagram Reels editing app

If you are too looking for a video editing app for Instagram reels then continue reading!


Clips is a fun and eye-catching app that helps you to create and edit your reels in no time. Reels are getting popular for their crazy transitions, and clips can help you create them with ease. 

You can easily create built-in captions for your reels they work just like subtitles. The Clips app helps you choose the font, size, and color of the captions. Not only this but you can add fun stickers and filters to your reels.

Clips app is user-friendly and hassle-free, you can find it both on IOS and Android. 


KineMaster is another famous app that most people use to edit their Instagram reels. If you want professional-looking and high-resolution reels then KineMaster is the one for you.

This reel editing app is flawless, it helps the users to create content, including sound effects, and record voice-overs both of that which Instagram is lacking. 

KineMaster also helps you trim clips from a prerecorded event. You can also create unique animations on your reels with its easy drag & drop feature. 


FilmoraGo is another famous video editing app, which is now being used to create interesting transitions and smooth reels. This app makes editing reels a hassle-free job. 

With FilmoraGo you can easily add animated text, stickers, and text overlays and create unique content for your audience. One of the best features of FilmoraGo is that it offers a free music library that you can use to add trendy songs. 

This app has made adding background music and editing reels an easy task.


VITA is another interesting editing app that you can use to edit your reels. This app offers its users fun and creative, templates that you can use for your reels. 

This reel editing app also gives its users a plethora of trendy music to choose from. One of the most important things about reels is the music or the audio, this aspect can make or break your reel. 

Using VITA you can easily trim, add effects and create a flawless reel in no time. This app is not very hard to use or understand so you will be good to go. 


InShot is not only used to edit Instagram reels but it is also famous for editing stories and posts. This app may be the easiest reel editing app you can ever find.

This app has all the basic tools to edit reels like zoom, trim, cut, and speed. Not only this but InShot comes with a huge inbuilt music gallery that helps you choose your desired music. 

InShot also provides its, users, with a PIP feature (picture-in-picture) that makes it easy to edit reels, stories, and posts. 


WeVideo is another incredible reel editing app. This app is user-friendly even if you are using an editing app for the first time you will know what to do. 

This app has an inbuilt collection of stock images that you can use to edit your reels. WeVideo also provides a green screen effect for your reels, this is compatible with both IOS and Android. 


Finding the best Instagram Reels editing app has never been easier. We hope you liked all of the options we mentioned above, all of the video editing apps are unique and great in their own way. You can download a few of the apps mentioned above to see what suits you and your requirement the best.

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