6 effective ways to promote your business on social media 

6 effective ways to promote your business on social media 

Small businesses are making their way to fame through social media. In recent Covid times, a lot of new businesses have come up on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

If you are too a small business that wants to grow its reach on social media then continue reading. Social media is coming up to rescue all small business owners with creative and interactive content. 

If you too want to start your business on social media then invoke creativity in you. Grow your business on social media with the help of these interesting tips and tricks. 

6 effective ways to promote your business on social medial platforms

Create a monthly calendar 

It is essential to be well aware of your follower’s demands. Pay attention to the content that gets appreciated the most, it can be monthly offers, reels, or customer experience. 

Strategize your monthly content according to the content that your followers like and react to. Make a monthly calendar with fresh ideas, and conceptualize reels and relevant hashtags. This will help in being more organized with your content.

Look at your competitor’s pages and look for innovative ways to promote your content. Influencer marketing can also be a great way to boost your reach. Gift your favorite influencers your best products, and ask them to promote the products on their stories. 

Be interactive 

One of the most important things in today’s time to grow your business on social media is interaction. Be present, be aware of the latest trends, and follow them in promoting your business. 

For example, reels do exceptionally well, look for creative ideas to promote your business through reels. Use trendy music, and memes, and come up on your stories often to interact with your followers. 

This will help in building a bond between you and your followers. 

Choose the right platform for your business 

Another important factor in promoting your business on social media is by choosing the right platform. Instagram, Facebook, and Google are some of the best platforms. 

Instagram and Facebook go hand in hand, you can post content on both social media sites. Keep your content easy to read and understand so that your audience can connect to your business. 

Make sure you are a part of all the essential Facebook groups that can provide you with new leads. Facebook groups have become a great way to find potential customers.

Run ads on social media sites

One of the fastest ways to grow and expand your business on social media is by running ads. Social media ads are the new way to promote and increase sales. 

Earlier we only had Google ads but with advancement, now we have Facebook and Instagram ads as well. Instagram and Facebook ads are easy to run and can boost your reach. Google ads on the other hand are time-consuming and may cost a bit more. 

Creating fun and innovative reels is also a great way to boost your reach. You can always promote your reels through ads, make sure you are adding all the essential hashtags too. 

Provide value through your post

As a business owner on social media your posts are shared among a large section. It is your duty to not only promote your business on social media but also to provide valuable posts. 

Sharing your personal life on social media can be scary but it can help your audience to connect with you on a deeper level. Speak up on topics that you find right, and share your value and thoughts. 

Being efficient also helps to grow your business on social media. Replying to comments, messages and emails also help in building your business. Make sure you address all of your customer’s doubts on stories and live sessions. 

Being available for your audience can also be ideal for your business, conduct weekly live sessions. Share BTS from shoots or making of your products. 

Do giveaways each month 

One of the best ways to connect with your followers is by conducting giveaways. This helps them to bond better with your page, and promote it among their friends and family. 

Giveaways can be small or big depending on your capabilities but this is a great way to appreciate your audience and increase reach. 


Growing business on social media has now become easier. The key to success is consistency and creativity, ideate creative posts and reels for your audience. We hope you liked the information we shared above, do follow these to grow your business.

Akash Singh

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