$6400 Subsidy Is it a SCAM? | Read Before You Apply

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By Akash Singh

Hey there! Have you seen the video about the $6400 subsidy that everyone is talking about? It’s natural to be curious about it and want to know whether the $6400 subsidy is real or fake.

Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll find all the information about the $6400 subsidy. So, sit back and relax, and let’s find out whether the $6400 Subsidy is Real or a scam.

The prices of almost everything going up these days, and medical services are the most affected sector. Many people are trying to find out about the subsidies offered by the government to get better medical services.

But unfortunately, scammers are also on the lookout for these people to scam.

So, it’s crucial to be aware and learn how to differentiate between real and fake subsidies. In this article, we’ll show you how to spot a fake subsidy and also share Everything related to the $6400 Subsidy Scam.

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What is a $6400 subsidy?

The $6400 subsidy is a topic that has gone viral on the internet, involving a video circulating on Facebook since 2003, where a woman claims to have paid off her medical bills using a government subsidy.

The scammers behind this video provide a hotline number for people to call and claim their subsidies.

However, when users make the call, they are asked to provide personal details such as card information, government ID, or even a certain amount of money as a registration fee to supposedly receive a $6400 subsidy.

Is the $6400 health subsidy Real?

Is $6400 health subsidy Real

The $6400 subsidy is entirely fake and a scam; no government is offering such a subsidy. If you come across an advertisement offering free money or a subsidy, do not click on it at all. It may appear genuine, but do not fall for it; they might have created it solely to steal money from online users.

Scammers are tricking users online into falling for this fake subsidy by soliciting money or personal information.

They attempt to manipulate individuals by creating fake healthcare subsidy programs and promoting them on social media.

How did the $6400 subsidy go viral?

Scammers have not solely relied on viral Facebook videos but also have pop-up ads featuring famous personalities such as Joe Biden and Snoop Dogg to promise subsidies. However, it is crucial not to fall for their tricks.

The scammers create these AI-generated videos with extreme precision, making it difficult to tell whether they are genuine or not. These ads are, in reality, fake and cunning marketing strategies employed by scammers.

In addition to Facebook videos, the use of celebrity Fake ads made by AI provides a sense of legitimacy, making it easier for individuals to become victims of scams.

Always Remember, it’s always important to be cautious and double-check before giving out any personal information or money.

Falling for these types of scams can lead to serious financial and personal consequences. 

Tell-tail points for the $6400 subsidy to be a scam

  • One of the foremost and important ways to identify the scammer is the website, they are neither a government(.gov) website nor connected to any official government health program.
  • There are also no direct cash payouts done by any government subsidies upon meeting the requirements, they are mostly done by credit system.
  • If any such large Subsidy is released by the government there will be an official announcement done by the government health program. 
  • Scammers pretending to be officials put you through a rush to fill out details. Any government needs time to verify your details and they are not in a rush. 

How do Government Health Subsidies Work?

It’s worth noting that government health subsidies, like Medicaid, are designed to support those who need it most. They do have some strict eligibility criteria, which typically include factors like age, income, and disabilities.

However, the application process can be quite lengthy and rigorous, often taking several months to get approved. Rest assured, these programs are in place to help those who need it most and can provide vital support to those who qualify. 

How to Protect Yourself From a Scam?

Due to the rise of advanced digital scams, it’s important to remain aware of protecting both personal information and finances. To ensure safety, some recommended practices include:

  • Always check twice before you give your details or account details. Check the website for its authenticity.
  • Recheck twice with government announcements. Huge or small subsidies are announced officially by the government receding all the eligibility criteria. There are no such subsidies that you can get without any eligibility criteria. 
  • If you have an acquaintance or friends who work in a government office, get it checked with them as they are aware of these subsidies. 
  • If you have any doubts even after these steps you can call health services customer care and recheck with them also.
  • If there are time constraints or when you call them, they put you in a rush then for sure it is a scam, most of the subsidies are not done in haste, and they take months to get approved. 

What to do if you are scammed?

If you have been scammed by mistake, it is important to take immediate action to ensure your safety. Follow these steps:

  • The first and very important step is to contact your bank and look for any transaction you have not done. 
  • Then check your credit card purchases and bank details and if there is anything that you suspect to be checked by the scammers, then immediately change your details and passwords
  • Ask if the bank can retrieve your money if scammers have already done the transactions using your bank details.
  • Then you should report immediately to the Federal Trade Commission about the frade and give their details. From this, we can ensure that this doesn’t happen to other people. 

It’s important to be cautious and always double-check before giving out any personal information or money. Don’t fall for these types of scams!


is the $6400 subsidy legit?

No, the $6400 subsidy is not legitimate; this is a complete scam. Scammers claiming that the government is freely disbursing $6400 worth of health benefits are perpetrating a scam. Such scams typically manifest through advertisements that inquire if an individual needs insurance or federal assistance

How do you get financial assistance from the government?

There are various financial assistance provided by the government. There are official websites that you can visit to know about the assistance they provide. The websites are:




How to report the scams?

Any texts, videos, ads, or emails offering to give free money are mostly scams. You can report them to the Federal Trade Commission.

Is the $6,400 subsidy real?

No, the $6400 health subsidy is not real, it’s a scam, scammers have been promoting a health benefits scam online through advertisements featuring celebrities and alleged beneficiaries, claiming to provide $6400 for groceries, house rent, and other necessary items, do not believe in these kinds of advertisements, They are scams.

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