7 Crazy Upcoming WhatsApp Features Expected To Launch In 2022

7 Crazy Upcoming WhatsApp Features Expected To Launch In 2022

WhatsApp is one of the largest communities that helps in connecting people. This app has changed our lives and bought some revolutionary changes to communication. 

Every few months WhatsApp brings out new features to improve the user interface. WhatsApp is expected to launch some incredible features in 2022 that can help you and me in communication. 

This app has made texting, calling, and video calling our friends and family so easy. WhatsApp has always been ahead of its time giving only the best to its users. 

Upcoming Latest WhatsApp Features 

If you too want to know about the upcoming latest WhatsApp features then continue reading till the end. 

No time limit to delete a sent message 

Deleting a message after sending it has been a savior in disguise. Currently deleting a message after sending comes with a time limit of 68 minutes and 16 seconds. 

WhatsApp is coming up with a new update that will help in removing this time limit. This will be a great update for people who want to go back and delete any text sent. This update will come out soon, sadly we do not have an apt timeline. 

Added reaction to messages 

If you like Instagram and Facebook’s feature that helps you react to a message then this is good news for you. WhatsApp is also going to come up with the same pattern. 

Soon enough you will be able to react to your friends and family messages with a set of six emojis. If you are not very fond of these features then you can easily enable or disable this feature when it gets launched. 

WhatsApp is definitely trying to up its game and is relevant to its users. 

Instagram reels on WhatsApp?

Yes, you heard us. With the new feature, WhatsApp is planning to bring Instagram’s reels to WhatsApp. With this feature, you will be able to view Instagram reels directly from your WhatsApp. 

This will come up as an integration plan with Facebook’s other owned apps. If you like watching reels on Instagram then you would definitely benefit from this new feature. 

WhatsApp community feature 

This is going to be one of the biggest features of WhatsApp. The community feature will be better understood by people who already know about the discord. 

Here is what this feature brings:

  • This feature will help you create groups within groups using the Whatsapp communities
  • It helps you to stack groups together and provides added power to the group admins
  • The community feature is very similar to the Discord servers which contain various channels or sub-groups.

Preview for shared documents 

This is another feature that will benefit everyone that uses WhatsApp on a daily basis. Currently, users can not preview a shared document without opening it. 

With this newly added feature, people will be able to preview the shared document without the need to open them. A lot of times we do not want to open a text message, this could be ideal for such times. 

Added animated heart emojis 

Presently, we have only one animated heart emoji which is the red one. But with the need for updates on WhatsApp, we will be able to choose a different colored heart emoji. 

Animated emojis are delightful, sadly we only had one till now but in the coming time we will get a whole bunch of colors. This update was a long due and we are glad that WhatsApp is finally bringing this forward. 

Read later 

Whatsapp is soon going to change the “Archived messages” into “Read later”. Once the chat is moved to the read later section, you will not receive notifications of any message sent on that chat.  

You will also get an additional update on this called the “Vacation mode” that will ensure you dont get disturbed. The read later updates will also come with a few edit buttons that you can customize according to your likes.


The new WhatsApp features are going to be a game-changer. They will not only provide a smooth usage but will also help us save time. One of our favorite features is going to be the Instagram reels feature, this will help us save the trouble of moving from one app to the other.

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