$750 Cash App Flash Rewards Legit Or Scam? | Find The Truth

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By Akash Singh

Have you ever come across an email or ad claiming you could get a huge $750 just by using Cash App Flash Rewards?

It might sound like a great deal, but it’s important to know if these offers are legit before you get excited. 

In this article, gatherxp.com will break down the $750 Cash App Flash Rewards program so you can figure out whether it’s the real deal before you decide to participate.

So, let’s get straight into the topic.😉

What is the $750 CashApp Flash reward?

The $750 Cash App Reward is a program by Cash App where users can score up to $750 in gift cards, Cash App, or PayPal cash by doing stuff online. Tasks might be watching videos, answering surveys, or buying certain things. Flash Rewards is a big name in this game.

The website says users must finish 20 Deals to claim the $750 reward. These Deals are divided into Levels, each needing more effort than the last.

$750 CashApp Flash reward

You must complete several Deals at each Level to get the reward. The offer is not from Cash App but from a third-party website, Flash Rewards.

Though you might find similar offers online, Flash Rewards is the primary source for this $750 Cash App reward. Read more to know if it’s a legit or scam. 

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How to Get $750 on Cash App Through Flash Rewards? 

To get $750 on Cash App through Flash Rewards, you need to follow these steps:

  • Sign Up: Register for free on the Flash Rewards website. You must be 18 years old and a resident of the United States to join the platform. Provide accurate and complete registration information.
  • Complete Deals: Browse through the available deals on Flash Rewards and select the ones that appeal to you. You will need to complete a set number of deals within a specific period to claim the $750 reward. Each level requires more effort than the previous one, with different deals available at each level.
  • Submit Documentation: Once you have completed the required number of deals to claim your rewards, you must submit your photo ID and a selfie online. This step is necessary to verify your identity and claim the reward.

Remember to complete all deals within the specified timeframe and follow the platform’s guidelines to ensure eligibility for the $750 Cash App reward through Flash Rewards.

Is the $750 CashApp Flash Rewards Legit?

$750 CashApp Flash Rewards is misled to get the attention of users so that users will more likely to sign up for their platform and do the task provided by Flash Rewards; many users tried their program to get $750 Cashpp but ended up wasting time.

Our team has completed many tasks on flash rewards as well, but we didn’t receive anything in return, as per many user complaints they do not even respond to mail, in reality, one has received $750 on Cashapp Through Flash rewards.

$750 CashApp

Cash App itself doesn’t have any program called “Flash Rewards” that offers $750.

Cash App’s official rewards program involves earning points for your everyday activities on the app, which can later be redeemed for discounts or other benefits.

There’s no mention of instant cash rewards like $750 and no information on the Cash App website, which is a major red flag. 

$750 CashApp

This scam tricks people by promising to give them $750 if they do some easy things like downloading apps, trying free trials, and answering surveys. But it’s not true.

$750 CashApp error

They’re just trying to steal your personal information and Your time & money. You won’t get any cash even if you do everything they ask. They’re just trying to get your information.

Here’s why these “Flash Rewards” are most likely scams:

  • Unrealistic promises: Getting $750 for minimal effort is a huge giveaway. Legitimate rewards programs offer smaller incentives.
  • Cash App doesn’t endorse it: Cash App does not mention “Flash Rewards” on their official channels.
  • Shady methods: Clicking suspicious links, downloading unknown apps, or giving out personal information are all tactics scammers use to steal data or install malware.

What Customers Are Saying About Flash Rewards?

If you search online for user experiences with “Cash App Flash Rewards,” you’ll likely find a trail of complaints.

People report frustration, wasted time, and even security concerns. Here’s a good rule of thumb: If you can’t find positive reviews or testimonials, it’s best to stay away.

1. Reviews on Trustpilot 

Flash Rewards has a range of reviews on Trustpilot, with both positive and negative feedback. Some users mention they’ve successfully earned rewards and got the promised gift cards. They like the different deals available and the chance to get valuable rewards.

Flash Rewards review on trustpilot
Flash Rewards review on trustpilot
Flash Rewards review on trustpilot

2. On Reddit 

On Reddit, opinions about Flash Rewards are mixed. While some users report successfully earning rewards and getting their promised gift cards, others claim it’s a scam.

Flash Rewards review on reddit

Remember: It probably is if something sounds too good to be true. Don’t fall for these “Flash Reward” scams. Stay safe and use Cash App responsibly through their official features and programs.

Flash Rewards review on reddit

3. On Play Store

Flash Rewards review on google play

Flash Rewards on the Google Play Store is getting slammed by users claiming that it’s a scam, Checkout the following reviews. 

Flash Rewards review on google play

What are The Reward Options for the Cash App?

After finishing a certain number of deals, you can cash in different rewards on FlashRewards.co. Some popular options include:

  • Free PayPal cash
  • Prepaid Visa cards
  • Free Amazon gift cards
  • Free Shein clothes and gift cards
  • Free Temu gift cards

The amount you earn depends on how many deals you do. Rewards generally start at $5 and go up to $1,000 if you do enough deals.

But keep in mind, for the $500 to $1,000 rewards, you might need to pay to do some deals.

These could be things like signing up for a trial of a new streaming service or subscribing to a monthly box.

You might be able to cancel before you have to pay, but if you cancel too early, it might not count toward your goal.

How does Flash rewards work?

From bait to hook to threat, here’s an in-depth look at how this scam manipulates victims:

Step 1: Bait – Lucrative $750 Cash Offer

Scammers trick people by offering them the chance to make $750 easily through tasks like:

  • Downloading and registering for mobile apps.
  • Initiating free trials for products or services.
  • Exploring exclusive online deals and offers.
  • Participating in surveys or questionnaires.

The promised reward can be sent straight to your chosen account, like your PayPal, Cash App, or bank account.

This “easy money” offer aims to excite you about getting cash without much work. However, cautious visitors might hesitate to give their personal info to suspicious websites.

Step 2: Hook – Requests for Personal Information

When you visit these scam websites and click anywhere, they ask you to fill out a form with a lot of personal information like:

  • Your full name
  • Where you live
  • Your email address
  • Phone number
  • When you were born
  • Your Cash App, PayPal, or bank account info

Scammers use this info to steal your identity, do financial fraud, and launder money. They say they need it to “check if you qualify” and to send you any money you earn.

The more info they get, the worse it can be for you. But the scam sites tell you it’s safe, so victims think their info is okay.

Step 3: High-Pressure Registration Tactics

Scam websites use tricks to make people quickly give away their personal information without thinking twice. They do this by:

  • Saying there are only a few spots left in the rewards program.
  • Putting countdown timers to rush the sign-up process.
  • Claiming that sign-ups will close soon.

These tricks make people feel like they have to act quickly or they’ll miss out on easy money. But no real business should pressure people like this. Scammers do it because they know it stops people from looking closer and realizing it’s a scam.

Step 4: Sign Ups for Downloads, Trials, Shopping

Once users sign up with their personal information, they need to do certain tasks to get the promised $750 cash reward. These tasks usually include:

  • Downloading and joining mobile apps.
  • Trying out free trials for products or services.
  • Buying specific online deals, products, or offers.
  • Filling out surveys, questionnaires, or playing games.

At first, these offers might seem harmless because they’re free or easy to try. But in reality, they can put users at risk of identity theft, unexpected charges, lots of unwanted emails, and even malware on their devices.

Step 5: No $750 Cash Payout Despite Completing Offers

Sadly, in this scam, nobody ever gets the $750 cash they were promised, no matter how many tasks they do. The offers are fake and just meant to trick people into doing things that benefit the scammers. These scammers make money by:

  • Selling the personal information they collect.
  • Earning commissions from people downloading apps, trying out trials, or making purchases.
  • Charging subscription fees after free trials end.

However, the people who fall for it and complete these offers never actually receive any money in their Cash App, PayPal, or bank accounts.

Step 6: Ongoing Risks Beyond Initial Charges

Even if you dodge the sneaky fees at first, you’re still in for a ton of trouble like:

  • Crooks steal your identity to open accounts without your permission.
  • Your email, bank, and shopping accounts are getting hacked.
  • Your device is getting infected by nasty software from downloading apps and files.
  • Being bombarded with annoying spam calls, emails, and texts.
  • Your fresh personal info makes you an easy target for more scams down the road.

Once scammers nab your details and sign-ups, they vanish into thin air. You’re left with lost cash, your private info out there, and your privacy invaded, all without you doing anything wrong.

Is Flash Rewards worth it?

Absolutely not. Flash Rewards is definitely not worth it. Here’s why:

  • It’s a Scam: Cash App doesn’t have a program called “Flash Rewards” that offers $750. The whole thing is a deceptive scheme to steal your data or infect your device.
  • High Risk, Low Reward: The “rewards” are unrealistic, while the risks are significant. You could lose money, have your data compromised, or even damage your device.
  • Negative User Experiences: People who’ve interacted with “Flash Rewards” report wasted time, frustration, and even security concerns.

Other Alternatives of Getting $750 on Cash App.

Some other apps and websites pay you faster and are less annoying. Here are some options we like:

  • Branded Surveys: A top survey site that rewards you for sharing your thoughts.
  • Rewarded Play: A great Android gaming app where you can earn gift cards.
  • Pool Payday: An iPhone game where you can win money by playing pool.
  • Kashkick: A U.S. site where you can earn cash by playing online games and taking surveys.
  • Swagbucks: This site rewards you for shopping, playing games, answering surveys, and watching ads.
  • Cash Cow: Another Android gaming app that gives out PayPal and gift card prizes.
  • JustPlay: A popular gaming app similar to Mistplay.


How do I get $750 from Cash App?

There’s no guaranteed way to get $750 on Cash App. However, you can utilize their legitimate rewards program for small benefits or focus on earning money through other means and transferring it to Cash App.

Is the Cash app Flash Rewards a scam?

According to Gatherxp.com’s research, most of the $750 Cash App offers are scams and are not legitimate. While it’s true you can earn money by finishing deals, it often takes a considerable amount of time to complete over 20 deals.

If you mess up or forget to keep track of all your completed deals, you might not receive any payment.

Do money apps actually give you money?

Money apps themselves don’t typically give away large sums like $750. Some offer rewards programs, but they involve earning small incentives over time, not instant cash. Focus on the app’s core features for money transfer and safekeeping.


The idea of getting $750 cash for just downloading apps or doing easy online tasks is a fake scam meant to steal your personal information. Even if you do a bunch of sketchy offers, you won’t get any money in your Cash App, PayPal, or bank account.

These scams trick people who get excited about the promise of easy money and miss the warning signs. But giving away your info and making shady offers can lead to identity theft, financial scams, unexpected fees, computer viruses, and tons of annoying spam.