9 Instagram Cool Stories Ideas You Need to Know ( 2023 )

9 Instagram Cool Stories Ideas You Need to Know ( 2023 )

There are billions of people who use Instagram everyday and more than 500 million people use instagram stories every day.

For a creator, Instagram stories is a way to connect with your audience on an emotional and deeper level. There are countless features on Instagram for the creators to make their stories more appealing.

There are actually too many features.

So here are 9 Instagram story tips that you need to know and also the time saving tricks which will make you one of the best storytellers.

So now you can use the platform to its full advantage.

#1 Create a Patterned Backdrop for sharing a Feed Post

We all share our feed posts on stories to make it better known and make people aware of our post. So, adding a custom pattern backdrop on your stories is the toppings on the pizza. It makes the story more appealing and clicking on the post is more likely to happen. You can put a funky background or a themed one.

#2 Fill the Background with a Solid Color

You can also fill the background with Solid color on your stories which can include solid and unique colors on your story backgrounds when you ask something or write something. It can be a great way of appealing to the audience.

#3 Use a Green Screen in your Instagram Story

Green screen is an amazing kind of technology and is a gamechanger for social media. Through green screen you can just be about anywhere. If you want to be on mountains or moon or even sun, wherever you want to be. Green screen can also be used to answer questions on Instagram.

#4 Share with a Select group of Friends

If your parents or your teacher or your boss is on Instagram, it can be a big barrier for you to share your true self and stupidest Instagram thoughts.

So you can share your stories with only a selected group of VIPs who are your close friends and only some people can get your exclusive content.

#5 Post Multiple Stories at once

You can use instagrams multi-capture tool to get yourself and your followers multiple stories without making them wait for your stories.

#6 Schedule Instagram Stories in Advance

Stories are supposed to be a spontaneous place. However, you cannot be on instagram all the time. You have a life to live not just a life to show.

Therefore it’s possible to schedule your stories beforehand via Facebook Business suite and find yourself enough time to actually live life as well.

#7 Add Music

Music adds a vibe to the story. And your story needs a soundtrack. There is no other way. You can select different songs and make your stories much more lively. It can be song related to friendship, a LO-Fi, a love song or a sad one for that matter. Song adds emotions to the picture and therfore adding a song can make your stories much better.

#8 Create a collage or a grid of photos

There is a feature on Instagram wherein you can create collages with different layouts. There is also an option of multiphotos in Instagram which you can use for your benefit. You can add images haphazardly, do the edits and it will be good to go. Adding some music is a cherry on top.

#9 Hide hashtags and @mentions 

You should preserve your aesthetic vision by hiding all your hashtags and mentions in your stories. You can still have all the benefits of these features but can also prevent your aesthetics from getting blurred.

Garima Jain