10 Best Apps like Solo Funds To Get Advance Cash Instantly

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By Akash Singh

Solo Funds has gained popularity as a reliable peer-to-peer online lending app, offering borrowers an easy way to access quick loans with no credit checks, interest, hidden fees, transaction fees, minimum balance requirements, or overdraft fees. These platforms typically offer more cost-effective services compared to traditional financial institutions.

However, if you’re looking for alternatives or want to explore other options for peer-to-peer lending, there are other options as well. Let’s learn about 10 of the best apps like Solo Funds, each with its unique features and benefits.

Is ‘Solo funds’ legit?

Yes, Solo Funds is a legitimate platform that has successfully facilitated numerous transactions since its launch in 2018. But how does it work? Let’s know about it: 

How does solo funds work?

To get started with SoLo Funds, you need to apply for an account either online or through their app. Borrowers can then create borrowing requests, including details such as their profile picture (optional), first name, last initial, reason for the request, the desired loan amount (initially ranging from $25 to $100 but can increase up to $575, and the repayment period (up to 35 days).

Lenders on the platform review these borrowing requests and decide which ones to fund. Once a lender agrees to fund a borrower’s loan, SoLo Funds debits the lender’s account and transfers the funds to the borrower’s account. This process takes about 20 minutes. If a borrower’s request isn’t funded within three days, it will automatically cancel, and the borrower can create a new request.

Now, let’s explore the 10 best apps like Solo Funds:

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10 Best apps like solo funds?



Brigit is a valuable alternative to Solo Funds, available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It stands out by offering rapid cash advances of up to $250. This app specializes in providing small paycheck advances and tools for building credit. Users can access cash advances, gig work opportunities, and personal finance features.

The free version offers budgeting tools, alerts, and financial insights. Additionally, there’s a $9.99 per month Plus plan that provides quick cash and credit-building capabilities, including all free plan features.

Key Features of Brigit:

  • Instant cash advances of up to $250.
  • A free version with features like budgeting tools and financial alerts is available.
  • Plus plan (for $9.99 per month) offers quick cash access and enhanced credit-building features.
  • Subscription tracking feature for improved budget management.
  • No security deposit or credit check. 



Klover is a trustworthy alternative to Solo Funds. With Klover, you can access cash advances of up to $200 without undergoing credit checks or dealing with late fees and interest charges. To get started, you need to create an account by providing your name, phone number, and email. Afterwards, link your bank account to receive the funds.

However, there’s a waiting period of up to three business days to access the money. For quicker access within 24 hours, you can pay an express fee based on your cash advance amount. 

Key Features of Klover:

  • Cash Advances up to $200.
  • No interest rates or credit checks.
  • No need to worry about late fees.
  • Can get instant cash within 24 hours. 
  • Tracks your spending, and credit scores.

3. Prosper


Prosper is a peer-to-peer lending application, similar to Solo Funds, that provides personal loans to individuals with a credit score of as low as 640. It offers tools to manage your finances and allows investments starting from $25.

Users can potentially borrow up to $40,000 but if you happen to miss your loan repayment by more than 15 days from the due date, a late fee of $15 will be applied to your account.

Key Features:

  • The credit score requirement is very low (640). 
  • Allows minimum investment of $25
  • Quick loan payment
  • No penalty for early repayment
  • A late fee of $15 if you’re 15 days late than the due date. 

4. LenMe


LenMe is an excellent alternative to Solo Funds, offering a hassle-free way to borrow money without the complexities associated with traditional banks.

LenMe’s costs are significantly lower, thanks to the absence of maintenance fees and other charges. You won’t have to go through rigorous screening and verification processes, and there are no hidden fees. The app offers loans with relatively low interest rates, with a wide range of borrowing limits starting from $50. Overall, LenMe is a viable option for those seeking instant loans.

Key Features of LenMe:

  • Lower costs compared to traditional banks
  • No maintenance fees or hidden charges
  • Low-interest rates
  • Wide range of loan limits starting from $50

5. Vola Finance

Vola Finance

Vola Finance is another app similar to Solo Funds that offers a cash advance of up to $300. The process is straightforward: link your bank account, choose your advance amount, and there are no overdraft fees involved.

Additionally, it offers a breakdown of your spending patterns to assist with budgeting for upcoming expenses and identifying savings opportunities.

There’s no requirement for a credit check, and you won’t have to deal with interest rates. Vola also provides the option to obtain a virtual card, allowing you to make purchases just like you would with a physical card. 

Key Features:

  • Up to $300 cash advance and opportunity for larger advances with a higher Vola score
  • Expense tracking and management feature.
  • No interest or credit checks are required
  • Low balance alerts
  • Option to obtain a virtual card for making purchases



Albert is a financial app that provides cash advances and various financial tools, including budgeting, savings, and investing. Similar to Solo Funds, it doesn’t require a paid membership for cash advances. Albert’s maximum cash advance is $250, with repayments aligned to your pay schedule, and it doesn’t charge late fees. Additionally, it offers crypto services, and if you wish to start investing, a human guide will provide personalized advice for free.

Key Features of Albert:

  • Cash advances without a paid membership
  • Maximum cash advance of $250
  • No late fees
  • Crypto services available
  • Free personalized investment advice

7. MoneyLion


MoneyLion is an excellent platform for taking loans on short notice. Its app is accessible on both the Play Store and App Store, making it a convenient option for those seeking low-interest loans with a straightforward application process.

Users can borrow up to $1,000 and repay it over a year. MoneyLion’s main drawback is that it offers only small loans and may automatically deduct loan repayments from your paycheck. However, it’s a good choice if you need a small urgent payment. 

Key Features of MoneyLion:

  • Available on Play Store/App Store
  • Loans up to $1,000
  • Convenient application process
  • Option to skip credit check with membership
  • Automatic paycheck deductions for loan repayment

8. LendingClub


LendingClub is a peer-to-peer app designed to support your business growth. This financial services company extends personal loans ranging from $100 to a maximum of $40,000, offering larger loans compared to Solo Funds.

Additionally, LendingClub goes beyond loans and provides a wide array of financial services, including credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, and student loans.

Key Features:

  • Loans from $100 to a maximum of $40,000 with fixed interest rates.
  • A credit score of at least 600 is required to qualify for a loan.
  • You can add a co-borrower. 
  • Allows repayment periods ranging from three to five years.
  • No Hard Credit Inquiry.

9. Kiva


Kiva is an outstanding choice similar to Solo Funds. Its app allows individuals, including entrepreneurs and students, to borrow money online, available in 77 countries worldwide. Kiva aims to create a secure environment for lending money with no origination fees or initial credit checks. Payment terms are flexible, but Kiva mainly supports small start-ups, and the application process can be time-consuming.

Key Features:

  • No origination fees or initial credit checks
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Focus on supporting small start-ups

10. Chime


Chime is a financial technology service offering fee-free online banking through its website and app. Unlike traditional banks, Chime has no physical branches, and it refrains from charging overdraft fees or monthly fees. What sets Chime apart is its flexibility, as it does not require a minimum balance or opening deposit to initiate a free checking account.

You can overdraw up to $200 without incurring overdraft fees, although purchases will be declined beyond that limit. Chime offers valuable features such as setting up direct deposit to receive paychecks up to two days earlier, automated savings capabilities, checking accounts, and early wage access. 

Key Feature:

  • There is no physical branch.
  • No minimum balance or opening deposit is required
  • Can overdraw up to $200 with no fees
  • No overdraft fee/monthly fee.
  • Daily balance alerts and instant transactions.


Is Solo funds safe?

‘Solo Funds’ is generally considered safe, but as with any financial platform, it’s crucial to exercise caution and be aware of potential risks. Ensure you read and understand the terms and conditions before using the service. 

Does Solo Funds work?

Yes, Solo Funds has successfully facilitated many lending and borrowing transactions since its launch. It provides a legitimate peer-to-peer lending platform.

What happens if I don’t pay Solo Funds back?

If you fail to repay your loan on time, there may be late fees, and you have the risk of being banned from the Solo Funds platform. It’s essential to maintain your repayment commitments to maintain your borrowing privileges.

How much can you get from SoLo Funds?

Initially, you can request loans ranging from $25 to $100, but this amount can increase up to $575 over time, depending on your borrowing history and credibility.

How long does it take to get funds from Solo?

Once a lender agrees to fund a borrower’s loan request, the process typically takes about 20 minutes for the funds to be transferred to the borrower’s account.