How to Fix – Atmosphere Error Code 2001-0123

How to Fix – Atmosphere Error Code 2001-0123

Error codes are frequently encountered in the field of technology. These codes act as tools that aid in problem identification and offer advice for problem-solving. The Fixed-Atmosphere Error Code 2001-0123 is one example of such a code. We will look at some potential solutions for this particular error code in this article and try to show you the best ways to do so.

When you try to update Atmosphere to the newest version of your Nintendo Switch, you may get the error code 2001-0123.

In that case, there is no need to be concerned because many gamers worldwide have encountered this problem and successfully resolved it. 

What is the Atmosphere Error Code 2001-0123?

Nintendo Switch modders frequently opt for the Atmosphere custom firmware since it enables a variety of customization choices and the installation of homebrew software. However, error codes are not limited to Atmosphere and can still happen when using custom firmware.

When using Atmosphere or any other custom firmware, if you come across an error code that looks something like “2001-0123,” it is probably a unique problem unique to your setup or the software you are using. 

How to Fix Atmosphere Error Code 2001-0123

Error Code 2001-0123 can be caused by faulty RAM (manufacturing flaws, power surges, overheating), RAM incompatibility (with motherboard/memory), or a loose connection between the RAM module and the motherboard, which results in inadequate electrical connections. Here are 7 ways that you can try to Fix Atmosphere Error Code 2001-0123

✅ Restart the System

Sometimes, a simple system restart can partially fix the error code. This enables the RAM module to be reset by the system. Further troubleshooting measures may be required if the problem still occurs after a restart. 

✅ Delete the Custom Sysmodule

The first fix you can try is deleting the custom sys mode from your Nintendo Switch. 

If it is incompatible with the Atmosphere, problems could arise.It should be located in the file 


Before opening Atmosphere, make sure to delete this file.

✅ You can try Updating Your Tesla and OVL

Confirm that your Tesla Menu and OVL are updated to the most recent versions available.

It won’t work properly with Atmosphere if you use an older version.

If both have been modified in your switch, the error code 2001-0123 should no longer appear.

✅ Restore emuMMC and SysMMC Via Tegra Explorer.

Another fix can be to Restore EmuMMC and SysMMC. You can use the TegraExplorer to restore the emuMMC and sysMMC.

When the error message 2001-0123 appeared on their Switch, many customers noted that reinstalling the emuMMC and sysMMC helped to fix the problem. 

✅ Delete the program Shown in Error.

You can also try deleting the application file mentioned in the error message.

You will need to delete the program listed in the error message directly by going to the file location atmosphere/contents.

After doing this, you will unlikely get the 2001-0123 error code in your Atmosphere again.

✅ You can use Tinfoil.

You should avoid using other software, such as Gold Leaf, with Atmosphere because Gold Leaf doesn’t work with Atmosphere. This may be why you are being shown the Error Code 2001-0123. Instead, you can just use Tinfoil. 

Ensure you use Tinfoil before opening Atmosphere to see whether the error code remains.

✅ Uninstall and Reinstall Atmosphere

Lastly, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling Atmosphere. On your Nintendo Switch, you can uninstall Atmosphere before reinstalling it.

Many customers state that they could resolve the Error Code 2001-0123 in their Atmosphere by doing this.


In conclusion, encountering error codes like the Fixed-Atmosphere Error Code 2001-0123 can be frustrating, but they often have solutions that can be applied to resolve the issue. In this article, we also discuss seven possible fixes for the error, including restarting the system, deleting custom sys modules, updating Tesla and OVL, restoring emuMMC and SysMMC, deleting the problematic application, using Tinfoil, and uninstalling/reinstalling Atmosphere.

By following these steps, users can effectively troubleshoot and resolve the Atmosphere Error Code 2001-0123, allowing them to continue enjoying their Nintendo Switch modding experience without interruptions.

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