5 Best Canva Alternative App For Graphic Designers In 2023

5 Best Canva Alternative App For Graphic Designers In 2023

Canva is one of the easiest and most trendy apps for people who are just starting their journey as graphic designers. If you have been enjoying editing Instagram pictures via Canva and want to look up more alternatives then you are at the right place. 

Canva is very famous because it is easily accessible and user-friendly. Today, we will share some of the best Canva alternatives with you that can help you learn graphic designing. 

There are a lot of different apps that work just like Canva or even better than Canva. Using these apps will help you understand more complex ways of graphic designing. 

Best Canva Alternative Apps For Graphic Designers 

If you are a graphic designer and want to work on more apps then here are our top Canva alternatives for you. 

Adobe Express 

Adobe Express is one of the best alternatives to Canva. If you are a new graphic designer and want to try out new apps then you just can not miss out on this one. 

Here are some of the incredible features of this app:

  • Adobe Express has a full library of templates that can be dealt with for almost all your graphics work
  • They also offer premade templates for different occasions
  • Come with a marking component to incorporate your logo, variety plan, text style, and more
  • An enormous assortment of foundations, symbols, photographs, and other computerized resources
  • A speedy download button to produce a PNG, JPG, or PNG
  • Can be immediately joined to Google Drive for saving all creations
  • A resizing tool that helps you in changing the dimensions of your previous work


Visme may not be as easy to operate as Canva, this app is used more to create infographics and marketing projects. If you are someone who needs to create these then Visme can be your perfect choice. It is user-friendly so if you have never created an infographic it will guide you along the process. 

Here are some of the features of this app:

  • Excellent formats with all set designs to make everything from infographics to diagrams
  • A brand pack to keep your variety plan and logo equivalent
  • Easy to import and export on PowerPoint
  • An enormous library of pictures, sound, video, representations, and GIFs from there, the sky is the limit
  • Group joint effort with remarks, explanations, client types, and envelope authorizations

Vista create

You may find Vista Create very similar to Canva and if you have used Canva previously you may enjoy this app too. Vista Create provides a similar interface to Canva, but with just one small disadvantage. You will only be able to download 5 designs per month on a free trial package. 

Here are some of the features of the app:

  • Comes with around 30,000 design templates for all social media related work
  • Features an image cropping tool
  • Wonderful photo filters that can change your pictures
  • Come with an instant background remover
  • Has design elements like shapes, stickers, and badges.
  • Comes with an audio editing tool


If you want to create high-quality content without using photoshop then Stencil is the right choice for you. This app is a perfect alternative to Canva, if you are a small business or an influencer you should definitely give this app a try. 

Here are some features of this app:

  • The special plan highlights a variety of color pickers, live previews, and more
  • An Instagram SMS highlight that sends plans right to Instagram
  • Social sharing to every well-known stage
  • Admittance to a huge number of photographs, a great many layouts, and different other helpful resources like statements, text styles, symbols, and designs
  • Offers over 100 preset sizes to guarantee your photographs fit all social media sites


Snappa helps you create all social media posts with ease. If you have used and loved Canva before then Snappa is no different. You can easily create high-resolution posts using this app. 

Here are some features of this app:

  • Offers a lot of free templates to choose from
  • Provides free photographs and designs
  • Connections to social media accounts and buffer
  • Easy to remove backgrounds that arent needed


If you have previously used Canva and liked it then you will also like the apps we have mentioned above. Everyone likes a bit of change, so try out these apps and see which one works the best for you.

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