How To Block Adult Websites on iPhone & iPad (Steps with pictures)

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By Akash Singh

If you’re a concerned parent or an individual tired of annoying adult websites or videos That pop-ups while using the internet, and want to get rid of them, then we’re here to help you to block adult websites on your iPhone.

These days Kids can stumble upon inappropriate content while exploring the internet, which can expose them to age-inappropriate material or even lead to traumatic situations.

However, iPhones are equipped with inbuilt features that make it easy to block adult content easily.

In this article, we will guide you through the steps to block all adult websites on your iPhone, ensuring a safe and distraction-free browsing experience for you and your kids.

How To Block Adult Websites on iPhone ?

Blocking adult websites on an iPhone can be done using built-in features like Screen Time or Restrictions. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you set up content restrictions:

#1 Block Adult Websites On iPhone Using Screen Time.

All Apple products, including iPhones, iPad, and Mac IOS, have built-in features to restrict adult content. That’s why you do not need to consider any third-party application to block adult websites on your iPhone, try the inbuilt feature in iPhone Using the iPhone’s screen times, to block those sites.

Follow the below steps to block adult websites using Screentime on iPhone. 

  • On your iPhone, Go To Settings Then Go to Screen Time.
  • Tap “USE Screen time Passcode“, then enter a passcode and reenter it.

NOTE: This passcode will prevent your kids from changing the settings that you have set up for them.

  • Now Click on the Content & Privacy Restrictions option.
How To Block Adult Websites on iPhone
  • Turn on the Content & Privacy Restrictions toggle switch. You may be prompted to enter your system passcode to continue.
  • Tap Content Restrictions.
  • Select Web Content.
  • Tap Limit Adult Websites.
Block Adults Websites On iPhone
  • Exit The Setting App to save the screen time setting.
  • Done, Now you will not allow access to adult websites on your iPhone

If you want to block specific websites, follow the steps below :

#2 Block specific Websites on iPhone:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone
  • Go to Screen Time.
  • Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  • Toggle On Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  • Select Content Restrictions.
  • Tap Web Content.
  • Choose Limit Adult Websites
  • Now click on Add a Website under NEVER ALLOW.
Block Adults Websites On iPhone
  • Type the URL of the website you want to block.
  • Now exit to save settings

If you want to block all websites except the ones you choose, then follow the steps below :

#3 Enable Allowed Websites Only

Allowed Websites Only blocks all websites except the few that you allow your child to visit.

  • Now go to the Allowed Websites section
  • Tap Add Website.
Block Adults Websites On iPhone
  • Add the Title and URL for a website that you want to whitelist.
  • Click Back to save the settings

#4 Remove websites from Never Allow or allowed website list.

  • To Remove the website from the blocked or allowed list:
  • Simply Choose the website you want to remove from the That list
  • Swipe left on that website you want to remove and tap on delete.
  • That website will be removed from the Never Allow or Only Allowed website list.
Block Adults Websites On iPhone

#5 Use a safe Google search to block adult content

Google’s Safe Browsing feature alerts users about sites that contain malware, risky extensions, phishing scams, or other malicious content.

  • Open Google on your iPhone or Mac or any other devices
  • Go to the bottom right corner of the Google site, and Click “Settings.” Then go to search Settings
Block Adults Websites On iPhone
  • Now in the Search setting select – HIDE EXPLICIT RESULTS
Block Adults Websites On iPhone
  • Now Save your changes by clicking the Save button at the bottom.
Block Adults Websites On iPhone

#6 Third-Party Apps To Block Adult Content On iPhone

Whether you’re hoping to keep your kids away from adult content or just want to protect your own device, third-party apps can help block p*rnographic images and videos on both iPhones and iPad. Here are the best apps we’ve found.

P*RN Block Plus

Application fee: $ 9.99/month

Compatibility: iOS 13.0 or later

It is an iOS app designed to provide a healthier online environment for both kids and adults. The application successfully blocks p*rnographic content and other inappropriate online content. The app is also available as an extension for the Safari browser. The application is pretty easy to use, and it is customizable. Your Kids will not easily bypass the password. 

Blockade – Block P*rn & Ads

Price: 7-day free trial; $ 4.99/month

Compatibility: iOS 12.0 or later

A blockade is a tool that provides online safety and a better browsing experience by automatically detecting and filtering out adult content.

It allows users to create their own Block and Allow lists, giving each list a password so that only the intended person can make changes.

It’s a good way to keep children from seeing adult content, and those struggling with p*rn addiction may also be able to benefit from the app’s password-protection feature.


In this article, we have outlined the top p*rn blockers for iPhone and iPad and provided a succinct assessment of each one. This should help you decide which p*rn blocker is right for you!

These tools regularly update their blacklists by incorporating newly found inappropriate websites and allowing users to flag suspicious sites. The blocklist mode is sufficient for most kids—but if not, then you can use the “whitelist” feature, which allows only pre-approved sites to be accessed.


How do I block ads in Safari on my iPhone?

To block ads in Safari for iPhone, you must first set up an ad blocker app. Then go to Settings > Safari > Content Blockers, where you’ll find the list of apps that protect your privacy and eliminate annoying distractions while browsing online. To block pop-ups in Safari, go to Settings > Safari > Block Pop-Ups.

How do I lock apps on my iPhone?

To lock an iPhone app, go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps. Turn off the switch beside each app you want to be hidden.

How can I block inappropriate websites on my phone?

To shield your children from obscene or otherwise objectionable material, set limits on what they can see in Google Play. On your phone, turn on the restrictions in Google Play on their Android devices.

These settings can be used to prevent children from downloading apps, games, and other web resources that may be inappropriate for their age.