Top 7 Best Sites Where You Can Buy Instagram Story Poll Votes

Top 7 Best Sites Where You Can Buy Instagram Story Poll Votes

When you post a story to Instagram, you want people to see it and respond. This can be challenging with things like polls that are limited in time. To get the interaction you need and get them seen by more people, you might want to consider buying story poll votes to help boost those numbers for your Instagram account.

Your Instagram story polls typically benefit and can be seen by more people as you get more Instagram votes. Choosing to buy story poll votes just might help you get the numbers you are looking for.

Are Instagram Story Poll Votes That Important?

Most of the time when put a poll on your Instagram story, the whole idea is to attract more people to the topic and inherently to your page. The more story votes you are able to rack up, the more visibility you get.

A lot of times this is done for high interest topics, but those Instagram story poll votes might also be useful in driving more people to your IG.

Just like other social media platforms, Instagram users have to learn how to beat the algorithm in order to get some traction. And when it comes to something like a poll, you also want to make sure you aren’t getting fake votes. There are extensive benefits to gathering organic engagement through a purchase.

Here are a few:

  • Get more public opinion
  • Increase people voting in general
  • Improve your overall Instagram engagement levels
  • Boost your social media presence
  • Take advantage of social media marketing
  • Draw in other users to become followers

This is Instagram marketing 101 really. You want active users to take note of you in the social media world and your Instagram story is a great way to do that. So plan your poll carefully and then invest in some Instagram story poll votes to help get the process moving and draw more people in.

The Top Sites to Purchase Instagram Poll Votes

Before buying engagement, you need to make sure you are doing it from a good company. We’ve done some of the initial research for you and sought out the top places to buy Instagram poll votes. Don’t risk purchasing fake poll votes, instead, stick to quality Instagram story poll votes with real Instagram users.

Check out these 7 options for buying poll votes to meet your needs.

1. SocialsGrow – ๐Ÿ†

Buy Instagram Story Poll Votes

SocialsGrow is quite possibly one of the best for any type of high quality service when it comes to boosting your social media presence. They have a lot of experience in the social media world and Instagram engagement is just one of their marketing services. When you buy Instagram story poll votes here, you get quality results!

Boost your public opinion story poll with authentic Instagram poll votes added to your Instagram story in a matter of a few hours. This company always provides authentic engagement from active accounts. There are never bot accounts or fake poll votes used for any of their services.

They also provide a money back guarantee so if they don’t deliver to your social media platforms in the way you expect them to, you can get your money back.

You can choose packages with anywhere from 100 to 10,000. The smallest packages starts out at just a couple of euros and is extremely affordable.

All of their packages are fairly priced, so you can buy Instagram poll votes without breaking the bank. Your Instagram story is about to take off thanks to story votes you can rely on.

You can get votes that fit into your target audience. And the votes you get will still be true opinion of the voter so the Instagram engagement boost is completely organic and not faked in any way. You are safe and secure because they never require personal and financial information to complete your purchase.

2. SocialBoss

Buy Instagram Story Poll Votes

SocialBoss is another great way to get Instagram story poll votes. They are reliable and offer a variety of options to add to your story poll with no fakes. Much like SocialsGrow, you can also focus to your target audience so the votes come from locations that really work with your Instagram story.

This company has options starting at 100 poll votes as well. The prices are comparable and you’re spending less than $3 for the smallest package.

The Instagram story poll votes are completed within 12 hours for small packages and 24 hours for larger packages. The engagement will always be authentic and come from real users too.

You will just need to provide the link to your Instagram account story so they know where to send the voters. Your Instagram story poll is about to take off. With authentic votes, you don’t have to worry about them throwing off the numbers on your Instagram story poll votes either.

It’s pretty simple. You choose your package and you can even remain anonymous. Supply the story information and watch the votes from real accounts start showing up almost right away. They also provide a 100% guarantee for real users and results.

3. SMM Info

SMM info has a variety of social media packages they offer and when you look to buy story poll votes, they have several options to choose from. The Instagram story poll votes are affordable with cheap packages that begin delivery right away and complete in about 12 hours typically.

For this company, you just post the story link, choose the number of Instagram story poll votes you want to buy and then place the order.

SMM Info doesn’t offer a guarantee so all sales are final. You can get up to 30,000 per day if you like, but they don’t make any guarantees, which may be concerning to some people.


  • One of the cheapest options
  • Quick delivery of Instagram story poll votes
  • Quick and simple process


  • No guarantees or refunds of any kind

4. My Social Bag

My Social Bag lets you manage social your way with plenty of options to choose from. When it comes to Instagram story poll votes, you can choose from 9 different packages.

They often run sales so it may be worth watching for those sales if you choose this company. Their packages start with as little as 10 if you’re just looking for a small boost.

My Social Bag promises that all votes come from real accounts and there are no dropped ones. The Instagram story poll votes are delivered quickly and efficiently from real and quality accounts.

You never have to share your password, just the link to your Instagram story poll so they can start tacking on those Instagram votes as promised.


  • Real Instagram engagement
  • Quick delivery
  • Guarantees no drops


  • Packages are a bit on the expensive side

5. Amedia Social

If you aren’t in a big hurry, Amedia Social may be a good choice for you. Where most companies will start delivering right away, this one may not start your Instagram story poll votes for up to 48 hours from purchase.

They do sometimes offer specials and deals so pay attention to those offers if you go with this provider. They accept only credit cards or Bitcoin for payment, which is typically sufficient.

The process is simple. You just put in your link, choose the quantity, and then complete the checkout process. They will start adding your Instagram story poll votes in the scheduled timeframe and they do provide a guarantee if their service fails to be delivered.


  • Affordable Instagram story poll votes
  • Privacy and payment safety guarantees
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Slow delivery that may not start for 48 hours

6. Followers ID

Followers ID lists themselves as the leading marketing choice for Instagram story poll votes and other social options on the site. They have poll votes that start at 100 and range up to 10,000. Their prices are a little higher than some of the competitors, but they have high quality provisions that you can depend on.

They start delivering right away when you order and your poll votes will make it to your Instagram story polls within 24 hours at the most.

The company promises fast service as well as safe service and your story poll votes will come from real accounts every single time, which is always a plus. Here, they also accept a wide variety of payment methods, including cryptocurrency, Google or Apple Pay, and major credit cards.


  • Real poll votes every time
  • Speedy delivery within 24 hours
  • Multiple payment methods


  • One of the most expensive choices

7. Likergeiz

Add to your Instagram story polls with simplicity through Likergeiz. This company has a wide variety of packages, starting at just 25 likes to get your poll votes on the move. While they are fairly quick at delivery, it is not immediate like some choices. Their promise is to start delivery within 12-24 hours. The prices are cheap so you can boost those poll votes even on a budget.

They do have a lot of package choices, which gives you more options to select from. However, they don’t really provide any open guarantees or statements that everything comes from real or active IG users. The purchases on this site also include a 22% service fee.


  • Multiple package options
  • Affordable prices


  • No guarantees to quality of votes
  • Website is not user-friendly

Uncover the Benefits of Purchasing Poll Votes for IG

Buy Instagram Story Poll Votes

When you buy votes for your IG story polls, you are promoting yourself. It’s not just looking for extra opinions or seeking to bring more people to you. Instead, it’s driving engagement and boosting up the popularity of the topic in your poll.

Just like on any other social media channel, the more engagement you get, the more you win. As your poll adds up the votes, it also generates more visibility for you. With more visibility, you have the opportunity to reach even more people.

What if your poll is a great poll about a hot topic or something interesting? More and more people will become interested.

And as that interest increases, you get broad exposure. With targeted poll votes from people in target countries or audiences, you get even better results. This investment is all about the drive. The benefits are endless, but they include increasing your exposure, building up your following, and enhancing your overall engagement and visibility. What other benefits do you need here?


Is this Actually Legit for Getting More Poll Votes?

Yes! As long as you are choosing a quality company that has safety and security, it’s absolutely legit. We highly recommend that you choose a company that will deliver engagement quickly and will promise that you aren’t going to get bots or fakes in the process. Those are the things that make a huge difference.

What are the Risks of Purchasing Poll Votes?

The biggest risks are getting scammed. That’s why you want to choose a reputable company with proven success at delivering the votes they promise. Make sure you choose a company that promises no fakes and that will provide a secure checkout option.

It is possible that some votes will fall off, but this is unlikely since story polls are limited timeframe availability already.

How Much Do Poll Votes Cost?

The price that you pay will vary across the board. Most of the popular providers are very affordable. You can get 100 votes for an average of $2-4 in most cases. Some providers also offer small packages as well. You’re looking at a minimal out of pocket cost for these.

The larger packages do cost more, but the value remains similar and actually you may be getting a better deal for bulk purchases.

How Can You Choose Safe Options?

Always look for a company that has a good reputation. Never provide your password or private information. Look for secure checkout to ensure your payment info will be encrypted and safe. Never use a company that doesn’t guarantee real IG users for their vote delivery.

What is the best Site for your IG Story Poll Votes Purchase?

Our top pick for buying votes is from SocialsGrow. They have a clear purpose and their choices are very user-friendly. The fact that they have affordable choices and guarantee every aspect of delivery also sets them apart. You know they are safe and reliable as they are one of the most trusted providers on the market.

That being said, it’s a good idea to do a little bit of your own checking around to make sure you choose the solution that best fits your needs. We’ve shared seven quality choices here, ranked from our top pick down.

Take a look at these choices and see if any of them are the right fit. They all deliver votes just like you need, but the details do vary, giving you plenty to choose from.

No matter who you decide to use, you’re going to see results. That Instagram poll will take off and your numbers will start to go up quickly. With any luck, you will add followers and increase your overall visibility in the process.

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