5 Easy ways to check WhatsApp last seen if hidden

5 Easy ways to check WhatsApp last seen if hidden

Nowadays people hide their last seen on Whatsapp in order to prevent people from knowing when they were seen the last, and we understand that many of you want to check WhatsApp last seen if hidden, so here go.

Are you trying to figure out when one of your contacts was last seen on Whatsapp. Now there is one thing that you should remember if the other person has made their online status hidden, you won’t be able to see that on the app. You need to either install a third party app which provides this service or dowload a chrome extension that notify you when the contact is active.

In this article, we will share you a few apps that may help you to check WhatsApp last seen if hidden.

How to check WhatsApp last seen if hidden

Now before moving on with what you can do to check someone’s last seen or track their online or offline status, we will see what are the reasons for not being able to see someone’s last seen. Now there are three reasons for the same :

  1. Their online status might be Private: The first and foremost reason can be that they themselves have adjusted their privacy setting in such a way so as to hide the last time when they were last active.
  2. You may have made your online status private: The second reason may be that your own privacy settings doesn’t allow others to see your last seen status, which in turn doesn’t allow you too see others last seen. You need to change your own privacy settings.
  3. The Person may have blocked you: the last reason might be that they may have blocked you. If the person blocked you, you also won’t see updates to their contact photo, nor will you ever see a second checkmark on the messages you send to that person.

Can You Check whatsapp last seen if hidden ?

There are some apps which can show you the last seen if it’s private, Some of them are briefed in the following aricle.

1. WhatStat

This app is available for both android and iOS. It has a subscription fee that may deter you. However, it also has an option of free trial that may atleast be enough for whatever you are looking for. This apps has thousands of downloads. However, the reviews are not that promising and indicates that it doesn’t work for all the people. However, to find this out you can download and check that ones for yourself.

2. WaStat

This app has 24 hour trial period. It says that it can monitor up to 10 users and report when they were last active. However, again this app also has mixed reviews and has no guarantee if it will produce results. It also works for both android and iOS.

3. WA Web Plus

This extension has a lot of options to look out for and use other than just look for hidden online statuses. However, most people use it for this particular purpose only. Again the reviews for this extension are mixed and some users report that they can’t track other users while other says it works just fine.

4. wTrack

It is said to be one of the best online WhatsApp last seen tracker with more 1 laks + downloads. It also has parental control which allows you check when your child becomes online or offline. Your contacts won’t be able to know if you are tracking them or not. It provides complete anonymity.

The bottom line: So there are hundreds of apps in the market that claim that they help you to check WhatsApp last seen if hidden. However, as we all know that WhatsApp has its own privacy guidelines and therefore does not approve or recomment any of the apps or extensions, there is no as such guarantee that they will work. You can just try until you find an app or an extension that lets you see the last seen of a contact.

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Garima Jain