How to create a Striking Profile Photo For a dating site ?

How to create a Striking Profile Photo For a dating site ?

Have you noticed that digital dating services are everywhere? They’re often referenced in romantic comedies, demonstrating how couples are increasingly likely to meet these days. Perhaps you have friends who often whip out their mobile devices to check for messages received via their dating apps. 

If you haven’t succumbed to temptation yet, you really should. Dating platforms cater to any need from simple flirting to casual dates to real love and embrace any demographic. Statistically, your chances of finding your ideal partner are very high. But the best way of ensuring dating success is to upload a profile photo that will demand attention. 

Does that sound like a tall order? It isn’t if you follow some basic recommendations. Here are our eight golden rules about creating a killer profile image.

1. Understand the impact of your profile photo

Why should the photo be any more important than the description you write down on your personal page? Both elements are equally important, but when it comes to attracting attention, time is of the essence.

Most people are visual thinkers. Anyone alighting on your page will notice the picture at the top of the page before going on to read anything. So, your achievements, and wish list of characteristics your ideal partner should possess, will draw people in.

But only if a striking photo has enticed them to linger. Most singles casually browsing a website or app will move on if their interest isn’t sparked within 15 seconds. So, your image is everything. Look upon it as serving the same purpose as a tabloid headline. It’s all about seizing the imagination, drawing people in.

2. Showcase your authentic self

Here’s an important tip. Be yourself. Use your image to showcase your most worthy attributes. Anyone seeking a one night friend on an online platform will be eager to find a right person they’ll be able to interact with on the same wavelength.

These digital services are all about promoting strong links through establishing compatibility. So, don’t look stilted when posing for your portrait, aim to look as natural as possible.

Whether your hobby is golf, yachting, or playing the guitar, your photo should show your hobby. Like-minded individuals will instantly want to get to know you better.

3. Solo photos vs. group photos

There might be a temptation to opt for a group photo that shows you taking your place with a sports team, social club, or college society. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Maybe someone finding themselves attracted to the guy next to you?!

Your main dating profile photo should always be casting the spotlight on you. Take a leaf out of Instagram, where a well-framed portrait can entice people to check out galleries. You could always run your Insta alongside your dating profile, making sure you clear the cache regularly to avoid the page rendering slowly.

If you get into the habit of posting memorable images in a variety of eye-catching poses, you’ll have one main dating profile, but also any number of other pictures you could alternate. Another key element to consider is the background. You might come across a photo you took during a memorable holiday, with a familiar landmark in the background.

But much as you might love that shot of you in front of the Eiffel Tower, or overlooking Niagara Falls, anyone coming across this will also pay close attention to whatever it is you’ve captured – detracting them from the main attraction. You!

4. Select the right setting and lighting

Mobile phone cameras are becoming ever more sophisticated, while 35MM cameras can come in a diverse array of designs, from those aimed at beginners to intermediate examples, to expensive varieties with add-ons like special lenses.

But the good news is that even the fanciest camera are increasingly designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. They’ll also have automatic settings which will be perfectly adequate for your purposes. Composing a worthwhile picture relies on lighting, as this will bounce off the subject.

Avoid taking profile photos in subdued light, which will make the outcome gloomy and dull. Choose a setting flooded with natural sunlight, or overhead lighting potent enough to illuminate whatever is centremost in the lens. This will provide crisp, clear photos, perfect for a profile.

Singles browsing through their potential one night friends will be drawn to professional-looking images rather than blurred snapshots which have been taken with little thought or enthusiasm.

5. Framing and composition

Framing a photo is an equally important consideration. Ideally, you shouldn’t be dead centre, as if you’re posing for a passport. Nor should you be jammed into the left or the right, as this will just look wonky and be liable to irritate any observer! Capture the head and shoulders for a portrait – the full body for an action shot.

6. Use high-quality images

Blurred or amateurish photos will always give a false impression. It’s always better to strive for the best possible impression, by taking high-quality images. Most modern smartphones will be more than capable of producing excellent results.

7. Test and get feedback

Take a few images and review them. Ask friends for advice. It’s always a good idea to get an objective opinion from someone else before deciding which photo to upload.

8. Update your photo regularly

Finally, updating your image on a regular basis will keep your dating profile looking fresh and current. Dating site members will notice individuals who don’t bother keeping things dynamic (giving the impression they’re not taking this matchmaking business seriously).

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