How to Get Free Shipping on Shein: Best Legit Ways

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By Akash Singh

Ah, free shipping – those two magical words that can make any budget-conscious shopper smile. Shopping on Shein, the online fashion destination, becomes even more rewarding when you get free shipping on Shein.

Shein Platform is a delightful experience for fashion enthusiasts worldwide, with its vast range of styles & accessories.

One of the best ways to save money while shopping online is by avoiding extra costs like shipping fees.

Here’s a Complete Guide on Getting free shipping on Shein and Making your shopping more cost-effective. 😉

How Much Does Shipping Cost on Shein?

Before getting on how to Get Free shipping at Shein, let’s discuss regular shipping costs. Shein offers various shipping options, each with its own cost and delivery time:

  • Standard shipping: Typically costs $3.99, with delivery in 9-11 working days.
  • Express shipping: cost around $12.90, with delivery in 6-9 working days.
  • Economic shipping: The cheapest option at $2.15, with delivery in 16-22 working days.
  • Shipping to a drop-off point: Cost $2.69 (sometimes free), delivered in 11-13 working days.

You can select your preferred shipping method before completing your order.

Detailed Look at Shein’s Shipping Costs

Shipping costs at Shein can be confusing due to their variability. Typically, the standard shipping fee ranges from $3.99 to $12.99 in the U.S. This fee is based on the order size, and occasionally, ongoing promotions might affect these costs. Express shipping is faster but costs more, ranging from $12.99 upwards, depending on how quickly you need your items.

  • Standard shipping: Ranging from $3.99 to $12.99 
  • Express Shipping: $12.99 onwards

Best Strategies to Get Free Shipping on Shein

Here’s how you can skillfully navigate Shein’s policies to get free shipping:

1. Meet or Exceed the Minimum Purchase Requirement

Often, Shein sets a minimum purchase threshold for free shipping. This amount usually hovers around $29 in the U.S. but may fluctuate during promotional periods.

Buying more items at once to reach a spending limit is better than buying small amounts many times.

Here’s a Quick Overview:

  • Standard Shipping: Spend $29 or more For free shipping (usually takes 7-20 business days)
  • Express Delivery: Spend over $129 or more on Shein to Get free shipping.

2. Welcome Offer for New Users

Free shipping on shein

First-time shoppers on Shein can benefit from special welcome offers, which typically include discounts and free shipping. Make sure to claim this offer, as it’s a one-time opportunity.

Here is the tip: To enjoy complimentary shipping, sign up for a Shein account and browse their offerings. Look for the prominent banner at the top of the website detailing this perk, or navigate to the coupon panel below for further details.

3. Engage in Special Sales Events

Special Sales Events in shein

Shein’s special sales events, like flash sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or anniversary sales, often come with reduced or waived shipping thresholds. These are the perfect times to shop and save.

4. Subscribe to Shein’s Newsletter

Subscribe to Shein's Newsletter  shein

Subscribing to the newsletter can be a great way to stay informed and check out the latest deals and exclusive offers, including those for free shipping. Now and then, you might find coupons that give you free shipping and other great deals.

Just remember to keep an eye out because these coupons usually expire. You can stay updated by signing up for the newsletter at the bottom of the main Shein website or by watching the notification window at the top of the page, You can also get $3 off when you subscribe and register.

5. Use Student Discount

shein Student Discount

Verify your student discount through UNiDAYS or similar platforms to get a discount + you can enjoy free shipping on orders over $19. Shop smarter and save on all your favourite items while making the most of your student benefits.

6. Free shipping on Sunday

In certain countries, Shein offers free shipping on random Sundays, which you can find on the website or app. There’s no need for a code; it’s automatically applied when you spend less than usual. This deal is valid only on Sundays, so if you plan to shop, have your items ready in your cart to take advantage of the offer.

7. Live Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, Shein and its partners go live to chat about trends, lifestyle, and site updates. If you tune in, you can snag perks like codes for free shipping, but act fast because they usually expire by midnight. Remember that to use the coupon, you’ll typically need to spend a minimum amount, which varies depending on your location.

8. Leverage Shein VIP Program

The more you shop on Shein, the more points you earn, leading to higher VIP levels. Each level offers unique perks, including potential discounts or even free vouchers.

9. Regularly Check for Promo Codes

Shein is generous with promo codes, especially for free shipping. These can be found on their website’s banner, social media, promotional emails, or the Shein app. Applying these codes during checkout can waive shipping costs altogether.

Shein Free Shipping Promo Code: Grab the code below before it expires.



10. Shein Games

Here are ways to get perks at the store. The main one is the roulette, where you can win free shipping, discounts, and more when you shop. Remember, these games aren’t always open, usually popping up on special occasions like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

11. Free in-store shipping coupons

The store offers its coupons displayed on the homepage, including some for free shipping. Check the Shein website and the mobile app because they may have different coupons.

12. Coupons from other sites

You can search for “Shein Coupons Free Shipping” on Google. While some sites might offer fake coupons, you can find genuine ones if you’re patient. You don’t need to provide personal information to get a coupon; copy or remember the code and use it at checkout.

13: Contact customer service

If you need help getting free express shipping on SHEIN, contact their customer service for assistance. They can provide a solution.

Here are some extra tips for securing free express shipping on SHEIN:

  • Take advantage of sales: SHEIN frequently holds sales events where you can enjoy discounts. Utilizing these sales can help you meet the minimum order amount needed for free express shipping.
  • Combine items: If you’re shopping from multiple stores on SHEIN, consider consolidating your items into a single order. This can help you reach the required minimum amount for free express shipping.
  • Use cashback apps: Explore cashback apps that offer rewards for SHEIN purchases. By using this application, you can earn cashback on your orders, which can contribute to reaching the minimum amount for free express shipping.

How much do I need to spend at Shein to Get Free Shipping?

You must spend at least $29 on Shein to qualify for free standard shipping. Your order total must be $29 or more before discounts or taxes.

Shein shipping cost

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What to do if free shipping is not applied to Shein?

Ensure you’ve applied the promo code correctly and met all the necessary conditions like minimum spend. If issues persist, contacting Shein’s customer service for clarification can help resolve any misunderstandings or technical errors.

Q: Can free shipping be combined with other offers on Shein?

Often, free shipping can be combined with other discounts and promotional offers, but this depends on each promo’s specific terms and conditions. It’s wise to read the details of each offer to understand compatibility.

Q: How reliable is free shipping during high-volume periods?

During high-volume periods like holidays or sales events, shipping may take longer than usual, even if it’s free. Planning your purchases ahead of such periods can ensure you receive your items when needed without paying for expedited shipping.

Q: Do SHEIN members get free shipping?

Dive into the benefits of the SHEIN CLUB, where members enjoy complimentary standard shipping on ALL orders along with exclusive discounts, early access to sales, and bonus points.

Q: How Can I Get a Free SHEIN Gift Card?

Just play games on an app called Playbite. As you play, you earn points. Once you’ve collected enough points, you can trade them in for a SHEIN gift card. Easy peasy!


Maximizing your savings with free shipping on Shein requires a blend of timely shopping, taking advantage of promotions, and understanding Shein’s shipping policies. By implementing these strategies outlined in this blog, you can avoid shipping costs and make your online shopping experience with Shein more enjoyable and economical.