Get Instant Cash For Gift Cards: 9 Best Platform (2024)

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By Akash Singh

Do you have an unused gift card? If yes, why not convert it into cash? You might be wondering how it works. Basically, there are many platforms ready to take your unused gift card and give you instant cash.

If you have gift cards from a store you no longer want and would prefer cash instead, you can quickly sell them.

There are now many legit apps and platforms, which we have mentioned below, that allow you to sell your gift cards for instant cash.

So, let’s get started.

Can I Convert Gift Cards into Cash?

Yes, you can sell your giftcard online and get instant cash, The process of converting gift cards into cash is simple. all you need to go legit website who take unused giftcard for instant cash.

You can checkout the website we have mentioned and sell or trade your unwanted gift cards, you can find gift card buyers online as well, and get instant payment. 

Here’s 9 best Sell Gift Cards for Instant Cash:

9 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards for Instant Cash

Although there are several platforms that allows selling gift cards online, but some of the Best ones are:

1. ClipKard

ClipKard offers a convenient way to sell gift cards instantly with their offline option. ClipKard accepts cards from over 100 retailers worldwide, but you’ll need to physically mail them the card before getting paid.

The process is straightforward: ClipKard provides a free pre-paid USPS label for sending the physical card, and within 1 to 7 business days after balance verification, you’ll receive your payment via either PayPal deposit or check by mail.

The best part is that there are zero fees to sell your gift card, and payouts typically lie within 70 to 80% of the card value.

Key features of ClipKard:

  • Accepts mailed physical gift cards
  • Over 100 retailers worldwide
  • Payment within 1 to 7 business days
  • Charges zero fees for selling gift cards
  • Offers cash value ranging between 70% to 80%

2. GiftCash

GiftCash is a reliable platform offering some of the highest payout rates in the industry. They provide cash offers of up to 93% for select top retailers. Notably, you can even convert your cash balances to cryptocurrency.

While they have a $25 minimum balance requirement for card sales, they accept cards from a list of 150 retailers, including major brands like Apple and iTunes. Payouts are issued within 5 to 15 business days. However, note that GiftCash operates only in the USA and Canada.

Key features of GiftCash:

  • High payout rates, up to 93%
  • Conversion to cryptocurrency
  • Minimum $25 balance requirement
  • Payouts within 5 to 15 business days
  • It is only available in the USA and Canada

3. CardCash

CardCash has emerged as one of the most popular online marketplaces for buying and selling gift cards. They also offer the option to purchase your card directly from you, eliminating the hassle of finding a buyer.

They accept both physical cards and e-gift cards. With over 1,300 retailers accepted, sellers can enjoy quick payouts and even receive up to an 11% value boost when trading gift cards.

Their user-friendly interface allows you to quickly check your card’s balance and receive instant offers, which can reach as high as 92%. Payment options include mailed checks, direct deposit, or PayPal, and they even have a referral program and a mobile app.

Key features of CardCash:

  • Acceptance of both physical and e-gift cards
  • Over 1,300 accepted retailers
  • Up to an 11% value boost for trading gift cards
  • User-friendly interface
  • Various payment options include mailed checks, ACH, and PayPal
  • $5 referral program
  • Mobile app available

4. CardSell

CardSell is a popular app-based platform for buying and selling gift cards from various well-known retailers and restaurants like Walmart, Best Buy, and Starbucks. With its user-friendly mobile apps available on both Android and iOS, selling your gift cards is very easy and handy. To sell gift cards on CardSell, you have to create an account on the app and list the gift cards that you have.

The buyers will reach out to you. Although CardSell charges a 15% fee on the sale price, the good news is that payouts are securely processed through PayPal, typically within 48 hours or less. You may expect payouts ranging from 50% to 75% of the total card value.

Key Features of CardSell:

  • Mobile app available for both Android and iOS users
  • Charges a 15% fee on the sale price
  • Secure payouts through PayPal
  • Quick payments within 48 hours
  • Payouts typically range between 50% to 75% of the total card value

5. Raise

Raise is one of the most well-known companies that sells both physical and e-gift cards. While there’s a listing fee of $2.75 or 1% of the physical card balance, e-cards can be listed for free.

One standout feature of Raise is the ability to sell partially used gift cards, allowing you to cash out even if you’ve already spent some of the balance. The platform also allows you to set a discount on your card, and buyers purchase it at a discounted price. 

However, Raise doesn’t provide immediate cash offers, and they do take a flat 15% commission on sold gift cards, which could be seen as a drawback. Payments can be received via check, ACH direct deposit, or PayPal cash, and they even offer a $5 referral program. Plus, they have an app for easy access. 

Key Features of Raise:

  • Offers up to 85% of the card’s face value
  • No listing fees for e-cards
  • Ability to sell partially used gift cards
  • No immediate Cash offer
  • Flat 15% commission on sold gift cards
  • Multiple payment options, including check, ACH direct deposit, and PayPal cash
  • $5 referral program
  • Mobile app available

6. Cardtonic

Cardtonic is a go-to platform for trading gift cards in Nigeria.You need to have a bank account and ID from Nigeria or Ghana to use it, but you can access it from anywhere.

They’ve got about 165 reviews and a 4 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, which is really good!  Cardtonic accepts over 50 gift card brands, including popular ones like Apple, Amazon, and Google Play.

It supports over 50 popular gift card brands such as Apple, Amazon, and Google Play, offering competitive rates. Plus, you can get your money in just a few minutes! And, they have an app for iOS and Android both. You may even access it through any web browser. 

Key Features of Cardtonic: 

  • Exclusive for Nigerian and Ghanaian users.
  • Accepts over 50 gift card brands.
  • Quick transaction.
  • 24*7 customer support.
  • Separate sections for different gift card types.
  • Available on Android, iOS, and web browsers.

7. GiftCardOutlet

Gift Card Outlets is also a popular platform for turning unused gift cards into cash. A great thing about it is that you can sell expired gift cards without any fees.

But there’s a condition: the cards should expire within six months of when you’re selling them. Also, you need to have at least $15 on the card to sell it. You’ll receive your payments through Zelle. 

Key Features of GiftCardOutlet:

  • Accepts expired gift cards with no selling fees.
  • Gift cards’ expiration date should be within at least 6 months of selling it.
  • The minimum balance requirement is $15.
  • Payout through Zelle.

8. Craigslist

While Craigslist doesn’t have a dedicated category for gift cards, you can still sell them by posting in the most relevant section, like clothing for gift cards related to clothing brands.

To sell the gift card, create a detailed post including the card’s balance, expiration date, and store name. Interested buyers will reach out to you, and you can meet them in person to complete the sale.

The best part is that no fees are involved, and you can choose from payout options like cash, Venmo, or PayPal.

Key Features of Craigslist: 

  • There is no specific category for gift cards
  • No fees for posting
  • Can meet the buyers in person
  • Payout options include Cash, Venmo, and PayPal

9. eBay

EBay is yet another top website that offers an online marketplace for selling both physical gift cards and e-gift cards. To sell unwanted gift cards, sellers must create a seller’s account and can choose to sell at a fixed price or via auction.

But, you may receive less value compared to other platforms, with most cards selling for about 60%-80% of their face value.

However, it’s essential to note that eBay charges a small fee for transactions. Payment options include direct deposit, Visa, or Mastercard debit card. 

Key features of eBay:

  • Requires a seller’s account to sell unwanted gift cards
  • Flexibility to sell at a fixed price or via auction.
  • Popular cards sell for 60%-80% of face value.
  • Charges a small fee.
  • Payment through direct deposit or debit card.


Where Can I sell a gift card online instantly?

You have a variety of options when it comes to selling gift cards online. Platforms like Raise, GiftCard Granny, CardCash, GiftCash, Craigslist, GiftCardBin, eBay, ClipKard, CardSell, and many others offer quick and convenient ways to sell your gift cards and receive cash instead.

What App Turns Gift Cards into Cash instantly?

Among the options listed above, apps like CardCash, CardSell, GiftCardBin, and ClipKard allow you to turn gift cards into cash instantly. These platforms offer quick and secure transactions, ensuring you get your money without delay. If you want to sell in person, you can sell locally on Facebook Marketplace or visit a mall nearby that has a gift card exchange kiosk.


In conclusion, turning your unused gift cards into cash has become incredibly easy, all thanks to digital technology that has given rise to a plethora of online platforms and apps. 

Whether you prefer the convenience of selling online or offline transactions, both options are readily available nowadays. By making use of platforms like Raise, GiftCard Granny, or eBay, you can swiftly convert your gift cards into cash with just a few clicks.

And if you lean towards local sales, platforms like Facebook Marketplace or nearby gift card exchange kiosks offer convenient alternatives. 

So, why let those gift cards go to waste when you can transform them into instant cash? Explore these top 10 apps and start earning money from your unused gift cards today!