6 Crazy ways to get more subscribers on youtube fast in 2023

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By Garima Jain

Are you a YouTuber? Do you aspire to become popular on YouTube with lots of subscribers?, Then You have arrived at the right place. Youtube is one of the biggest video streaming platforms on the Internet. Initially, earlier it was easy to get more subscribers on Youtube Channels due to less competition.

However in the recent years, we are witnessing the rise of creator economy and Youtube hasn’t been left out from that development. Now there are thousands of channel for similar topics and therefore audience have a huge choice in deciding whom to subscribe.

It is not just enough to upload content on YouTube to get more subscribers. There are a lot of other things one needs to keep in mind to succeed here.

In this article, we will provide you with 6 ways to get more youtube subscriber fast.

1. Produce Highly Engaging Content to get more subscribers on youtube

This is the first and foremost method to get more subscribers on youtube. There is no other way. Amidst thousands of options to choose from, the audience will subscribe that channel where they could get value mixed with engaging content. If you can’t make your audience feel as if they would miss something if they don’t subscribe you while viewing your video, then they won’t.

You have to invoke something in them. You have to create your content in such a way that they don’t feel bored while viewing it. Some of the things you can do to ensure that your video is engaging are

  • Go straight away in the topic, don’t wither here and there.
  • Make your content to the point and straightforward.
  • Don’t make it too long until and unless your topic demands it.
  • Also don’t make it too small.
  • Talk to the audience. Use interrogative sentences and make the audience part of your video.

2. Add Watermark to your Video

This is something a lot of Youtubers don’t give much attention to. Having a watermark on your video aids in personal branding of your channel by subconsciously showing it to viewers throughout the video. Moreover, it would also be much more efficient to show a watermark which displays a subscribe option so that when the audience sees it, they can immediately subscribe the channel with ease and without second thoughts.

3. Create a Proper Script for your videos

First thing first, deciding what your youtube channel is going to be about is more important than you can think. Earlier, one had the flexibility to explore different options and figure out on the way. But now, due to large scale competition and ever changing algorithm, it is extremely challenging to stand out if you don’t have clarity on your niche. After deciding on that, next thing is video production. You have plan and structure your video in a proper way so that it doesn’t appear clumsy and directionless.

4. Increasing your uploading Frequency

Your uploading frequency and consistency is important not only for the audience to remember you but also for the YouTube algorithm who pushes content from active account.

try to publish at least 1 video per week and stick to your schedule.

Consistency is the key to developing a long-lasting relationship with your subscribers.

5. Optimize YouTube Titles for CTR

Let people’s curiosity make them come to you. Create Video titles in such a way that it get’s people’s attention. Have quirky title and give offbeat names. It will get you a good amount of views and put your channel out there in front of a large potential audience. However, only titles isn’t enough. You will have to work upon SEO practices and marketing strategies as well in order to make all of this work out.

6. Create an engaging Channel trailer to get more subscribers on youtube

This should have been one of the initial points, however Channel trailer is not necessary to get subscribers. But what it does is make all your audience aware about you and your channel which eventually will increase your chances of getting more subscribers. Creating a channel trailer incorporating a free YouTube intro maker is a chance to capture your audiences’ attention in the first few seconds and make an impact on their psyche.

In conclusion, YouTube is a long term game. No matter what strategy you choose, it is not going to be an overtime success, Consistency is the key here.

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