Why You Need to Offer Hosting Services as a Web Designer 

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By Akash Singh

In a competitive field like web design, how can you set yourself apart? One excellent option is to offer web hosting services alongside your web design expertise. In this article, we’ll explore what reseller hosting entails, the benefits it can bring to your web design business, and how to choose the ideal web hosting provider. Let’s go!

How Does Reseller Hosting Work?

Reseller hosting allows you to purchase multiple web hosting packages from a larger hosting company and then provide these services to your clients at competitive rates.

Instead of directing your clients to an external hosting provider, you become their hosting solution, offering them hosting services using the plans you’ve acquired. The beauty of this arrangement is that you don’t need to make substantial upfront investments or deal with complex technical aspects – the hosting company takes care of all the technical intricacies.

Furthermore, you receive essential tools such as WHM, cPanel, and billing management capabilities to streamline website management and your hosting business.

How Can It Help Your Business? 

Here’s why incorporating hosting services can benefit your web design business:

Additional Revenue: Hosting allows you to charge clients for hosting on an ongoing basis, creating a consistent income stream.

No Technical Expertise Required: You don’t need an in-depth understanding of hosting or technical knowledge to run a server.

Enhanced Reputation: Offering hosting services can differentiate your web design business from competitors.

Skill Expansion: It broadens your skill set, enriching your professional portfolio.

Low Startup Costs: The initial investment required is minimal, making it a sound financial choice.

Client Satisfaction: Clients appreciate the convenience of obtaining all services from a single source.

Choosing the Perfect Reseller Hosting Plan for Your Web Design Business

Now that you’ve recognized the advantages, how do you select the right reseller hosting plan for your business?  Consider these essential factors: 

1. Find a Hosting Provider That Suits Your Niche

Numerous hosting companies offer reseller hosting plans, but it’s crucial to align your choice with your business’s specialization and your clients’ requirements.

For instance, if you focus on crafting WordPress websites, seek a hosting provider that enables you to offer tailor-made WordPress hosting services to your clientele.

2. Seek White Label Branding

White label branding plays a pivotal role in building a trustworthy brand and expanding your business.

This approach ensures that your hosting provider’s identity remains concealed, making it appear as if you are the exclusive hosting provider for your clients. Establishing such branding is vital for fostering your brand’s growth and establishing a robust, authoritative image.

3. Ensure Customization Options

Each client possesses distinct hosting needs, influenced by factors such as business size and website traffic. Therefore, it’s important to choose a reseller hosting plan that grants you the flexibility to customize and adapt services to meet your clients’ specific demands.

Customization is the key to business expansion and maintaining client satisfaction.

4. Confirm Access to Essential Tools

Your reseller hosting plan should encompass user-friendly tools like WHM and cPanel, which enable website management and tasks such as creating or deleting accounts and domains.

WHMCS also streamlines processes like payment collection, invoice issuance, and financial management. Make sure that your hosting plan comes with this important tool, if you don’t want to handle all these tasks manually.

5. Ensure Reliable Customer Support

In the web designing and hosting arena, your business may require assistance from customer support at any time.

Therefore, it is a good idea to opt for a hosting company that provides dependable, 24/7 customer support to ensure uninterrupted business operations.

6. Verify Uptime and Security Measures

Lastly, pay attention to the two critical aspects affecting your website’s performance and security: uptime and security measures.

Confirm that the hosting company guarantees at least 99.99% uptime, and assess their robust security protocols designed to safeguard your hosting account and business against online threats and cyberattacks.


For web designers looking to expand their service offerings, incorporating web hosting may be the best option. Reseller hosting offers a convenient solution that can help your business growth and deliver added value to your clients.

To boost your income and maintain a competitive edge, choose the right reseller hosting plan while keeping the aforementioned factors in mind.