How many Followers you’ll need to make Money from Instagram.

How many Followers you’ll need to make Money from Instagram.

The ultimate question! How many followers are actually needed to make money from Instagram. The answer is that IT DEPENDS! I know that may sound disappointing. But Even Instagram itself can’t give an exact anwer as to how many followers will make a difference in your income.

The ideal number, however, can be anywhere between 1000 and upto infinite. There are many factors which determines the ideal number for your account.

First and Foremost, there are a lot of different niches and content types. Whether you have a fashion account or a travel account or a combination of both or an influencer account. All these will have different sorts of brand for sponsorships and collaborations which utlimately defines the kind of money you make from Instagram.

Niche matters a lot because there are certain brands which are specific to your niche.Some of the most profitable niches on Instagram are Health/Wellness/Fitness, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Business, Wealth/Finance, Luxury and Lifestyle. Users in these niches work with a variety of brands, create a wide range of content, and have great success in monetizing their Instagram accounts.

Second, although Followers are an important factor by privilege of being the first thing to be visible to the user and to the brands, but there are also other significant things that play a vital part in determining the brands you attract. For that Engagement is one thing and reach another. It is those metrics which defines the quality of audience that you have. Even if you have, say, 4000 followers but the engagement rate (likes, comment, etc.) is more than 5-6% . It implies that your content is reliable, you have credibility and you audience is niche and targeted. That is, if you promote a product or service similar to your content, you will be more appealing to the brands, rather than someone who has 10k followers with 2-3% engagement. An important metrics to note here is that the post that crosses double digits in engagement rates are considered to be viral.

Let us first of all discuss the ways through which you can make money on Instagram.

Sponsored Posts

This is one way and the most significant one. If you have a good following, then you can get sponsors for your posts, i.e., you can promote a product or service for them. In this way you get money on the post. You can get small sponsorships in some posts even if you have less followers and engagement. And there is no upperlimit if you have some crazy numbers. You can get sponsorships from big brands and earn a very good income from sponsorships alone. For that, rough numbers would be around 10k to anything above that icluding a good engagement rate.

Affiliate Marketing

Partnering with brands isn’t the only way to earn from Instagram. On top of working directly with brands in sponsored posts, you could also use affiliate marketing to make an income on Instagram. Affiliate marketing is when a brand pays you a commission after someone buys a product that you recommend.

You can do affiliate marketing by signing to an affiliate program depending on the niche of your content. There are like hundreds of Affiliate programs for any niche out there.

Sell your own Products

This is, I would say the best way, even better than the sponsorship stuff. Because, here you don’ t have an external factor. The account is on your own discretion. If you sell your own product, you can do that with as less as 1000 followers. you can also get free followers from gather XP, Selling on Instagram is quite easy and not as difficult as you would think.

Although there is not particular numbers that tell you… “oh you have become an influencer” or ” you can earn money”. That doesn’t mean that followers aren’t important. You don’t necessarily need a lot of followers to start earning but in order to expand your opportunities, you need to make sure your followers are increasing. Keep up with the growth cycle while also earning.

You can earn well as long as you are getting good engagement.

Garima Jain