How to Clear Cache on Instagram in android & iPhone (Complete Guide) | 2023

How to Clear Cache on Instagram in android & iPhone (Complete Guide) | 2023

Are you searching for the answer to how to clear cache on Instagram? Then you’re at the right place.

Instagram, like other mobile applications, has a cache. Additionally, web applications that contain pictures and videos, apart from Instagram, are also likely to have a cache. This cache is helpful in reducing the amount of data used when using your mobile or laptop. However, one major drawback of the cache is that it can slow down your device over time.

In the case of Instagram, the cache can rapidly grow larger over time, consuming your phone’s space and making it slow. It stores the data of your favorite account, hashtag, or posts that you’ve visited recently. To avoid such scenes, it is necessary to clear the cache of Instagram. But the thing is that most people are not aware of how to clear your cache on Instagram. 

In this blog, we’ll tell you some simple steps to clear your Instagram Cache quickly. 

How to clear cache on Instagram on IPhone? 

Clearing Instagram cache on an iPhone device is way more different and simple than on an Android device. The only significant way to clear the Instagram cache is to delete the Instagram App and reinstall it. Here are the steps to tell you how to get the job done correctly. 

Method #1 – Delete Instagram App in iPhone

clear the cache on Instagram in IPhone
  1. Locate Instagram app on your home screen.
  2. Press and hold the instagram app icon until it show option to remove app.
  3. Click on Remove App
  4. A confirmation message will appear, asking if you want to delete the app. Tap “Delete” to confirm.
  5. The app will be deleted from your iPhone, and its icon will disappear from the home screen.

How to clear cache on Instagram on android Phones?

Unlike iOS, Android devices do not need to uninstall Instagram to clear the cache. All you need is to just clear cache without deleting app, follow the steps mentioned below: 

Method #2 Clear the Instagram cache without deleting the app on Android

Clear Cache on Instagram in android
  • Go to the Android Settings of your Android phone.
  • Scroll down and search for Apps & Notifications
  • Look for the installed Instagram application.
  • Tap on the Storage option.
  • Hit the Clear Instagram Cache option
  • And Done, your Instagram cache is cleared

Under the storage option, you might see two options which are Clear Cache and Clear Data. Always choose the clear cache option if you want to clear the Instagram cache. As there is a major difference between a clear cache and a clear date. 

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What is the Difference Between Clear Cache & Clear Data in Dndroid Phone

Clear Cache and Clear Data are two different actions that can be performed on Android devices to manage app storage and data. Here’s a breakdown of the differences:

Clear Cache:

  • When you clear the cache of an app, you are essentially deleting temporary files and data that the app has stored. These files are typically used to speed up app performance and provide quick access to certain data.
  • Clearing the cache does not delete any personal data or app settings. It only removes temporary files, such as images, downloaded content, or other non-essential data.
  • Clearing the cache can free up storage space and potentially resolve minor app issues or glitches. However, it does not impact the app’s functionality or remove any important data.

Clear Data:

  • Clearing app data goes a step further by deleting all data associated with the app, including user settings, preferences, login information, and any stored data within the app.
  • When you clear app data, it essentially resets the app to its initial state, as if it was freshly installed. This means you may lose saved data, personalized settings, or any content specific to your usage within the app.
  • Clearing app data is often done when troubleshooting an app issue or when you want to start fresh with an app, as it removes all personalized data and settings.

Clear data will erase all your Instagram data, including your login detail, photos you clicked through the Instagram camera, and boomerang and video So make sure to click wisely!

Note: Please remember that clearing the Instagram cache from an Android device will reset your Instagram application. In some cases, you may lose any download images or videos after clearing the cache. So, make sure to save your important stuff before clearing the cache. 


Will clearing a cache on Instagram delete anything important?

No, clearing the cache will not delete anything important from your device. The cache is just the stored data that helps to improve the Instagram user experience. Whenever you load any post any picture or post it on Instagram, the app automatically saves them in the device cache. So, when you clear the cache, you’re erasing the unnecessary data while making improving your device’s performance. 

What happens if I clear cache on Instagram?

When you don’t clear the cache from Instagram, it slows down your mobile device. Hence, clearing the cache helps to clear the unnecessarily stored data from your device. And this space can be utilized by other applications to run smoothly. 

Why Instagram cache-clearing option is not available on all iPhones? 

Due to various limitations in the iPhones, there is no such option to clear the cache from the Instagram app on iPhone. Hence the only way to increase the speed and space of your iPhone is to “Delete the Instagram App from your iPhone and reinstall it. 

How to clear the Instagram cache without deleting the app?

Yes, one can easily clear the cache without deleting the Instagram app. But it is only possible on Android devices. For iOS devices, you need to delete the application and reinstall it. 

Bottom Line 

If you’re an active user, then there is a high chance that data from the Instagram app is inevitably accumulated on your device. And clear this Instagram cache will significantly boost your device. But that doesn’t mean you need to clear the data every day or on the weekend religiously. It is important to clear the cache, but only when your application becomes slow to work or crashes. Furthermore, you can also clear the Instagram cache if your device is running low on storage.

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