How to Delete Snapchat AI Without Snapchat Plus | Complete Guide – 2023

How to Delete Snapchat AI Without Snapchat Plus | Complete Guide – 2023

Snapchat has been launched many new features recently, including Snapchat AI. Snapchat’s My AI is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, has recently become a famous and trendy app feature. While some users find this new feature fun and exciting, others have privacy concerns or simply prefer not to use it and They are actively searching for ways to delete Snapchat AI without Snapchat Plus.

How to Delete Snapchat AI without Snapchat Plus

Personally, I don’t like the My AI feature on Snapchat. I feel that this feature is unnecessary since there are already ChatGPT and other AI platforms available. If we want to chat with a bot or gain knowledge, those platforms are more worthwhile to use. The most frustrating aspect of the My AI feature is that you cannot even remove it from your Snapchat chat feed unless you have snapchat Plus, so, let’s discuss How to remove Snapchat AI without Snapchat Plus, but first let’s know about how does snapchat Ai Work.

How Does Snapchat AI Work?

Snapchat’s My AI is an artificial intelligence feature integrated into the app that allows users to converse with a virtual assistant. My AI utilizes OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology to provide users with an interactive chatbot experience. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to generate responses based on the user’s input.

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Why Can’t I Delete My AI on Snapchat?

The ability to delete My AI from Snapchat is currently limited to Snapchat Plus subscribers only. Snapchat+ is a premium subscription service offered by Snapchat that provides additional features and benefits to its users. 

If you are not subscribed to Snapchat Plus, unfortunately, you cannot remove My AI on Snapchat. However, there are alternatives available to remove My AI from your Chat feed, even without a Snapchat Plus subscription.

How to Delete My AI on Snapchat from the Chat Feed?

Snapchat Plus subscribers who wish to remove My AI from your Snapchat Chat feed, follow the steps mentioned below :

  1. Open Snapchat
  2. Swipe from the Camera screen and go to the ‘Chats’ section.
  3. Press and hold ‘My AI.’
  4. Click on “Chat Settings.”
  5. Select “Clear from Chat Feed.”

If you want To Unpin My AI from snapchat then, go to your Snapchat+ management screen from your Profile and toggle off the switch next to My AI.

Alternatively, You can also follow these steps:

  1. Open Snapchat and click on the profile icon in the top left corner.
  2. Tap on the gear icon (Settings).
  3. Scroll down to find “Clear Conversation” in the Account Action menu.
  4. Click on the cross sign next to “My AI.”
  5. Tap on “Clear.”

Please note that these steps only apply to Snapchat+ subscribers and might not work for non-subscribers.

How to Delete My AI from Snapchat without Snapchat Plus?

Unfortunately, currently there is no official way to remove My AI from Snapchat without having a Snapchat Plus subscription. However, there is one effective solution that can work.

Method #1 – Use Snapchat Older Version to Remove My Ai on snapchat

If you do not have a Snapchat Plus subscription but still wish to remove My AI from your Snapchat, you can try installing an older version of the Snapchat APK on android from a trusted source that does not have My AI introduced yet. 

Here’s are some older version of snapchat which you can download on your android phone

Snapchat older Version List

You can find more older version of snapchat here – Snapchat older version

Using an older version of Snapchat may pose security risks as you won’t have access to the latest updates and security patches. Moreover, compatibility and stability issues might arise, leading to Snapchat crashing or other functional problems. Therefore, it is crucial to proceed cautiously and be aware of the potential risks before using an older version of Snapchat to remove My AI.

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How to Access My AI on Snapchat?

To access My AI on Snapchat, follow these steps:

  1. Open Snapchat and navigate to the Chat section.
How to Delete Snapchat AI without Snapchat Plus
  1. You will see the “My AI” option at the top of the chat page. Tap on it to engage in a conversation.
How to Delete Snapchat AI without Snapchat Plus

If you do not see the “My AI” option, ensure you have updated your Snapchat app to the latest version and try again.


Snapchat’s My AI has become very popular in the past few days. But everything has its pros and cons. Some like this AI tool, and some don’t. If you don’t like using it and do not want it on your Snapchat, you may need a Snapchat Plus subscription to remove it. There’s no safer way around it. If you install an older version of the app, there might be some potential risks that you may have to face. 

Technology is evolving and expanding day by day. Shortly, you may come across many new features and easier ways to remove Snapchat AI from the app for non-subscribers of Snapchat. 


Is there a way to remove Snapchat AI? 

At present, only Snapchat Plus subscribers have the option to remove My AI from their Snapchat. Non-subscribers can try using an older app version from any trusted source, but it may have some security and compatibility risks.

Is My AI a real person on Snapchat?

No, My AI on Snapchat is powered by ChatGPT technology and is not a real person. The artificial intelligence feature generates conversations between the Snapchat user and the virtual assistant.

Why don’t I have Snapchat AI?

There might be a possibility that your Snapchat is not updated to its latest version. So, update your Snapchat to have access to Snapchat AI. 

Another thing you can try if you don’t have My AI on your Snapchat: You may try to Clear the Cache. Clearing the Cache helps in the smooth functioning of the application.

How to unpin Snapchat AI from the Chat feed without Snapchat Plus? 

While there is no official method to unpin My AI from the Chat feed without Snapchat Plus, Android users can try installing an older version of the Snapchat APK file from a trusted source that does not include My AI. However, using an outdated version may have security risks and compatibility issues. 

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