How to get more views on instagram story (7 Hacks)

How to get more views on instagram story (7 Hacks)

I am obsessed with Instagram Stories!

And So Are you !

Even if you aren’t, there are many people who spend a lot of time viewing Instagram stories. And getting more Instagram story views means more people are viewing your stories and more engagement you are getting.

Now the question is, How can you get more Instagram Views? And what is the reason that some Instagram stories get more views?

In this article, I will give you 7 Hacks through which you can get more views on Instagram.

#1 Tag Locations

Geo tagging locations lets the audience who are in your city or area to ideantify and follow you. Also tagging locations when you go out, can possibly attract a large number of audience who are actually interested in that place or are following those location specific tags.

So clearly for location tags, because they can turn out to a great way to get more views on Instagram.

Now using hashtags is again another way to gain more views…

#2 Use Right Hashtags

Basically, this is the way to make your instagram stories more visible. Use the right hashtags and target the right audience.

Instagram allows you to add only about 10 hashtags per story and therefore you should add the well researched and the most productive hashtags.

You can also hide the hashtags after adding them, by dragging them to the bottom of the stories, so as to not make the stories appearing messy and chaotic. You can have the aesthetics intact even after adding that many hashtags.

#3 Use Stickers

We know that polls are an amazing way to increase your story engagement on instagram. But their are other stickers on Instagram as well. Some of them lets the personal message from your viewers to get into your DMs.

There are countless stickers out there. However, my favorite one and the one which drives the most engagement is the question sticker.

When you prompt a personal question, a lot of your audience will be interestested and would like to provide a personal answers to that. This means your audience will be very interested to engage with you.

Another thing is yoy can let your audience ask you a question by prompting a TBH or ask me anything. It will also create suspense for your answers and drive more views and engagement.

#4 Post Stories at the Right Time

Just think about it. What is the point of posting stories when your audience is not on Instagram, say 3 in the morning. Here, your content may be great but the timing may not be.

Your stories will get older as new stories appear, thefore making it harder for your followers to find your stories.

When posting your stories, make sure that your followers are active on that time. You can find the right time by asking your followers directly through polls or by analysing your demographics and insights.

When you find that time, post most of your stories at that time and you will see you Instagram story views increasing.

#5 Highlight your Best Stories

Highlighted stories will still get views even after 24 hours of uploading it. Now this means you will get views everytime someone visits your profile, and decides to view it.

You can take advantage of highlights features to highlight your best stories to your followers and potential followers as well.

You can highlight them and get more engagement.

#6 Collaborate with Influencers

When you collaborate with an influencer or with someone who has a good amount of followers, then you can get more eyes by attracting not only their audience but also positively affect your followers psyche as well.

This is one of the best ways to get more views, if you don’t have any budget constraints. You can get more Instagram views by collaborating with people who share similar niche as you.


#7 Post Stories Consistently

This goes without explaination. You have to very consistent for posting stories as with other things because, otherwise people are more likely to forget you and your stories and you will never be able to form a connection with your audience. Therefore posting stories consistently and showing up is very important in order to make people aware of you and view your stories.

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