How to Increase your Facebook reach Organically | 11 proven ways

How to Increase your Facebook reach Organically | 11 proven ways

Okay so is Facebook’s reach ! One of the most controversial things to hack. And I know you have been hopping from one website to another to find the secret recipe to crack the way to increase facebook reach organically. 

And you haven’t found the answer yet! Worry not. While the simplest way is to pay for the facebook ads and enable paid advertisement, however there are other ways too. So here in this article, we will provide 11 proven ways to increase your facebook reach organically and maximize facebook reach.

So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

#1 Plan your Content Wisely

What do I mean when I say to plan content wisely. It simply means to make a content strategy for your account. You can’t just post anything. 

Post the things which align with your niche and give justice to your brand and personality. Plan your lives, your video posts, images, informative content in a way that can align perfectly with your audience.

#2 Be Authentic

Be your real self. You don’t have to fake yourself on facebook or any social media platform for that matter. Be unapologetically yourself. 

Show your failures, mistakes, blunders,etc. In that way, the audience will relate with you. Also try to show the real side of your business, behind the scenes, etc. to get traction on your profile. It is unique and irreplaceable.

#3 Analyze and decide the right time to post

It’s important to find out when your audience is the most active and then post your content accordingly. 

Because think about it, the first 2-4 hours of your upload are crucial for algorithms to identify your content and decide whether it’s engaging or not. 

If your audience isn’t on the platform, then who will see it? So make sure to post at the right time.

#4 Identify your ideal posting schedule

For some accounts, posting 5 times a week is sufficient, for some 15 times would be much feasible and for some thrice a week is optimum as well. 

To find out what works for you you have to experiment a good amount of times and record the data and insights. The best way is to stick to a particular frequency for two weeks.

#5 Use Eye – Catching Images and Videos

This goes without explanation. You have to gain attention before you scale. In this age of information, the one who can grab the audience’s attention is the richest. Therefore Use images and videos which are eye-catching and can grab attention.

#6 Focus on Engagement

Facebook posts get high reach if they have high engagement. Read that again !

Therefore focus on engagement even if the reach is low, because it will eventually increase.

#7 Connect with your audience on a personal level

You have to connect with your audience on a personal deeper level. An emotional connection goes a long way than a superficial one.

Make posts which stir something in the people and you will see the difference in your reach.

#8 Repost or Remake Evergreen Content

Evergreen content always works. If there is content which has worked a lot in the past, it is likely to work again.

Or sometimes your past content just needs a makeover and can succeed the second time around. 

#9 Get Verified on Facebook

Being verified on facebook shows that your page is credible and is a big deal. It shows that it is the representation of your brand. So get verified and get the blue badge.

#10 Get Engagement Early 

What I mean is that after posting, ask your colleagues and friends to share your content, like it , comment on it and overall engage with it. 

A large interaction straight away after your posts signals facebook algorithm that there is some interesting content and therefore pushes it in front of the audience.

#11 Try user generated Content

What I mean is that you should ask your audience or your customers for feedback or generating content with your products and tagging you. You can pay for reviews but if your products and services are good then the users will automatically generate content for you.

This is a very trust and credibility factor when it comes to brand pages as users are more likely to trust someone who has purchased or taken your service in comparison to your self promotion.

So these were the Facebook profile reach down solution and ways to increase organic reach on Facebook.

Garima Jain