How to know If Someone has Deleted, blocked or uninstall their WhatsApp account?

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By priyasha bhardwaj

WhatsApp is a messaging app used by over 1 billion people worldwide. It is a very popular app, and many people rely on it for communication. But, What would happen if your friend’s account suddenly disappears from Whatsapp and you cannot contact them?

How would you find out if they deleted, uninstalled or blocked you on Whatsapp

Can you still communicate with them? If not, then Let’s discuss to find out the answer to these questions better. 

How do I know if Someone deleted their WhatsApp account?


If you recently sent Someone a message, but they didn’t receive it, it could mean that they deleted their WhatsApp account. 

If you can see double ticks, it means that the message is delivered, and hence, the person is using Whatsapp. 

If a single grey tick appears next to the message and you don’t get any reply for a very long time, this can indicate that the user is no longer available on WhatsApp and might have deleted their account.


If you cannot see the person’s profile picture of that user, it could mean they might have deleted their account. Once a user deletes their WhatsApp account, all their information, including their profile picture and status message, are removed from their profile. 

Nevertheless, one can never be sure why Someone’s profile picture is blank. There may be another reason, too. A blank or missing profile photo may result from a user’s privacy settings. 

They might have neglected to upload one intentionally or chosen not to share photos with certain users by adjusting their privacy preferences.


If you are in a group chat with that person, it could be easier for you to find out if they deleted their account. If the person is no longer listed in the group chat, it could mean they have left and deleted their WhatsApp account.

However, the user might have blocked you if they have seen your texts or the message has been delivered to them on group chat.

Note: The user who has blocked you can see your message on the group chat you both participated


You can also determine if Someone has deleted their WhatsApp account by looking at their last seen on WhatsApp. If their last seen is showing a few days or weeks old, it could mean they have deactivated or deleted their account. 

However, the user may have hidden their ‘last seen’ status in privacy settings. It is also possible that they may have forgotten to check their messages for a few days or have installed the app for some time.


The last and final way to tell if Someone has deleted their WhatsApp account is to check if they are available on your WhatsApp contact list. 

If you see the invite option next to their name, they have deleted their account and are no longer available on the platform. Also, that means there is no account associated with that phone number.


Ask your friend for help to check that user’s account on their device; if your friend sent a message to them and it’s delivered or can see their profile photo or last seen, that means that the user is on WhatsApp and has been blocked you.

If your friend cannot view detail of that profile, such as profile photo or about, and a message is not getting delivered, then the user might have deleted their WhatsApp account.

How to know if Someone blocked you on WhatsApp?


It can be difficult to tell if Someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. However, several signs may indicate that you have been blocked. But, these indications are quite similar when they delete their account too.

The signs include:

1. Your messages don’t get delivered;

2. You no longer see a contact’s last seen or online in the chat window

3. You do not see a profile photo of them

If you notice any of these signs, it could mean that the contact has blocked you or that they have deleted their WhatsApp account. The only way to determine if you are blocked is by talking to mutual contacts of the person or asking them directly.

How to know if Someone uninstalled WhatsApp?

When Someone uninstalls Whatsapp, it removes the app from their smartphone. So, you may either check for the app on their phone or ask them directly to find out if they have uninstalled the app. 

When somebody uninstalls their account, their profile will remain accessible. Although their profile picture is visible, you won’t be able to observe the double tick indicating your text has been delivered.

What’s the difference between deleting and uninstalling a WhatsApp account?

When you delete your WhatsApp account, your conversation, media, and profile details will vanish, and you might not be able to access them later. Also, you won’t be able to receive messages sent to you when your account was deleted.

When you uninstall WhatsApp You are just removing the app from your phone, Your chat, media and other details will be saved which you can get back later if you would have a backup of your WhatsApp data.

Any User can message you. But, since you have uninstalled WhatsApp, you will not get the notification of any messages. You can start receiving messages sent to you as soon as you install WhatsApp again.

How do you know if Someone’s WhatsApp account has been deleted or they blocked you?

If someone has deleted their WhatsApp account, they will no longer be available on Whatsapp, their profile picture and about will not be there, and when you send them a message, only a single tick appears on the chat. 

The same case with if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp.

The only thing that would be different in both is there would be an invite option next to the person if their account is deleted; if the invite option is not showing, they might have blocked you or uninstalled their Whatsapp.


It can be difficult to determine if Someone has deleted their WhatsApp account. 

However, by following the steps outlined above, you should be able to find out if Someone has deactivated or deleted their WhatsApp account. It could also help to ask your mutual friends or family members to find out what is happening.

Remember that the user may have temporarily deactivated their account or hidden their ‘last seen’ status. Therefore, only jump to conclusions with concrete proof.


How to know if Someone deleted your WhatsApp number?

Answer: The best way to determine if Someone has deleted your WhatsApp number is to check if you can still find their profile picture. You can also check if they can view your story or vice versa. 

You can also check their “About” section or “Last Seen.” 

If you cannot find their profile picture, they have likely either deleted your number or blocked you. Similarly, they could have removed you from their contact list if you cannot view their story or status. 

If Someone deletes WhatsApp, will messages still deliver?

Answer: No, if Someone deletes their WhatsApp account, the user will not be able to receive your message. You will see a single grey tick under your message indicating that the message has not been delivered. 

Additionally, any messages or calls sent before the deletion of the account will still be visible in chat logs and call history. However, they won’t be able to receive your messages or calls when their account has been deleted. 

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