How to Know If Someone Has Blocked or Deleted Their Tiktok Account?

How to Know If Someone Has Blocked or Deleted Their Tiktok Account?

Most of us have experienced this on TikTok when we couldn’t able to view someone’s profile and post. and it seemed unclear to find out whether someone had blocked us or deleted their account on TikTok.

It can be difficult to determine if someone has blocked you or deleted your account, but there are a few indicators you can look for to find out if someone blocked you on Tiktok.

As TikTok continues to gain popularity, more and more users are creating accounts. However, like with other social media platforms, it is common for users to block others if they dislike their content or prefer not to have them in their follower list.

Following are the signs that indicate that someone has blocked you on TikTok.

Does Tiktok Send You A Notification On Being Blocked?

No, you won’t receive any notification when someone blocks you on TikTok. The person who has blocked you will remain anonymous, making it difficult to know who exactly has chosen to do this.

How To Know If Someone Has Blocked You On TikTok?

Here are some indicators you can look for to determine if someone has blocked you on TikTok.

#1 Check Your Following List

When someone blocks you on TikTok, they will no longer appear in your follower list. If you notice that person has disappeared from your friend list, then it is likely that they have blocked you.

#2 Try following Them

Try to follow that person you think they have blocked you, if it’s not working, it indicates that they have blocked you, To Follow them, Search their account by using their correct username. If the username is showing incorrect or invalid, that means, the results won’t be visible to you and most probably they have blocked you.

#3 Check Profile Visibility

When someone blocks another user, their profile and content become invisible to the other party. So if you can’t view their profile or content, they likely have blocked you on TikTok.

#4 Direct Message

You won’t be able to send them any direct messages who blocked you, Therefore, if you’ve noticed a user who was earlier open to receiving messages from you has suddenly stopped responding, then there is a strong possibility that they have blocked your account.

#5 Check Comments

If someone blocks you on TikTok, you won’t be able to see the comments you left on their posts or any mentions involving that user. To check if you’ve been blocked, try finding the post or video where you interacted with them. If you cannot access that specific post, it’s highly likely that you have been blocked.

#6 Ask your Friend To Verify

Asking your friends is one of the simplest methods to determine if someone has blocked or deleted their TikTok account.

Just ask your friend to search for that username on their TikTok account. If your friend can see that user’s profile on their account but you cannot on yours, then it is likely that the user has blocked you.

On the other hand, if the user’s profile is not visible on your friend’s account, it indicates that their account has been deleted or deactivated. 

#7 Contact them on another social network

Contact them on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook and directly ask them whether they have blocked you. this is a simple and working method to solve your mystery and ultimately you will get the answer.

How to know if someone deleted their TikTok account?

If someone has deleted their TikTok account, you will no longer be able to view their profile or any of their content. You may also receive an error message when searching for their username, If that is the case, they will likely have either deactivated or deleted their account.

How To Block Someone On TikTok?

  • Open the TikTok app and head to the profile of the user you want to block.
  • Tap on their profile and select the three dots on their profile page.
  • Select “block” from the list of options that appear.
  • Confirm by tapping on “Block” in the pop-up window.
  • The user will be instantly blocked and can no longer view or comment on your content.

How To Unblock Someone On TikTok?

  • Open the TikTok app and head to your profile page.
  • Tap on Settings and select Privacy & Safety from the list of options.
  • Select Blocked Accounts and locate the user you want to unblock.
  • Tap Unblock and confirm in the pop-up window by tapping Unblock once more.
  • The user will be immediately unblocked and can view your content again.

Following the above steps, you can quickly determine if someone has blocked you on TikTok and take the necessary actions to either block or unblock them as desired. So keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and use these tips to stay one step ahead!


1. If I block someone on TikTok, will they know I viewed their profile?

No, the person you have blocked will not know that you viewed their profile. TikTok doesn’t have that feature to check, This ensures the safety and privacy of all users, allowing them to browse without worrying about being tracked.

2. If someone blocked you on TikTok, can you see their profile?

Answer: No, if someone has blocked you on TikTok, you cannot view their profile. This is because they have chosen to block you, and the platform respects this decision. Your interactions with that person’s content, such as messages or comments, will also be blocked. No content will be visible to you from that account. 
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