How to see someone’s story on instagram without letting them know

How to see someone’s story on instagram without letting them know

Do you want to See Someone’s Instagram Story without getting Seen ?

Well, It is always amusing to stalk people especially when the person is one with whom you do not get along. It’s more intriguing when you want to know what your ex is doing, but it’s equally embarrassing to be recognised by the person whom you stalked. So to avoid such embarrassment the only way is to view Instagram story anonymously or without getting seen but the question comes how? The blog talks about the various possible ways to see someone’s Instagram story anonymously.

The one easy way is to choose the profile that is immediately adjacent to the one whose Story you wish to see in secret on your feed. After pausing the story with a tap, carefully and slowly swipe in the direction of the story you wish to see. A full swipe will reveal your viewing to the user, so be careful not to do it. The main drawback of this approach is that videos can’t be seen and you can only see the first Story on that profile’s feed. Another issue is that it’s possible to mistakenly swipe all the way, which would make the practice pointless. You won’t even be able to screenshot an Instagram story because of this.

There are many third-party apps and sites which help us to see the Instagram users’ story secretly(i.e. Without knowing them) and trust me they are more foolproof. Some of the apps/sites are mentioned below:

Best website and app to see Instagram stories anonymously

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this is the site which helps you to see Instagram stories anonymously and is extremely quick in the process. All you need is the Instagram user id of the person you want to stalk. The site does not need an Instagram login (i.e view stories without logging in), it is anonymous and most importantly you can even download and share the stories with your friends.


You may quickly and conveniently save videos, photos & stories to your smartphone with just one click through the BlindStory app. Get informed anytime a follower or following uploads new Instagram stories, images and videos. You can also activate the “Story Magnet” feature to have it automatically store stories to your smartphone before they are removed. Simply use the search function, enter the name of the profile that contains the tale you wish to view, and then sit back and relax as BlindStory takes care of the rest.

Use Profile Plus + To see someone’s Instagram story without getting seen

Profile Plus+ Story Reposter is another fantastic software in this category that allows you to watch Instagram Stories privately. All you have to do is type in the user’s username to view their complete profile without leaving a trace! The major limitation is that you may only view one profile each day while using the free version. You may view as many with the PRO edition of Profile+, which also has many other features and no advertisements. You can easily download it from the app store.


Storiesig is not accessible through an iPhone or an Android app, in contrast to the other ways to see Instagram Stories in an anonymous manner. If you want to browse Stories on your computer anonymously, this is the best choice! It does operate similarly to the majority of the apps. You may view the Stories people have shared by searching for their handles. You can easily save even the Stories highlights to your gallery, thanks to the quick and easy approach.

There are many more third-party apps in the market which can be used for the same purpose. These Options are the best you can use any of the ways to stalk people and to keep that sparky and spooky entertainment alive in your life. So keep enjoying, keep bitching but be anonymous! With this, I hope you got an idea of some of the ways through which you can see someone’s Instagram story without getting seen.

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