How to view instagram private account | Complete Guide | 2023

How to view instagram private account | Complete Guide | 2023

Private accounts on Instagram are an increasingly popular way to protect your photos & videos and other information on Instagram from being shared without permission, therefore there are many users who want to look into the private profile of others without following them, but let’s find out if this is even possible or not.

Private Instagram accounts provide a high level of privacy since other users cannot view who you follow or are followed by, nor see your posts, stories and interactions. They can only see the profile picture, number of followers, & number of people you follow.

But, Do you want to know how to view someone’s private Instagram Account? Whether you want to stalk your ex-partner or are just curious about how someone you know is living their life, so lets get started and to find some ways to view private Instagram accounts.

Can You View A Private Instagram Profile?

Yes, you can view a private Instagram profile – but only if the user has approved your follow request on instagram. Once you’ve been accepted as a follower, you’ll be able to view their content and keep up with their Instagram activity. But do not rely on third-party apps or websites that offer to “hack” accounts, as these are almost always scams.

Despite the numerous websites that guarantee access to private Instagram accounts by downloading an application, none of these apps work. Furthermore, no third-party app or website can expose a user’s private posts – so don’t waste your time trying!

While some “private Instagram viewer” apps and websites may seem to offer a way to view private accounts, they are just scams. They make money by getting you to complete verification steps that don’t do anything at all – not entirely malicious, but certainly untrustworthy!

To protect your data, never share your credit card information or Instagram login details with any such applications.

How To View A Private Instagram Profile?

Send Follow Request: 

The most obvious way to view a private Instagram account is to ask the person directly. Then, all you have to do is send them a follow request. If they accept it, you’ll be able to see their posts, stories, and anything else they share in the future. 

Ask For Help From Your Friend Who Is In Their Profile:

Suppose you have a friend who follows the person whose account you want to access then ask for their help. They can see posts in the account and possibly even capture screenshots of that users’s post and stories for you.

Create Another Account.

If you don’t want to ask the person directly, or they are unlikely to accept your request, try creating another account. For example, creating an anonymous Instagram profile and sending a follow request from that account could be useful. The user may accept the request.

But make sure to add a few posts on your profile and gain a few followers. Ensure that you choose an authentic picture for your profile photo, and keep the account private. This trick is not guaranteed to work, but it’s worth a try.

You can also create an account with the name of any followers or friends of them so that they might think their friend has created a new account and most likely, your follow request will be accepted immediately

Wait For Their Account To Change From Private To Public.

The last and most ineffective option is to wait for the account to change from private to public. At some point, they will likely make their profile visible to everyone. When this happens, you’ll be able to view their posts without having to follow them or ask for permission.


In conclusion, there are a few ways to view private Instagram accounts, but they all depend on the user’s willingness to accept your request. So respect their privacy, and don’t try to “hack” into an account that isn’t yours!

Remember that any third-party app or website that promises to show you someone’s private posts is most likely not legitimate. The safest and simplest approach is to ask the user directly or take advantage of the options mentioned above. These steps allow you to view a private Instagram account without resorting to malicious methods.


1. Can I view a private Instagram profile without following it?

Answer: No, you cannot view a private Instagram profile without following them. You can try to ask them directly, or create a new account, or wait for the user to change their account from private to public. 

You can even view their profile through asking one of your mutual friends.

2. Does third-party apps work to view private Instagram accounts?

Answer: No, third-party apps or websites don’t work to view private Instagram accounts. Such apps are likely just scams and could put your data at risk if you share any private information with them. It’s always best to ask the user directly or take advantage of other methods discussed above. 

3. How to check posts of private Instagram profiles?

Answer: You can check posts of private Instagram profiles by sending a follow request and waiting for them to accept it. You can also ask a mutual friend if they can capture screenshots of the posts you wish to view. 

Another way to view their posts is to follow them on other social media platforms, like Facebook or TikTok, where they may post the same content. 

You may take the help of Google and try searching Google for the person’s username. If the individual has used their Instagram username on other websites, you can use Google search to locate photos they have shared online. To refine your Google search results to sole images, click on the Images option at the top of the page.

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