Top Instagram Reels Downloaders for Android and iOS

Top Instagram Reels Downloaders for Android and iOS

The IG reel is one of the most engaging features of Instagram and entertains a massive audience. But like other platforms, Instagram too lacks the feature to download its content directly. However, we live in a world rich in technology where nothing is out of reach for you. Using an Insta reels saver can solve your problem. 

This article will introduce you to the top Instagram Reels downloaders for Android and iOS. Keep reading!

What is Insta Reel’s Purpose?

The Instagram reel is the latest feature introduced by Instagram that lets you record or edit short video content, usually 15 seconds in duration. They occupy the whole screen vertically and convey a message more efficiently. IG reels help you engage a larger audience with your content and increase your account reach.

Why Do We Need Instagram Reels Downloaders? 

Instagram introduced the reel feature in competition with other platforms like TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. And eventually, the IG reels took Instagram to new heights. However, it’s no wonder that Instagram still lacks the features to download the reels directly on your Android or iOS device.

You scroll through several catchy reels daily that you must have saved in your IG collection. Right? If you want to download Instagram reels on your device, then you must need an Instagram Reels saver. Because they are the ultimate solution to your problem and can Instagram Reels video download on your device for offline viewing in a few clicks.

How to Choose The Best Online Instagram Reel Downloader for Your Device?

The Internet is overflowing with hundreds of Instagram Reels savers, but it can be very tricky to choose the best among them. You should first check whether this downloader supports your Android or iOS device. Secondly, does the tool support downloading in HD formats? And thirdly, is it available for free? Or if it is paid, then does it fall under your budget?

No need to get confused, because I m here to clear up all your confusion. I have carefully selected some top online Instagram Reels downloaders for you. That will save you time and make the downloading process hassle-free.

Top 3 Online Instagram Reel Saver for Android and iOS

Here are some of the best online tools that will help you download Instagram reels and share these reels with your friends. 


InstaSave is the top downloader when it comes to Instagram reels video download. It’s a free web-based tool that downloads your reels with a few taps. It can download reels in high quality and is responsive to all devices. It offers you a simple interface with fast downloading speeds.

Gramvio is simply the best in its work. It’s an all-in-one downloader that lets you save Instagram posts, stories, videos, and reels in a single place. You just need to provide the URL link of the desired video. This Instagram Reel Downloader lets you choose the format and resolution of the reels.


SSSInstagram is also a popular tool that is known for its quick and efficient downloading of Instagram Reels. It offers the highest quality format and supports both Android and iPhone devices. It has a friendly interface. This tool is available for free and lets you save Instagram reels unlimited.

Final Word

IG reels are very famous owing to their short length and entertaining factor. You can add filters, stylish text, Gifs, stickers, and relevant music to make them more appealing to your followers and enhance your account’s reach. However, as IG doesn’t support downloading reels from Instagram directly, you can use any of the above-discussed Instagram Reel Saver or downloader to download your favorite reels on your Android or iPhone device.

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