Seasoned Players Share Tips to Optimize Casino Bonus Winnings

Seasoned Players Share Tips to Optimize Casino Bonus Winnings

By now, everyone is aware of the casino bonuses and the need by the owners to offer them to players in an attempt to prove that their casino is the best one around. And everybody knows that there are many variants of bonuses, different names but one intent – to make a profit or play without your own money deposited. But not everyone knows, maybe the most important thing of all, how to use the bonuses in the best possible way to win money. And there is no shame in that, some players are more inventive or have an abundance of experience. So, the least we can do is to hear them out, with a chance to take the knowledge and use it to our benefit.

Why Are Casino Bonuses Important?

Bonuses represent a unique chance for players of online casinos. The one that can’t be overlooked and unused. In a way, it represents free money for players, if utilized properly of course. That is why the top casino bonus offers like these here can’t be overlooked, as they represent a chance to multiply your winnings. No matter what the terms are, or demands, every bonus can be exploited. Bonuses have been available for some time now, and gamers were studying them closely, making a bit of science of them. The experience they gathered in all that time is there for the taking. Now let us check those tips they were willing to share.

Make the Most Out of the First Deposit Bonus

This one gets neglected far too often. There is no respectable casino around that won’t offer this bonus to new players. But the devil is in the details, as they often say. Players don’t like to read the rules and tiny letters. And every casino has a maximum limit they will offer to deposit. For example, they will increase your deposit by 100 percent, sometimes 150 or 200 percent even. But they will do so up to a certain amount. Let us say that amount is 1000 USD. If you deposit 800, you will miss out on an increase of the remaining 200 USD. And on an online casino that offers 200 percent on your deposit, that is quite the sum.

Always Check the Wagering Requirements

One of the most common things bettors forget about is to check this information. And it is crucial to their attempt to maximize the bonus to their advantage. You will find the instructions regarding wagering requirements in the Terms and Conditions of the site. In there, you will see how many times you need to wager the bonus money, for it to become available for your withdrawal. Some casinos use this to their advantage as they offer an amazing deal that can never be withdrawn. In that case, all that you win is frustration, and you lose too much of your time.

Evade Being Recognized as a Bonus Abuser

First of all, players need to understand that people who run online casinos are not stupid. The situation is quite the opposite. Casinos will go far and wide to satisfy brand-new patrons.  Bonus abusers are not loved by them, and they get removed from sites just as easily as you mass delete tweets. Just as you want a respectable probability of winning, owners prefer a fair chance to take your bonus back. That is why they added more regulations to deter potential bonus abusers. One of those regulations prohibits going over the maximum stake when using bonus money. You will find this information in the Terms and Conditions again, and going over it will get you banned, and the casino will take your money.

Understand Stake Contribution by the Type of the Game

The percentage that different casino games add to the wagering requirements for bonuses varies. Some casinos even include games that contribute nothing. That is why you need to inform yourself about these things. Casino classic games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat have a lower percentage in general. But on the other hand, slots will offer a 100 percent contribution to wagering requirements, and that is good to know.

Inform Yourself About Casino

If the bonus offers sound amazing, and out of this world, and the name of the casino is the one you have never heard about we have a problem. Branding is important to consumers and major casino brands are big only because they are legitimate, and they pay out their winnings. Imagine making a huge deposit, then winning it big and when the time comes, your money is trapped. You are receiving notes about further authorization, delays, or something else. That is why you must inform yourself about the casino before even wasting a minute of your time playing there.


These tips can be used in many ways, but the essential is the knowledge of how to use them. By studying these tips, you will be able to better recognize the great bonus offers in comparison to the ones that look great. You will now know how to properly check wagering requirements and how to maximize the first money you deposit to an online casino. And most importantly, you will know how to avoid being seen as a player who is abusing the bonuses and getting kicked. When you know all that, no bonus will be left spared when you find it.

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