No Board Game Comes Close to Ludo in
Terms of Popularity. Here’s Why

No Board Game Comes Close to Ludo inTerms of Popularity. Here’s Why

Indulging in different types of board games has been one of the favorite pastimes of the masses
for many centuries. People have been indulging in board games ever since civilization began.
According to Oldest.Org, the first-ever board game humans played, Senet, is approximately 50
centuries old. One of the most popular board games that millions of people all around the globe
still love playing is ludo.

Ludo is a strategy-based board game that is played using tokens and
dice on a physical board. The board consists of four sections or houses, each of which features
a different color, and each house consists of four tokens.

Ludo can be played between 2 to 4
players and each player’s primary objective is to race their four tokens from the start to the
finish line as per the rolls of a single die. Derived from the Indian game Pachisi, ludo is famous
all around the globe, especially in the Indian subcontinent.

Besides the orthodox offline format, fans of the popular board game also love indulging in virtual
matches of ludo by installing online ludo games. Thanks to the immense love that the popular
board game receives, there are tons of top-tier ludo apps readily available for all major mobile
operating systems, including Android and iOS.

Besides offering a fun and enjoyable experience,
the most popular online ludo games also allow players to play ludo earn money and other
exciting rewards. All a ludo enthusiast needs to do to start indulging in virtual ludo matches with their friends or family members or against anonymous skilled opponents is install a top-notch
online ludo game on their smartphone, register on the platform and begin playing.

Even though there are tons of popular board games, no one comes close to the popularity that
the game of ludo enjoys. There are numerous reasons why people from different parts of the
world choose to indulge in ludo over other types of board games. This article will highlight some
of the most prominent reasons why no other board game is as popular as ludo. Let us dive right
into it:

It is Easily Accessible

One of the most prominent reasons ludo stands at the top in popularity is that it is easily
accessible. For instance, all individuals need to indulge in a traditional game of ludo is a die, a
ludo board, and a set of tokens. Since all these are readily available and easy to carry, it would
be safe to say that ludo is one of the most accessible board games. Moreover, online ludo
games further add to the accessibility factor.

All an individual needs to do to indulge in virtual
ludo matches against anonymous opponents or acquaintances is install a top-tier online ludo
game on their smartphone, register on the platform using their email or social media account,
and start playing. Hence, playing online ludo matches is far more convenient than indulging in
offline ludo games.

The Game has Easy-to-Understand Rules.

Ludo has significantly simpler rules and regulations than other popular board games like chess.
All players need to do is race their tokens to the base before their opponents to win a game.
Even though it is a strategy-based board game, ludo has simple and easy-to-understand rules
which are easy to remember and follow.

This is one of the main reasons individuals of all ages
love to indulge in ludo matches. Moreover, most of the online variants of the game also feature
the same rules and regulations, which is why millions of people also indulge in virtual ludo

It Helps individuals to Spend Quality Time With Friends and Family.

Another significant reason why individuals all around the globe love to indulge in ludo matches
is that it facilitates them to have a fun and enjoyable time with their friends or family members.
Most individuals choose ludo as the game of choice at gatherings and play against their friends
or family members. Indulging in banter while playing the game, mild competition, and an overall
happy experience facilitates individuals to spend quality time with their loved ones.

since the game does not have any complicated rules that players need to follow, every
participant focuses more on having fun rather than fiercely competing with others to win the
matches. Moreover, thanks to online ludo games, individuals can indulge in ludo matches with
their loved ones in different geographic locations.

It Offers Immense Excitement and Thrill

Even though most people play ludo games for fun with their friends or family, most ludo
matches often become thrillers, thanks to the game’s very nature.

Even though the primary
objective of players in ludo matches is to ensure that their tokens reach the base before their
opponents’, most players choose to follow an offensive strategy, i.e., Besides focusing on
ensuring that their tokens reach the base quickly, players also try to eliminate the tokens of
opponents by using their turns wisely.

Due to this, multiple turning points for players occur
throughout the game. Moreover, as a result, ludo matches also become very interesting,
offering the people watching the thrilling game entertainment.

Even though the board game has been popular for many decades, its popularity exploded
during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the Indian subcontinent. Online ludo games and
apps significantly contribute to board games’ popularity. Anyone wondering why ludo is deemed
the most popular game can refer to the aforementioned points.

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