Six hidden WhatsApp features you must know

Six hidden WhatsApp features you must know

Almost everyone’s favorite and most popular messaging app in the world, “WhatsApp” has over more than 1 billion downloads. Whatsapp has become a part of our daily life, from chatting with friends to handling clients for the business. WhatsApp gives us much more to make communication easy and convenient. and WhatsApp keeps bringing exciting and useful features. What if I told you there are some exciting hidden WhatsApp features that you are not aware of them.

Yes, we have come up with six hidden WhatsApp features, you must know.

Here are the six hidden WhatsApp features that you should know about:

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Pin important chats

Now you can pin your important chat to the top.

whenever you open WhatsApp you will see that chat, group, or person at the top. you just have to press and hold the chat, group that you want to pin and press the pin icon at the top bar in android

For an iPhone user simply swipe right that chat you want to pin and press the pin icon and done.

Reply message privately on a group chat

suppose you are having a conversation on WhatsApp group chat and suddenly you want to reply that particular message privately to that person. Then that’s how you can do this.

iOS – long press a message in a group chat then select more > Reply privately

Android – long-press the message in group chat > press the 3 dots at the top right corner > reply privately. It will be sent as a quoted reply.

Bold, Italics, Monospace, and Strikethrough

Surprise your friends on WhatsApp by changing your text font, you can make the specific word or sentence bold, italic, strikethrough, monospace with these tricks on WhatsApp.

Here is the trick: 

Bold – To make the word bold, you have to put “*” (asterisk) character before and after the word for example – *bold* after that just hit the send button, WhatsApp will make that text bold.

Italic – For the italic font, you have to put an underscore before and after the word, for example, _word_

Strikethrough – to create strikethrough on text or line across the word, you need to put tilde character after and before the text. ~strikethrough~ 

Monospace – To do this put triple backticks character after and before the text for example – “`monospace“`

Apart from that, there is a built-in option to change the font. in iPhone, just select the text before sending on WhatsApp, then you will see the menu, choose BIU, to change the format  

In android select the text you want to format then tap the three dots and choose fonts.

Minimum Data Consumption on WhatsApp Calls

If you have low mobile data and want to save data while WhatsApp calling then this will help you to save more data.

Go to WhatsApp setting> data usage> at the bottom you will see Low data usage tap to enable this that’s it.

Now You can choose, who can add you on WhatsApp group

If you are fed up with those friends who always add you in unnecessary and stupids groups, now you can choose who can add you into Whatsapp groups.

To enable this feature go to WhatsApp Setting then click Account > Privacy > Groups now there are three options.

Everyone:  In this, anyone can add you to a Whatsapp group 

My contact: This option allows anyone in your phone’s contacts to add you to a group. If the user is not in your contacts, then the user will not be able to add you to a group.

My contact expects: This option allows you to choose who can add you to a group, everyone on your contacts can add you to a group except the contacts that you want to exclude.

Hide WhatsApp Images and Videos from Gallery

If you don’t want to receive WhatsApp images and videos in your phone gallery, then there is an option in WhatsApp where you can turn off receiving images and videos in your gallery, that’s how you can do this.

Go to WhatsApp settings > chats > Media visibility and tap the slider button to turn off that’s it, now you won’t see the images and videos in your phone gallery.

I hope you guys like this hidden WhatsApp features must try with your friends, I will keep adding more tips and tricks in my blog so stay tuned. 

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