SoundCloud Pushes Rising Electronic Artists By Partnering With Brownies & Lemonade

SoundCloud Pushes Rising Electronic Artists By Partnering With Brownies & Lemonade

Founded in 2007, SoundCloud has always prioritized its beloved artists, giving them all opportunities to rise and promote music on SoundCloud. Since the beginning, almost all their developments have been in efforts to provide a stage and fighting chance for especially newer artists. Globally famous artists such as Post Malone, Kehlani, Kygo, Billie Eilish, and many others have started their wonderful careers by first uploading to SoundCloud

Brownies & Lemonade (B&M) on the other hand, has also had a fascinating history. Founded in 2012, they are a collective based in LA known for throwing “secret” warehouse shows and parties around town weekly at different locations. They are primarily known for their unique marketing approaches to their shows. Now, they are the leading figures in EDM events and have earned a strong reputation for hosting renowned artists and spotlighting newer ones. 

Both organizations have a common goal to encourage and give emerging artists the chance they need to make their dreams come true. With that, they both have played a great role in shaping today’s and tomorrow’s music.

What SoundCloud’s and Brownies & Lemonade Partnership Is All About?

Combining the powers of goodwill and party rockers, this partnership intends to essentially identify, spotlight, and boost emerging electronic music artists. The association was initially introduced on B&M’s re-launch of Twitch live streams, Open Aux Arcade. 

Premiering every Tuesday, this is where artists submit new music and feedback is given by B&M’s Creative Director, Chad Kenney as well as musician, RamonPang. From here onwards, SoundCloud will now sit on board as a presenting partner, where exclusive submissions will flow directly from SoundCloud.

Exciting Opportunities: What This Partnership Means For Artists

Having your music played out on the stream and receiving feedback on it is already a great opportunity to showcase your skills as well as become a better musician. This partnership has also birthed a chance for artists to get into the global spotlight. 

Among their developments together, the Artists Spotlight Series is one to push a name out there. The two companies combine to have millions of followers on social media. The Artist Spotlight Series means these two giants will use their social media platforms to celebrate and boost selected talented and rising artists. 

SoundCloud will also utilize its stronghold music streaming platform to curate Brownies & Lemonade’s “Move Makers” playlist. B&M will also participate in this by nominating artists for weekly and quarterly playlists. Specifically, these curated playlists will also consider weekly relevance and be promoted across all of SoundCloud’s channels.

Artists who are looking to get their songs on there may submit their demos for consideration in the #info channel on B&M’s Discord server, which has over 2,900 members. With that, it’s time to get busy if you think you have what it takes. Submit your demos and embrace yourselves. This opportunity might just become your next breakthrough! 

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