10 Things You Can Do With A VPN in 2023

10 Things You Can Do With A VPN in 2023

Virtual private networks(VPN) are versatile tools that open up many capabilities by securing your connection and allowing you to bypass restrictions. In 2023, cyber threats and stringent regulations continue to make VPNs invaluable for protecting privacy, accessing content, and unlocking the internet’s full potential.

It is worth noting VPNs have become vital due to their various advantages. From unlocking your favourite shows on popular platforms despite geographic blocks to safeguarding your sensitive information while surfing online. Here are the top 10 things you can do with a VPN this year.

Protect your online privacy

One of the most vital uses of a VPN is safeguarding your privacy while browsing or banking. A VPN provides multilayered privacy protection by encrypting all internet traffic so that your sensitive data, like passwords, transactions, and documents, remain impossible to intercept. 

This ability prevents prying eyes from compromising private information. A VPN also conceals your actual IP address and physical location, assigning you an IP from the VPN server you connect through. This process masks your digital identity and prevents tracking of your activities by websites, advertisers, and even government surveillance programs. With your data, IP, location, and traffic encrypted, a privacy VPN keeps you secure while accessing any sites or services online.

Accessing online casinos

When it comes to enjoying the thrill of online casinos, a VPN serves as an invaluable tool. Just as it safeguards your privacy while browsing or banking, it does the same when you enter the world of online gambling. By encrypting all internet traffic, including your interactions with online gaming, a VPN ensures that your sensitive data, such as payment details and gaming history, remains completely secure and out of reach from potential threats.

Additionally, using a VPN to access online casinos conceals your true IP address and geographical location, replacing them with those of the VPN server you connect through. This not only protects your digital identity but also ensures that your gambling activities stay discreet. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, a privacy VPN is your trusted companion for a safe and secure experience when engaging with online casinos. So, you can focus on the games and entertainment without worrying about your online presence.

Bypass internet censorship

Some countries impose strict internet censorship and block access to many sites and apps. A  VPN can be the only way to bypass censorship in these restrictive environments. By tunnelling your traffic through a server in a country with internet freedom, you can freely access blocked platforms like social media, communication apps, news sites, and online services. A VPN gives you uncensored access to the open internet regardless of location.

Access geo-restricted content

Streaming platforms, including Netflix and Hulu, limit their content libraries based on your geographical location, blocked by your IP address. However, using a VPN network allows you to get around these restrictions and access geo-blocked movies, shows, sports, and more. Connecting to a VPN server in an approved country can unlock different Netflix catalogues, stream restricted Hulu or BBC iPlayer content and view sports broadcasts blocked in your region. 

For example, Netflix USA has a larger library than Netflix Canada. A VPN gives Canadians access to the full US catalogue. Similarly, Americans can use a UK VPN to watch BBC shows not available in the US. In a nutshell, streaming options are endless with a VPN. Your virtual location opens up a world of entertainment no longer constrained by geo-restrictions

Reduce ISP throttling

To manage network traffic, ISPs often throttle connection speeds when detecting activity like streaming, downloading, or accessing data-heavy sites. This results in buffering, lagging, and slow page loads.

A VPN prevents ISP throttling by encrypting your connection so your ISP can’t see your online activity. This action stops them from slowing your speeds, allowing you to access online services and stream media smoothly without annoying throttling.

Public Wi-Fi security

Public Wi-Fi networks at cafes, airports, hotels, and other spots are notoriously insecure, making them prime locations for hackers to steal data. A VPN secures your connection to public Wi-Fi by creating an encrypted tunnel plus hiding your IP address.

This safeguards you from criminals on the same network attempting to intercept sensitive data like passwords, emails, bank details, and other information as you access online services and other sites. A VPN gives peace of mind when using any public hotspot.

Unblock websites

Some websites detect your location and restrict content depending on the country you are accessing from. However, a VPN can route your traffic through a server in another country to unblock sites, granting you full access to websites with content restrictions. You can access news sites with region-specific content or any other blocked sites through a VPN.

Safe P2P sharing

Torrenting comes with privacy risks of exposing your IP address and downloads publicly. A VPN masks your IP to keep your P2P sharing private and secure. The encrypted tunnel also prevents slowing down your internet speeds, often triggered by detecting torrent usage. You can download files swiftly and anonymously with the protection of a VPN.

Online banking and shopping

Accessing your bank account or online shopping from another country can trigger blocks due to the foreign IP address. A VPN assigns you an IP from your home country to securely access these services overseas. Shopping online with a VPN also lets you connect to different country servers and compare pricing, ensuring you get the best deals.

Public computer security

When using public computers, a VPN keeps you safe by encrypting your connection to block spying and hide your IP address. This process prevents the computer from logging your online activities, data accessed, or account logins. A VPN allows you to use public computers worry-free without compromising private information as you access online services.

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