7 Tips to Get More Instagram Comments on your post

7 Tips to Get More Instagram Comments on your post

Though Instagram is a visual platform, it values engagement a lot. When talking about engagement, likes and comments are the most important ones. At the end of 2021, Instagram had 2 million active users. Instagram’s algorithm is ever-changing and now the follower count is not the only thing that determines your success on this platform, you also need to get more Instagram comments on your post to stand out from the crowd.

Social media marketers need to be updated with effective strategies which can get not only more followers but more engagement as well. The targeting of right audience, creating the right content, engaing in the right way.

A lot of things are involved to make the account more valuable. One of the very important parts is the Instagram comments. The more the comments on your posts, the more it is likely to get the post a good ranking. Overall increasing your profile’s reach, engagement and follower counts.

When the user stays on your profile for a longer time, the Instagram algorithm understands that your content is important, valuable and engaging and therefore it increases your visibility in places like the hashtag pages, on the explore page, etc.

In this article, I will provide you 7 tricks to get more comments on your Instagram posts.

#1 Use Niche Hashtags

Niche hashtags can mean a targeted audience and a community arount your brand. You can increase your organic reach by 20x just by using short and less-used hashtags. Instead of using a hashtag like #carpet you can write the location to make it more specific.

Trust me it works wonders just by narrowing down your audience you can reach much more audience.

#2 Write long Captions to get more Instagram comments

A good story with a personal touch, something like success, failures, love , loss something related to life, life lessons, etc can make a great content for your captions. And everybody likes real stories.

You can write some controversial thing, or ask questions, share your life stories and people will be compelled to comment upon the post.

#3 Include a CTA

CTA is a Call to Action, which is a proven social media strategy to get more engagement. You can Sneak a Call to Action or a CTA in the captions with your story or something else. It must be compelling and should appeal your audience to take some action, asking questions starting from Why, What, Where and Whom is a great way to go for a CTA.

#4 Tag People, Brands and Locations

When you tag people, their followers and friends might get notified or they will see the post on their feeds. In this way more people are going to view the post and more chances of comments as well.

Tagging Brands can be very helpful, not only to get more comments and reach but also sponsorships if you are lucky.

Tagging locations is especially important if you are a local business.

#5 Reply to Comment

This is a very important strategy to get more instagram comments, simply reply to the one you aare getting so commenting back is a very way to engage with your audience as well as increase your comments.

When you reply to the comment, some others followers will also reply and the thread will keep going.

Other people will also comment, seeing that you reply to comments in the hope to get a reply.

You will also make the audience feel that you are interested in hearing them out as well.

#6 Use Instagram Stories

You can use Instagram stories to promote your posts, Your followers are more likely to view your story and in that way you can m=navigate them to your post, asking for their opinion.

It is a good way to promote your post as well as increase engagement.

#7 Ask your Followers to comment on your post

The simplest way to get someting you want is asking for it. You can just ask your audience to comment on your post with a question they would feel to answer.

Another thing is asking them to tag someone, a friend, a co- worker or a family menber. Obviously your content must also be something in which people can comment.

In conclusion, it is important to understand that more comments mean more engagement which leads to more reach and eventually you will gain free followers too. Tricks like using hashtags, writing long captions, including a CTA or asking your followers to comment, tagging people, brands or locations, replying to your comments, etc. can be a great way to get more comments on Instagram.

Garima Jain