How to Transfer Photos from Android to Mac

How to Transfer Photos from Android to Mac

Smartphones became an integral part of our lives. This trend is not going to change at all. Moreover, it will continue to evolve.  So nowadays, a smartphone is an indispеnsable companion for capturing the best moments.

Photos are no longer just a way to store important memories. They have also become a way to express creativity. There’s even a term for it: photo art. It was once possible to achieve it only with professional but heavy old-fashioned cameras. 

But now even a lightweight smartphone can handle this function. However, when it comes time to transfer your preciоus images from your Android smartphone to your Mac, you may wonder. How to do it in the most efficient way? Let’s take a look at the ways that will help you transfer your photos from Android to Mac convenіently and quickly.

Connecting Android to PC 

Before looking at specific tools and programs for importing pictures, it’s helpful to understand the general transfer process.

The most common way is to use a USB cable. It comes with your Android device.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Connect your Android smartphone to your Mac using the USB cable.
  • Once connected, a pop-up window should appear on your Mac.
  • It will ask if you want to allow access to the photos on your Android device.
  • Allow access.
  • Open the Photos app on your Mac.
  • Your Android device should then appear in the Devices section on the Photos side.
  • You can select the pictures you want to import.
  • Click Import Selected.
  • Choose a location to save the pictures on your Mac.
  • After that, the pictures will be transferred to your computer.

The described method shows that you can not only transfer photos from your iPhone. But also import photos from Android to Mac, which is quite simple and does not require the use of additional programs. However, there are other tools that can make this process even more convenient. Now we will take a look at Gemini, AnyDroid, Disk Drill and Setapp.

Best Tools To Transferring files from Android to Mac


The program allows you to easily transfer photos, music, videos, and other files betweеn Android and Mac.

Disk Drill

A program for data recovery. But it can also be used to import photos from Android to Mac.


A platform with access to many useful applications. Including those that help you manage photo imports.


This app will help you find and remove duplicate photos on your Android device before importing them to your Mac.

Other effective and convenient ways to transfer files from Android to PC

Using Google Photos

This service is free from Google.

  • It automatically backs up all your pictures and videos to the cloud.
  • After you set up Google Photos on your Android device, all your pictures will be automatically synchronized with the cloud storage.
  • You can visit the Google Photos website on your Mac.
  • Then you can upload your pictures or use a special Mac app.

Using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct

  • Your Android device supports transferring photos via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct.
  • You can send pictures from your smartphone to your Mac directly.
  • To do this, you need to establish a connection between the devices.
  • It will take some time if you have a lot of pictures. But it’s a pretty simple and wіreless way.

Utilizing a Dropbox account or other cloud storage

  • If you have a Dropbоx account, you can install the corresponding app on both Android and Mac.
  • After that, you can upload photos to your cloud storage account.
  • You can also access them from any device.

Using third-party apps

There are many apps avаilable on the Google Play Store that allow you to transfer pictures from Android to Mac over a Wi-Fi network.

  • Some of them offer free file sharing.
  • Others have advanced features. These can include other types of files, not just photos.

Use email or messengers

You can send photos and files to your email address or via instant messengers. You can then download them to your Mac from the appropriate sources.

Transferring photos from Android to Mac can be a simple task. That is, if you know the right tools and methods. In other words, you can use the standard method. Like using a USB cable and the Photos app on your Mac. You also have the option of using apps.

Among them are AnyDroid, Disk Drill, Setapp, or Gemini to make the process even more convenient. Now that you know how to do it, you can easily save all your precious moments on your Mac and enjoy them anytime.

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