What is a New Discord Kitten? Everything you need to know

What is a New Discord Kitten? Everything you need to know

So, if you’re searching for New Discord Kitten, then there are chances that you probably know about Discord. If you don’t, here is a quick overview. 

Discord is one of the most beloved chat and voice communication platforms among gamers, streamers, and other online communities. Discord provides a suite of tools enabling users to create custom servers and manage the communities. 

Within the Discord community, there is a very popular term called “Discord Kitten.” In this article, we’ll tell you everything about the Discord Kitten. 

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details of being a Discord Kitten without further ado.

Discord Kitten

What Does Discord Kitten Mean?

A Discord Kitten refers to a female Discord user who cosplays as a kitten (baby cat). The words “Discord Kitten” do not refer to a single individual, nor was the term coined by any one person; it is simply used within the Discord community to describe a large number of females. Another popular name for Discord Kitten is Sugar Baby.

In simpler words, it’s a phrase used for users who are pampered with goods, special services, or other benefits like Discord Nitro in exchange for companionship or a dating-like relationship; these individuals promise and offer to perform services on Discord. 

Discord Kitten

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What does a discord kitten do?

Discord Kitten

A ‘Discord Kitten’ is a Discord user who exchanges flirtatious behavior, typically sexual in nature, for rewards given by another user (usually Nitro), which is an omniscient, friendly, and helpful bot that will provide you with companionship or a dating-like relationship on Discord.

Let’s understand with an example what discord kittens actually do:

When a user gives another user Discord Nitro, the recipient may be referred to by the gifter as their “Discord Kitten.” 

On the other hand, although dating servers and chat rooms exist on Discord for people looking to find companionship, some users seek out others to provide them with material goods.

Where Did Discord Kittens Originate From?

The phenomenon of Discord Kittens has gained popularity in the role-playing communities on Discord since 2019. These memes have been beloved by Gen Z and are often mentioned whenever people talk about them. And by the year 2020, the meme had become a well-known joke on popular social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit.

How to be a discord kitten?

Well, if you dream of being a discord kitten, you’ll need to work on the following things:

Understanding Discord

First of all, understand Discord before becoming a Kitten. Research the platform, know its features, how it works, and how you can interact with the larger audience, etc. 

Make your avatar look sharp & appealing

A visually appealing avatar is essential for attracting potential partners or followers on the platform. Choose an image that will stand out from other users and represents your unique personality—don’t forget it!

Build a positive persona

To become a successful Discord Kitten, you must present yourself in a positive light. This includes engaging with other users (by being friendly and helpful), sharing your expertise and knowledge so that others can learn something new, and participating in community events—whether monthly book club discussions or game nights.

Grow your following

To become a successful Discord Kitten, you must build a strong following by consistently adding value to your community and sharing knowledge.

Contribute to the community

In order to be a successful Discord Kitten, you should strive to become an active member of the community by sharing your expertise and participating in group activities.

Things to Keep in Your Head

Being involved in a Discord kitten and kitten-daddy relationship is not always a good thing. Kittens are often thought to be naive, young, and easily influenced. In contrast, the daddy of the kitten is believed to be astute, cunning, and capable of convincing other users that the kitten is their own and that they are being used for their own benefit.

Is it good to be a discord kitten?

It is completely safe to become a Discord Kitten or a Discord Daddy. However, remember that people online can only sometimes be trusted. Also, people online sometimes are different from who they say they are. So, it’s advised to be cautious when sharing information and not trust everyone you meet on the internet. Finally, it is best to be careful.

Final Words 

So, in conclusion, you might see the term “Discord Kitten” as a little alluring. But it is very crucial to consider the implications of engaging in a kitten-daddy relationship on Discord. Such activities may be seen as a sign of immaturity and can create a negative image. 

Additionally, the behavior of a “daddy” in this kind of relationship can be perceived as fraudulent and controlling, as they may be seeking to exploit their kitten for their own benefit. To ensure a healthy Discord community, it is wise to abstain from engaging in such relationships and, instead, strive to build relationships based on trust and equality.


What is a discord kitten example?

Discord Kitten is a slang term for a “sugar baby” or someone who receives products such as services, gifts, or other benefits (such as Discord Nitro) in exchange for friendship or a dating relationship. Discord Kittens can be either female or male, and they can be used thoughtfully or humorously.

Where can I find Discord Kittens?

You can easily find the discord kittens on various discord community servers. 

What Gift Does A Discord Kitten Receive?

A Discord Kitten is given to Nitro by a Discord Daddy as a gift. Nitro is the name of the service that enables users to get more out of their experience with Discord, which is billed as a “better way” to talk about games.

With Discord Nitro, users can improve their overall experience on the platform. It unlocks premium features—such as high-quality audio and advanced video settings—offered on Discord and several other perks (botted servers).

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