Top 10 Alternatives to Watch Anime Online – 2023

Top 10 Alternatives to Watch Anime Online  – 2023 is a popular website that allows users to watch anime online. It offers a wide range of anime series and movies for fans. With its user-friendly interface and extensive collection, has become a go-to platform for anime enthusiasts

Before diving into the anime world of, it’s essential to consider its safety and explore alternative options for watching anime online.

In this article, we will see what happened to Zoro. And what are some of the best alternatives to watching anime for free?

What happened to ? alternatives stands as the ultimate destination for every anime fan. With a monthly influx of over 205,000,000 hits, it holds the title of being the most renowned pirate site globally for streaming anime.

If you’re a user, you might have observed that the site suddenly vanished, now leading you to a different URL. This abrupt change happened overnight.

Google has initiated the process of lowering the rank of websites that accumulate excessive DMCA notices. Presently, seems not to have reached the tipping point that would prompt Google to downgrade its visibility.

Nevertheless, reports indicate that Google has already removed approximately 43,700 URLs, and there’s speculation that the upper limit could be around 50,000. While it’s conceivable that a new domain might become necessary in the near future, the underlying reasons for these recent actions appear to be distinct.

We have observed that now redirected to and shows the following screen:

You can directly visit or search for in your web browser, and the new Zoro website will open.’s New Domain and proxy sites list
zoro.sxWORKING mirror sites

Is safe ? is considered safe for watching anime online. Since no data is collected from your end, you can rest assured that your privacy will be protected. However, it’s essential to exercise caution when using such sites, especially those offering copyrighted content. Streaming or downloading copyrighted material without proper authorization may infringe upon copyright laws in many countries

Is legal? is an illegal website that enables you to stream anime series for free. The absence of an official license to host the anime content on the site raises concerns about its legitimacy. If they solely required support for streaming, they wouldn’t have a dedicated page for DMCA takedown notices.

Encouraging unauthorized content streaming is never advisable. Streaming videos without proper licensing could lead to various legal consequences, depending on your jurisdiction. Downloading illicit content usually carries more severe penalties than simply streaming it, and it’s important to refrain from downloading anything from or similar sites.

Is Shut down ?

If we talk about the current status of the website, it has been completely shut down because it didn’t have the rights to the anime series it provided.

However, don’t worry! has shifted to a new domain Called and you can still watch your favorite anime series online without any problems.

What is’s New domain or replacement site? now redirects to a different domain called When you try to open in your web browser, you’ll be automatically taken to Although there’s no official confirmation, users are guessing that might have either been shut down or transformed into New domain

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10 Best Zoro.To Alternatives & Replacement Sites to watch Anime Online.

✅ Animepahe alternatives

Animepahe is an excellent Alternatives. This website offers a vast collection of cartoons, anime, manga, and more from around the world. Animepahe is known not only for its extensive collection but also for the wide variety of categories it provides. Every cartoon or anime on this website has both dubbed and subtitled versions

Website: –

✅ 2. Gogoanime alternatives

Gogoanime is similar to anime sites, This website is available in both the original language and a dubbed version. Gogoanime is a must-try for every fan of traditional anime works. 

On this site, you can look for anime by either the type of show or the year it was released. The name of the anime can be typed into a search bar to locate it. 


✅ 3. 9anime alternatives

This anime streaming service offers subtitles in English and a wide variety of additional languages, such as Spanish, Korean, Chinese, etc. Not only that, but there are a ton of obscure Chinese and Korean animations here that fans of the genre can enjoy. 

Thanks to this site’s fantastic suggestion system, and you can locate more titles like the ones you have. Anime can be viewed in various categories, including action, horror, parody, etc. 


✅ 4. Kissanime alternatives

While Kissanime’s primary focus is on anime, it also features various works from the United States, Europe, and South Asia. this makes it’s best Alternatives, Kissanime used to be the most popular anime streaming site in the world.

Videos and links are stored on Kissanime’s servers. You can either type in the name of the show you want to watch or browse the most popular shows currently available.


✅ 5. Animetv alternatives

Here you can watch both new and old classics from the world of anime in high definition. For those looking for an alternative to, Animetv is a must-view. The website is regularly updated following the most recent releases.

Titles are organized by category, with subcategories for popularity and latest releases. Hardcore enthusiasts who wish to explore without buffering may find a perfect solution in anime tv.


✅ 6. Animixplay alternatives

This free anime streaming platform is one of the most well-liked zoro,to alternative, Animixplay selects the best new anime and makes it available to fans everywhere. The venue only hosts high-definition Movies and webseries.

The Animixplay website works as well on smartphones and desktop computers. Without registering, visitors can watch anime with or without subtitles.


 ✅ 7. AnimeLand

AnimeLand is among the most popular and preferred websites, serving as an excellent alternative to Zoro for watching anime online for free. It boasts an outstanding user interface, providing superior connectivity and speed performance compared to other anime sites.

AnimeLand is a website available in many countries where competitors may not function properly. Plus, it offers daily content updates, ensuring you’re never short on new material to enjoy


✅ 8. Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven is a free anime streaming platform which allow users to enjoy the latest high-quality anime content, making it one of the best alternatives to Zoro. You can watch popular anime from the present day, including dubbed versions. The site also provides a search option, allowing you to easily find your favorite anime online.

Website: –

9. Soap2day

Soap2day is a widely popular platform for streaming movies, web series, and even anime worldwide. You can enjoy anime series on Soap2day for free without the need for sign-up or account creation. Simply watch anime directly from your web browser.


Zoro. to is a popular website hosting well-known and lesser-known anime for viewers to watch online. However, the site has disappeared and redirects users to a different URL. This is due to domain jumping, which can complicate investigations and affect a website’s visibility in search engines. is safe as it doesn’t collect personal data and doesn’t ask for any personal data. However, the need for an official license to broadcast anime raises questions about the site’s legitimacy. 

Alternatives to include Gogoanime, 9anime, Kissanime, Animetv, and Animixplay. These platforms offer high-definition videos and movies without registration, making them accessible to fans worldwide.

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