An Experience with Dell XPS 13

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By Akash Singh

Hey Everyone! How are you doing today? I am Rohit and today I am here to tell you about my experience on Dell XPS 13. It is a flagship series of Dell, and it is very convenient to use. Before I start, let me tell you that I have never actually reviewed any Laptop before. So, this may seem to be my first review of anything similar. I will try to go in-depth as I can so, as to provide the details as best as I can. ?

So, this is the Dell XPS 13, and it has impressive features, a 13.3-inch 4k display with touch panel and with the protection of corning gorilla glass (10 times extra scratch-resistant glass than soda-lime glass), the 13.3-inch 4k panel looks sharper than full HD panel. It has the thinnest bezels as you can see in the next image and it got decent viewing angles and great colours. The model I’m using is 9360 with a seventh-generation Intel Core i7 processor that clocked up to 2.7 GHz along with 8 gigabytes of RAM as well as 512 gigabytes solid-state storage. You can imagine how smoothly it works. It’s a more energy-efficient laptop as compared to other Ultrabooks. The laptop itself is well constructed, and I enjoyed the built quality, especially.

I was surprised when I tried it’s a new feature, is a USB C-type port which is a fast-charging port for mobile phones, etc. even while your laptop turned off it will charge your device. On the same side, you can see a little button, and it is for the battery indicator.

I enjoyed the look of the laptop, its thin display, nice uniform look and the fact that it felt solid. The touchpad and the keyboard are very responsive, and the typing experience was pretty pleasant. The trackpad is ultimately smoother than other laptops I’ve used.

It can do any video or high-resolution graphics processing with an Intel i7 processor and internal 620 GPU, you really can’t expect to be a video editing and rendering too on this laptop. You can use it up to 10 hours after 100 per cent charging.

I hate carrying a big computer or laptop around, and the XPS 13 has a perfect size and weight, you can put into your backpack or briefcase it will take up less space. I enjoyed my time using it but someone who does a lot of video editing for a YouTube or others. I would most likely only purchase the XPS 13 as a secondary computer that I do my word processing, watch some videos, check the scores or read the news. Don’t worry; you can do graphics works on this laptop but not as much as the desktop computers do.

I appreciate having a computer like this to take around with me. I would say if you’re looking to spend around the $1000 range for a laptop and you’re thinking between the MacBook Air 13 inch or MacBook Air 12 inch or the MacBook pro retina. I recommend to spend an extra $300 for the qHD display, the speakers on this laptop are also great as well it delivers a clear and loud sound as compared to any MacBook.

I will say that price point is not cheap in terms of what you’re getting, but you are paying for a premium built quality, reliability and the slim form of the XPS 13 is worth it. XPS 13 is the perfect laptop made by Dell. There are so many Ultrabooks in the market, but I still think that the XPS 13 is one of the best options that you can get for just overall 13 inch Ultrabooks.

So this has been my 14 months of experience with this laptop. I experienced many things in my life, and I will write about all of this soon.