How to Make Your Password Strong and Unique

How to Make Your Password Strong and Unique

Having strong passwords for various accounts is a must-have for every user. With reliable passwords, you can avoid leakage or stealing of your sensitive data.

There is no need to worry if you can not come up with unique and safe passwords since you are not alone. Fortunately, you can familiarize yourself with the best practices for creating good passwords below that will assist you to develop your strong password.

Top Recommendations on How to Create Secure Passwords

Nowadays, the number of users continues to grow rapidly. These users tend to conduct banking operations and transactions, communicate, do shopping online, etc. Since much personal information is put at risk, there is a need to think about data security.

Some users may decide to take advantage of VPN for browsers. For example, with the assistance of the VPN plugin Chrome, your privacy can be provided with strong protection. A free VPN guarantees ultra-secure service so you can enjoy web browsing without worries. Being one of the best VPN providers, VeePN likewise ensures unlimited access to websites.

However, users can benefit not only from utilizing VeePN services. If you care about your cybersecurity, you can consider implementing password hygiene in addition to installing a VPN for browsers. This is especially useful if you have online banking, social media, email, and other important online accounts. Thus, let’s have a closer look at easy but effective steps to create reliable passwords.

Basic Pieces of Advice on Developing a Unique Password

Keep in mind that your password separates cybercriminals from getting your sensitive data. Hackers are aware users come up with passwords that are easy to remember. Such passwords are the simplest to crack. That’s why your task is to make your password hard to crack or guess.

For example, you should not use the same password across several online accounts. Another password creation tip is to avoid utilizing sequential numbers or letters. Obvious passwords that hackers will try to enter first are “1234”, “4321”, “qwerty”, “jklm”, etc. Also, it will be a bad idea to include your birth year or birth month/day in your password. This information can be easily found by hackers on your social media accounts.

Instead, it is recommended to utilize a combination of at least eight letters, numbers, and symbols. Make your password as long as possible with a diverse character variety. Also, you can include upper- and lowercase letters in your password. Such passwords will be more challenging for cybercriminals to crack. An example of a good password is “S0L#an7Tr?”.

Take The Phrase As A Basis

As a rule, passwords that represent combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols may be complicated to memorize. If you are afraid to forget your password or lose a piece of paper with a written password, we have another option for you. A phrase or sentence can be taken as a basis for your future strong password.

This phrase can be a line from your favorite song, poem, story, movie, etc. The only rule is to make sure this phrase is simple to remember for you but at the same time complicated to guess for others. Let’s consider an example in the quotation “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Our task is to remove all letters except the first ones. As a result, we will get “AAADKTDA”. Next, you should replace a few of the upper-case letters with lower-case ones. After this, a password will be “AaAdKtDa”. Now, you can add some numbers between letters.

For example, it can look like”A1aA3dKt5Da”. Moreover, you can include a few special characters in your password. Thus, the final example of a good password will look like “A1a-A3dKt-5Da”.

As practice shows, such passwords that are based on phrases or sentences are not only simpler to memorize but likewise ensure stronger data security. These passwords are impossible to crack even by experienced hackers.

Other Tips for Creating Reliable Passwords

Aside from the already-mentioned recommendations on developing secure passwords, you can additionally consider several effective methods for making your password reliable.

For example, a good password creation tip is to shun utilizing names or words found in the dictionary in your password. Avoid storing your passwords in a document on your device. Instead, it is a better idea to utilize a password manager to store your passwords.


Cybercriminals do not stop coming up with new ways to hack users’ devices in order to steal personal information or sensitive data. One of the things that can interfere with hackers from possessing your private and important data is a strong password.

If you have already spent much time trying to create secure passwords but nothing works, do not hasten to panic. Luckily, you can browse the above-discussed tips on developing reliable passwords and come up with your own strong one. With the assistance of these effective pieces of advice, you will make your password so secure that nobody can crack it and get access to your confidential information.

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