How to see last seen on Instagram if Hidden

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By Garima Jain

Finding out if someone is active on social media is always interesting. You may occasionally want to know if someone purposefully ignored your DM. Sometimes you want to tell your dear ones something vital, or you want to stalk someone, but you’re not sure if they’re active or not at that moment.

Since there are no third-party apps or other straightforward ways to find this, it isn’t easy to see the concealed last seen of an Instagram user. However, a few approaches may function as a “hit and trial method”. There is an equal chance of both outcomes, i.e., seeing the last seen or missing it.

Below are a few such hit-and-miss techniques that are suggested:

See activity status when your activity status is enabled.

If your ” Activity status” Is public, you can easily see the activity status of the people who have made their active status public. The home icon screen, where you may scroll through your feed, is automatically displayed when accessing your Instagram account on the app. To examine someone’s most recent activity, it would be ideal if you open your direct messages area.

To do that, go to your direct messages. You can access anyone’s chat in your inbox if you or they have already messaged each other. Additionally, if you navigate through your inbox, you will see their name alongside those of every other user and the status that we covered in more detail. 

Don’t panic if you can’t find any old chats. You can still see that person using the search option even if you are not following them. Find the search bar by putting your username and the side of the chat by side. After that, tap it. Additionally, enter the desired person’s name or username.

You can also find someone by typing their name or username to see when they were last active. Additionally, tap on their name to start a dialogue. A tiny green dot shows in the lower right corner of a person’s profile photo while they are active. All of your online followers appear on top of all your messages and next to the search box, thanks to new Instagram capabilities.

Visit their Profile

Open Instagram and select the icon for your profile. Then click the icon with the three lines stacked on top of each other (Hamburger icon). You must locate and select “Activity Status” on this screen. Reopen Instagram after clearing your recent apps and closing the app. You’ll probably be able to view everyone else’s “last seen” information. This approach prevents you from seeing last-seen information for users whose activity status is disabled.

By Scrolling through their Profile

The profile of the person is scrollable. If the account has had any recent activity, such as a dp update or a new post, story, or highlight, it indicates that the user has been active on Instagram recently. However, this approach resembles making up a scenario. It doesn’t specify how long ago the person was active or, in the absence of any recent activity, whether the person was active. All of these will amount to little more than informed guesswork.

Upload Any stories

This hack is not a direct way to find out who is active or not, but somewhere it will help, and I use these tricks.

If you want to check a specific person’s active status or know when they are online, this trick will help you.

First, go to the Story setting and then Select all the users to hide your stories except that one person to whom you want to see their last seen.

Now upload your stories and wait for that person to see your stories.

So when the person will see your stories, you will know that they are online.

Directly Send them a message.

You might also try sending the person a message as an alternative. If the person responds immediately, then she is active on Instagram. There are equal numbers of odds that she is active or not if the person answers within a few seconds. Additionally, you can view your most recent message with that individual, which will state, for, say, “seen 3h ago.” That implies that the guy was active three hours ago. Once more, this approach is merely a conjecture.

So if you are keen to know whether someone was active on Instagram, you can use any of these ways and any other if you know.

To be honest, there is no direct way to know about a person’s last seen, but you can definitely use your smartness or cleverness to gather the information. So if you want to win an argument and put an individual on a guilt trip by saying, “you ignored my message even when you were online,” then go ahead with such hacks.