iPhone Apps for Education – 2023

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By Olivia Evans

When it comes to education, we all will think of our trusty phones. At the same time, most people these days will only tell you that iPhones stand for quality and represent a status brand that speaks of luxury. Still, it is also a wonderful and safe platform for learning since one can download and use numerous helpful iPhone apps that are meant for educational purposes. Regardless of the subject you are after or the list of tasks that you would like to accomplish, the chances are high that you will find something truly inspiring. Just take your time to read the app reviews, ask your friends around, and set your objectives straight. This way, you will find those special tools that will instantly take your iPhone to another level! 

iPhone Apps for Education

– Quizlet. 

If you have never tried learning with flashcards before, it’s high time to do so right now. Simply enter a keyword that relates to your school subject, mention a book that you would like to read, or a problem that you plan to research. It has an extensive database of flashcards and presentations available free of charge. You also have all the necessary tools to create your own! If something poses a problem, you may approach a research paper writing service as a helpful alternative and then use Quizlet when you have all of your content sorted down and edited by a trained professional. Give this free app a try, and you will learn a lot! 

– Duolingo – Language Lessons. 

Learning a language has never been easier and more fun since the arrival of Duolingo. It’s one of the most flexible and inspiring ways to learn a foreign language. The best part is that it uses interactive learning methods and does not feel like a chore. You can practice your pronunciation, learn more about different cultures, and actually learn what to say when you are in another country. A great tool for students who need to find something useful to do in times of leisure or before sleep! It also has many specific extensions based on language pairs, so do not miss them! 


This iPhone learning app for kids was specifically designed to help preschool and elementary age children enhance their skills in math, English, science, and social studies, as well as learn chess and engage in arts activities. Learning and teaching come alive with a big mix of resources, from fun games and quizzes to cool educational videos and interactive worksheets. Developed in partnership with specialists in child development and education, the app is both fun and user-friendly.

Just select the appropriate level for your child, allowing them to navigate through the activities while earning rewards. What’s more exciting, the points earned for correct answers can be used to splurge on cool outfits for a charming purple elephant character, Eddie!

– MentalUP’s Educational Games. 

There are literally hundreds of educational games that will help to develop your cognitive skills. While most of these games are meant for youngsters, it is also valuable tool that teachers can use to help their young learners learn while using iPads or iPhones. The list of educational games that you can find will help to train logic and may actually be a good solution for ESL learners or students majoring in the field of education or psychology. 

– Minecraft Education. 

Now, many of you might have heard of Minecraft before and love to spend time playing the game when there is nothing else to do. Of course, while Minecraft is not one of those travel apps that might be helpful in booking a hotel, it still helps a lot in terms of education. The trick is to combine educational levels to train yourself in History, Biology, Physics, Architecture, and many other subjects. Since Minecraft Education has been included in many educational curriculums in the United States and Canada, it has made quite a positive difference as teachers and college professors actually saw that gamification is the way to go! 

– Clever’s Brain Logic Training. 

If you want to develop the way your brain works, think about improving your memory, attention span, calculation, and music skills. Speaking of music, it’s a great way to make your ear get some proper training to recognize music and have fun with the different rhythms. It is also a great way to relax and eliminate the stress! It is one of those designed for iPhone apps that every student should try out as it is unlike video games but still have the same classic vibe that instantly captures you! All the positive reviews in AppStore only confirm that! 

Keeping Your iPhone Safe! 

With a plethora of helpful apps around that are freely available online, make it a rule to download only from the App Store for safety reasons. It is the platform where you can search apps by category and focus on what you truly need. There is also an education page that can be accessed for the top list of free apps that you can try. As a rule, these will represent something for both young and old, so do not ignore the free offerings, as they have anything from plant identifiers to language learning apps that can be used free of charge. As a rule, there is also a list of the top paid apps to check, ranging from flashcard learning like AnkiMobile’s offering to more specific Prepware Aviation Maintenance solutions. As long as you know what you are after, you will definitely find it here!