10 Best Apps like Temu for Affordable Online Shopping 2023

10 Best Apps like Temu for Affordable Online Shopping 2023

Are you looking for some of the best apps similar to Temu? Well, this post is for you. Whether you’re searching for affordable fashion, home goods, electronics, etc., these Temu alternative apps and shopping sites have it all

The world of online shopping is thriving, with numerous e-commerce platforms competing for our attention. One platform that stands out is Temu, known for its remarkably affordable prices, wide variety of products, and user-friendly interface

However, if you’re looking for the best apps similar to Temu or some alternatives to Temu, there are other options available. So, let’s take a look at 10 of the best apps like Temu that offer cheap and affordable online shopping and great deals as well

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Top 10 Best Apps like Temu For Affordable Online shopping

Below, we have listed some of the best sites like Temu that are highly comparable to Temu in terms of pricing, products, and offers

1. AliExpress

Apps like Temu

AliExpress is an online marketplace with independent sellers based in China. It is a favorite among budget-conscious shoppers seeking a wide range of products, including fashion, kitchen appliances, and gadgets, making it one of the best apps like Temu, it offers highly affordable items, with some priced under $1.

Standard Shipping typically takes 15 to 45 days, but you can speed up your delivery with AliExpress Premium Shipping, receiving your order within 15 days. Returns are generally free, requiring you to put in for return within 15 days of receiving the item.

2. Banggood

Apps like Temu

Banggood, a Temu-like shopping store, is renowned for its budget-friendly prices and high-quality products, primarily sourced from Chinese suppliers. In just a short time, it has become one of the largest e-commerce companies.

With secure payment and shipping methods, Banggood has gained a loyal customer base. Specializing in cross-border commerce, it connects suppliers and merchants from various Chinese regions across diverse sales categories, including automotive tools and industrial products.

Banggood offers warranties, security, flash sales, promo codes, and coupons for consumers.

3. Dhgate

Apps like Temu

DHgate, an e-commerce marketplace and best temu alternative, it operates from China and facilitates the sale of manufactured goods from suppliers to retailers.

It’s a global marketplace that promotes wholesale product sales to international buyers. DHgate offers free sign-up and significant discounts for consumers who purchase products in bulk.

With an extensive collection of trendy items at exceptionally low prices compared to competitors, DHgate is a top choice for budget-conscious shoppers.

It provides product reviews for reference, the best discounts and deals, and products from reliable sellers, both branded and non-branded.

4. Wish

Apps like Temu

Wish, an online shopping platform considered one of the best apps like Temu, offers a wide range of clothing styles, accessories, gadgets, beauty supplies, and more.. With numerous discounts, Wish significantly reduces your shopping expenses. Look at the product reviews and ratings when making your selections.

Wish’s delivery time ranges from 15 to 45 days, and returns are accepted within 30 days from the delivery date. Products can cost as little as $1, making it a great alternative to Temu. 


Apps like Temu

SHEIN can be a great alternative to Temu, available on both their website and app, and it offers numerous fashion deals. New users can enjoy free shipping on all orders and, at times, receive percentage discounts, such as 15% off on any order

SHEIN mainly includes fashion products, offering clothing for women, men, and children, as well as various categories like beachwear, sportswear, dresses, tops, outdoor attire, and lingerie. Additionally, SHEIN provides a beauty section, including wigs, beauty tools, and personal care items.

6. LightInTheBox

Apps like Temu

LightInTheBox, a shopping app similar to Temu, excels in providing substantial discounts on fashion items. It’s a popular choice for budget-friendly trendy clothing and accessories. This globally recognized online retail store operates a system that rewards customers with points on each purchase, which can be exchanged for discounts on future orders.

LightInTheBox stands out for its quality clothing, appropriate sizing, multiple payment options, user-friendly interface, and a wide range of electronic items and gadgets like cameras and baby monitors.

7. Walmart

Apps like Temu

Walmart, a well-known retailer similar to Temu, offers an extensive range of merchandise across various categories. It has evolved into the second-largest e-commerce retailer in the United States, catering to small businesses and consumers alike.

Walmart provides a diverse array of products, from snacks and office supplies to furniture. Walmart offers in-store pickup, delivery, and shipping, making it a one-stop shop for groceries, home improvement, decor, and more. 

8. Etsy

Apps like Temu

Etsy, established in 2013, is a U.S.-based online retail platform specializing in handmade, vintage, and craft-related products. It offers a diverse array of categories such as jewellery, bags, apparel, home furnishings, furniture, toys, artwork, as well as crafting materials and tools.

The vintage articles are at least 20 years old. Etsy’s homepage offers search and browsing options, including categories like Art, Jewelry, and more. More than 30 categories with subcategories are available on Etsy. 

9. Dollar Tree

Apps like Temu

Dollar Tree, with over 16,000 stores across the United States and a growing online presence, remains a go-to destination for discount shopping. Although it’s technically no longer a dollar store, with most goods priced at $1.25, the deals remain unbeatable.

From craft supplies to candies and linens, Dollar Tree offers a wide range of reasonably priced products. The retailer doesn’t provide refunds but allows exchanges for unopened items with the original receipt.

You can opt for free in-store pickup or have orders shipped to your address, with delivery typically taking four to five days after order processing.

10. Alibaba

Apps like Temu

Alibaba is another global shopping platform that connects buyers with suppliers worldwide. Alibaba has an impressive rating of 4.57 stars, based on feedback from 13,654 reviews, suggesting that the majority of customers are content with their shopping experiences.

Reviewers who express satisfaction with Alibaba often highlight aspects such as product quality, the reliability of trade assurance, and the quality of customer service.


Is Temu like Wish? 

Yes, Temu is much like Wish in many ways. Both offer a wide variety of products, at a discounted rate. Most of their products are manufactured in China which reduces its costs.

Both platforms provide you with a user-friendly interface, accessible through a mobile app. Additionally, they both provide incentives and discounts for referring to their friends and family. 

Is Temu better than Shein?

Both Temu and Shein are highly popular e-commerce platforms. What’s better and what’s not, depends on what you’re demanding. Shein and Temu are known for their budget-friendly prices, offering you products from the comfort of your home. But, while Shein is limited to clothes, Temu allows you to get access to other non-clothing products like electronic appliances, home and kitchen decor items, etc.

However, Shein offers offline stores for those interested in trying on clothes before buying them, while Temu exclusively operates as an online marketplace without any physical location to visit. 

Why Temu is so cheap?

Temu can offer low prices because it often connects users with sellers who source products directly from manufacturers or wholesalers.

This direct-to-consumer strategy cuts out intermediaries, leading to substantial cost reductions and enabling the resulting savings to be transferred to consumers. 

Additionally, many items on Temu are produced in countries with lower manufacturing costs, contributing to the affordability.

The majority of Temu’s suppliers operate within China, which is recognized as the world’s foremost manufacturing hub, responsible for approximately one-third of worldwide manufacturing production.

Is Temu Better than AliExpress?

As said above, what’s better can only be decided by your type of demand. Both Temu and AliExpress are great websites for online shopping. Since AliExpress is an older website, it has a rating of 4.5, while Temu, being a newer website, has a rating of 4.2. In terms of pricing and shipping, Temu is better and faster than AliExpress. But, when it comes to product range and quality, AliExpress can be said to be better.  

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