Kahoot Join Pin (OCTOBER) Updated List 2023 | How To Find Kahoot Pin ?

Kahoot Join Pin (OCTOBER) Updated List 2023 | How To Find Kahoot Pin ?

To Enter a Kahoot game, you will need a Kahoot join Game Pin Code. Kahoot is a popular free game-based learning platform used by teachers and students globally. It empowers teachers to create captivating and interactive quizzes, surveys, questions, and debates that actively involve students in the learning process.

Kahoot has been a game changer for many instructors, making it easier to design engaging and dynamic classroom experiences. One of the most important aspects of playing Kahoot is having access to the Kahoot Join Game PIN, which allows you to Enter Kahoot game.

In this article, we will present an updated list of active and working Kahoot game pins. Additionally, we will share tips on how to get Kahoot game pin code. These codes can be easily copied and pasted, enabling you to join Kahoot games effortlessly.

What is the Kahoot Game?

Kahoot is an interactive online platform that allows teachers to engage students by asking questions, conducting interviews, or creating a game-like environment. It can be used in both traditional classroom settings and for distance learning. Teachers find Kahoot to be an excellent tool for assessing students’ understanding of class topics.

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List of Working Active Kahoot Join Game Pin Codes | OCTOBER

  • 328807
  • 915176
  • 425506
  • 229406
  • 270834
  • 850366
  • 635196
  • 729696
  • 264082
  • 790644
  • 459010
  • 685593
  • 317435
  • 630677
  • 858092
  • 197533
  • 112725
  • 903709
  • 363680
  • 530538
  • 655905
  • 436565
  • 627663
  • 670542
  • 177046
  • 572188
  • 731655
  • 461734
  • 565307
  • 844855
  • 178931
  • 465573
  • 602962
  • 595173
  • 152536
  • 798673
  • 30664
  • 891026
  • 44907
  • 170437
  • 668446
  • 58035
  • 725230
  • 111171
  • 514049
  • 77130
  • 127908
  • 618011
  • 11306
  • 99856
  • 884528
  • 518065
  • 924062
  • 332028
  • 364277
  • 417814
  • 502139
  • 252639
  • 964636
  • 839287
  • 317341
  • 253388
  • 442385
  • 792064
  • 87192
  • 924222
  • 836306
  • 970484
  • 254688
  • 898906
  • 182702
  • 211554
  • 257320
  • 511942
  • 336205
  • 530538
  • 217007
  • 68918
  • 523960
  • 406278
  • 614373
  • 848937
  • 867667
  • 692405
  • 110092
  • 573635
  • 452765
  • 764706
  • 702996
  • 568462
  • 510003
  • 529653
  • 138561
  • 414629
  • 129377
  • 627661
  • 463467
  • 428338
  • 259699
  • 424766
  • 240248
  • 403782
  • 426519
  • 658783
  • 368855
  • 961226
  • 193574
  • 360014
  • 604750
  • 548226
  • 705312
  • 562782
  • 324214
  • 966114
  • 555332

How to Play the Kahoot Game?

The Kahoot game is relatively easy to play. all you need kahoot game pin code to join, the teacher uses the platform’s website to build a Kahoot game. They can contain various questions, such as multiple choice, true or false, and open-ended questions.

The teachers of kahoot distributes the Kahoot game PIN code to their students, To join the game, students enter this PIN into the Kahoot website or mobile app.

The game begins once all students have joined, and students answer the questions as quickly and precisely as possible. The student with the most points wins at the end of the game.

kahoot game pin code

How to find Kahoot join game pin ?

A Kahoot! game PIN is a temporary code that identifies a Kahoot game session. It’s like a special passcode for joining a game created by someone who is hosting the Kahoot game. Discover how to find a Kahoot! PIN and start playing Kahoot! right away! Read More here

When you visit https://kahoot.it or open Kahoot mobile app and click the Join button, you will see a field where you need to enter a Game PIN.

To participate as a player:

✅ You must receive the PIN from the host of the game session.

✅ The PIN is generated when someone presents a live Kahoot or assigns a Kahoot.

✅ If you want to join a simultaneous live game and can see the host’s screen, the PIN will be displayed at the top of the game’s lobby.

kahoot game pin code

As a player:

✅ You cannot generate a PIN for a Kahoot! game. You need to be given a Kahoot! game PIN by someone who is hosting a game.

✅ Kahoot! game PINs are unique to each session. They are generated when a Kahoot! is launched and used on kahoot.it or in the app for players to join the host’s session.

✅ If you prefer to play alone, you don’t need a PIN. You can use one of their Kahoot solo modes.

How to play kahoot by yourself Without Kahoot Pin ?

Wondering how to play kahoot by yourself? One of the ways is to preview it, read more here

✅ Open the kahoot game you want to preview. You can find it in your Library or on the Discover page.

✅ Click the three vertical dots to open a drop-down menu.

✅ Click Preview.

kahoot game pin code

The left-side screen imitates hosting the kahoot. The right-side screen imitates playing the kahoot.

How To Play kahoot Solo

The Solo option allows you to play a kahoot by yourself and at your own pace.

✅ Open the kahoot you want to practice. You can find it in your Library or on the Discover page.

✅ Click the Solo option next to the Start and Assign buttons.

✅ Select one of their solo game modes.

kahoot game pin code

There are currently Two Solo Mode, which is you can choose to play solo.

✅ Chill art solo mode

✅ Classic solo mode

How to Join Kahoot using Code?

To participate in a Kahoot game, you must have the Kahoot game Enter PIN, a unique six-digit code, we have mentioned kahoot join codes in this post that actually works, you can copy and paste it into your kahoot platform to access kahoot games.

Steps to join kahoot Game

The teacher often shares the game PIN by email, messaging app, or displayed on a shared screen. Once you have the game PIN, go to Kahoot on your device, enter the PIN and provide a name or nickname to use during the game. You will then be able to play the game and answer the questions.

Step 1. Visit Kahoot.its Website homepage.

kahoot game pin code

Step 2. To join the Kahoot game, Simply enter the Game PIN mentioned in this article or that you already have, then press the Enter key. You will instantly join the game within 2 seconds.

More Kahoot Join Game Pin



















How to get more Kahoot Game Codes?

Every Kahoot game PIN code is temporary and can be challenging for players to find active codes. To get a working Kahoot game PIN, you must be present when someone is hosting a Kahoot game. We understand that this may be difficult, so we’ve included different methods to find working Kahoot game PIN codes online.


Stay up to date on Reddit and find communities where users frequently share Kahoot game join pins, simply search for “Kahoot” on Reddit and join those Communities. By doing so, you will receive the latest update notifications via email and on your device. These communities are a great resource for finding and participating in Kahoot games.

kahoot game pin code

Click here to Kahoot Reddit communities

where hosts frequently share Kahoot pins. These communities allow users to easily access game pins and participate in Kahoot games.


YouTube is one of the finest places to discover random Kahoot pins or codes if you want to play the game again.

Many YouTube channels frequently offer Kahoot sessions that provide random Kahoot codes to their viewers.

To receive random Kahoot codes, simply search for “Kahoot live to join now” on YouTube. Your screen will be bombarded with many YouTube channels.

You will be able to find several nice channels in these streams that provide valid and working Kahoot code pins for quick access to them.


Discord is a free audio, video, and text chat app used by millions of people worldwide. If you’re a gamer, you already know what Discord is. It’s one of those apps that gamers can’t live without.

On Discord, you’ll find several servers and communities dedicated to Kahoot where individuals share their game pins and other Kahoot tips and tricks with Discord members.

As a result, if you’re a Kahoot fan, you’re in for a treat. Aside from the Discord servers, a Kahoot Discord bot helps users identify working and genuine Kahoot Game Pin Codes.


1. Can I join Kahoot for free?

Yes, Kahoot is entirely free for both teachers and students.

2. How long is a Kahoot game PIN Code?

A Kahoot game PIN is typically six digits long.

3. Is Kahoot only for schools?

No, Kahoot is not only for schools. It can be used in various field, including businesses, conferences, and social gatherings, to engage and interact with groups.

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