What does the blue star mean on tinder ?

What does the blue star mean on tinder ?

Whether you’re looking for love? Or just want to expand your social circle? The online dating application is the right choice for you. These dating application is a complete buzz nowadays and they’ve literally taken the world by storm. 

There are various online dating applications but Tinder is one of the most popular dating and geosocial networking applications. One of its key features is the ability to match with your potential partners. On Tinder, when two users have mutually swiped right on each other’s profiles, they become a match.

You might have seen Blue Star on someone’s profile while swiping right or left, and you got confused about what that means, well that’s a great feature added a while ago, now Let’s understand more about this feature, and what it means and how it works.

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What does the Blue Star mean on Tinder?

Blue Star on Tinder is known for Super Like. When you Super Like someone on Tinder, that user will see a blue star next to your username, and this feature is used for showing special interest in someone you like.

What does the blue star mean on tinder ?
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This feature is only available to members who have purchased Tinder premium subscriptions. This feature can help your profile stand out from the crowd and potentially increase your chances of finding a successful match. It’s a great way of showing appreciation for someone and getting noticed by potential matches. 

So if you want to ensure your potential matches know that you’re serious about them, sending Super Likes is a great way to do it.

To leverage this amazing feature be sure to upgrade to a premium subscription on Tinder. That way, you’ll be able to send Super Likes and get noticed by more potential matches. Maybe this feature can help you find your soulmate in no time! 

Where can you see Blue Stars on Tinder?

  • You can see blue stars on Tinder in multiple places. The first place is on the Discovery page. You may spot someone who has a blue star on their profile. That signifies they SuperLiked your profile! A light blue background will also be at the bottom of their photo to indicate that they have super-liked you.
  • Secondly, you can also see blue stars in your Tinder app’s “Matches” section. Any person with SuperLiked your profile will have a blue star next to their name.
  • Thirdly, check your top picks if you have Tinder Gold. On the Top Picks screen, you can identify profiles with blue stars, allowing you to SuperLike them directly from that page. 

How to use Blue Star on Tinder?

The cost of using 3, 12, and 50 Super Likes is $12.57 ($4.25 each), $38.28 ($3.19 each), and $95.50 ($1.91 each), respectively.

There are two simple ways to use the blue star and super like them.

If you’re looking for a different way to show interest in someone, then make sure to Super Like them! To do this, tap the blue star button on their Tinder profile, but remember that you need available Super Likes for it to work.

Alternatively, swipe up on that person’s Tinder profile to use the blue star feature. Then, tap and hold your match’s Tinder card and drag it upwards. It will lead to Super liking them.


The blue star on Tinder is a great way to show appreciation for someone and get noticed by your potential matches. It’s only available to those with a premium subscription. You can use the blue star by tapping it or swiping up on their Tinder card, but remember that you must have available Super Likes to do so. 


What do the blue check mark and star mean on Tinder?

Answer: Tinder has recently unveiled a new blue checkmark feature to authenticate user profiles. It only takes two extra selfies on the app’s settings page before you can be verified! You will immediately receive confirmation from Tinder once your profile is accepted as legitimate.

Whereas the “blue star” is a feature of Tinder subscriptions that allows members to Super Like someone’s profile, making it stand out from the crowd and increasing their chances of being matched with that person.

What does the lightning bolt mean on Tinder?

Answer: With Purple Lightning Bolt’s “Boost” feature, your profile will be the first one seen by those you swipe right for 30 minutes. This function increases the chances of being seen by potential matches.

What does the blue tick mean on Tinder?

Answer: The blue tick on Tinder is for Super Like. It means that someone has Super Liked your profile and is interested in connecting with you. It’s an additional feature available to those with a premium subscription.

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