What if it rained diamonds on Earth?

What if it rained diamonds on Earth?

Well, many of you have this type of fantasy, like money falling from the sky. Yeah, me too. We know that it is not possible, but we had dreamt of it. Now, what if I tell you that what you think of a fantasy is not one. Surprise? Happy?
It is not a joke. I am telling you guys a real truth. It may not be possible on Earth, but there are many planets out there where it rains diamond. Saturn is the best example of it. On planet Saturn, it rains diamond. Pretty expensive rain if you ask me.
Let me explain how it works. It rains diamonds on Saturn because of the combination of lightning, carbon, and the atmospheric pressure on the planet. Methane in Saturn’s atmosphere turns into graphite because of the intense lightning, and then these lightning turns this graphite into diamonds. Those diamonds then rain down to the planet center. It then turns into liquid form because of the extreme temperature of the planet.
Atleast now we know that these fantasies can turn into reality, but how can we replicate the same phenomena as Saturn to Earth. Not much is required. We just have to increase the atmospheric pressure of Earth a little bit, around one thousand times of the current atmospheric pressure. This amount of atmospheric pressure can very easily extinguish any life on Earth. Sounds scary, right?
Of course, we also need intense lightning and abundance of Methane, of which our Earth doesn’t have that much. So, now that I think about it, it is better if the diamonds were to found the way we found it until now.
But let us assume we don’t need any type of modification to get our planet rains diamond. What do you think will happen. Are you thinking of making a house out of a diamond? Well, let me break your fantasies again. It will still be devastation. As we all know that diamond is currently the hardest object, and to cut it, we need another diamond. If these indestructible little things come down from the sky with ever-increasing speed because of the planet’s gravity, you can imagine the destruction. This super destructive rain can destroy anything, and you have to use an Armor instead of an umbrella to be safe.
No matter what you will do, a fantasy will remain a fantasy. It is good that our Earth do not rains diamond.

We will meet again with another exciting topic, until then!

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