Why you should you do what you love?

Why you should you do what you love?

Welcome everyone, I am Prashant and as you can see, this is a welcome post. So, I will just explain the basic purpose and the reason to start this website but before that… Let me explain what me and my team do for living.

I am a PHP web developer and my other two friends(will introduce later, because don’t want to give them limelight here. hehe) are digital marketers. So, it makes any work easy for us because no matter what I make, they are able to easily promote it. Not to brag or something but our team is quite capable. So, we have pretty good financial condition. The thing is, If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time.

In easy term, we have some admirers but some are jealous that we don’t help them with anything. It’s not like we don’t want to, but it is not like you can help everybody. As I have already said, that we have a better financial condition and that make us lazy (Zzzz). The problem is pretty much that.

We have set up this website to help those kind souls to do something in life, including us. So, we will share everything that can be shared from entertainment to business research. Be ready to get on it because the idea is already started.

We will post things about our latest ‘enjoyment tours’ to ‘how to dress as man’ and also review you guys about any research we do in our free time. This researches could be your opportunity or just entertainment, depends on you guys. Some main categories will be Men’s Grooming, Fitness, Technology etc.

As you guys will see that I am handsome and dress well in any occasions accordingly. Okay, jokes aside, I just want you guys to keep reading on this website in your free time. Forget opportunities, even the entertainment part will be worth reading it.

I was having the feeling that I am forgetting something and now I remember what is it. I forgot to introduce my team. Let me introduce them to you albeit reluctantly. One was my senior in school and another one was my classmate till college.

The first on is named Rohit and believe me, he will never get old. He is now more than 25 years old but still looks like 18 years old. I never seen him growing up untill now, still looks the same to me. Responsible and had mature behaviour. Handsome with lot of charm. More active than me but low in confidence. Heaven’s is fare, you cannot get everything, trying to console myself.

Second ones is Akash and as his name suggest, his height is 6’3. I am actually quite jealous of him. Not a big reason but just because he looks more handsome and taller than me. Other reason will be, every one likes him. It is fine if only guys but even girls in our class had a crush on him. I had first relationship in my college days and my girlfriend had crush on him too. Scrach the jealousy, I now actually hate him after explaining all that. Heaven’s are not fare, even consoling myself will not work here.

Now here I am, My name is Prashant as mentioned above. I am 23 years old, a week ago that is. I am a PHP web developer and enjoy the process of programming. Other than that, I don’t want to talk about anything. ? I will only say that, Life is tough sometimes, you can only do your best and don’t give up.

Keep reading and enjoy.


Prashant Singh

My name is Prashant and I am 24 years old. I am a PHP web developer and enjoy the process of programming. Other than that, I will only say that Life is tough sometimes, you can only do your best and don’t give up.