6 Instagram post ideas that can boost engagement in 2022

6 Instagram post ideas that can boost engagement in 2022

This is the era of Social Media. And it is rightfully said so! If your product or service is not on social media, then probably it’s not a business yet. And when it comes to social media, what is better than Instagram nowadays?

Do you want to know how to increase your Instagram engagement in 2022 and make yourself or your product or service a brand?

Here are 6 ways you can see your Instagram account go crazy!

#1. Instagram Story Stickers

Instagram Stories are one of the best ways to engage with your audience on a personal level. It helps you to create a following that connects with you. You can use polls, questions, countdowns and emoji sliders to name a few.

You can use stickers like the AMA (Ask me Anything) or pops like tbh which instantly urges the audience to write something. 

These story stickers are one of the best ways you can understand your audience better as well as have a personal connection with them. For example, you can conduct polls asking your audience if they would prefer Product A or Product B.

Or you can simply make a poll on some complimentary fun stuff, say coffee or tea; blue or white; summer or winter, etc. These are some of the proven ways to boost engagement on Instagram.

#2. Create Reels and collaborate

Creating a good amount of reels with really cool collabs is a sure shot way to increase your Instagram engagement. It’s a very good idea to show behind the scenes of your product or service on the reel or you can do actual product placements with a little tinge of creativity there. 

Reels are literally the secret to going viral on Instagram. Also while collaborating you can co-author on reels which lets you share the likes, comments and engagement with your collaborator, Create reels on trending music, songs or any sound or monologue which is going viral and I promise you will have an engaging 2022.

#3. Create Relatable Memes

How many times have you stumbled across a meme which was either very relatable or funny to you?

A lot of times! Right?

  • And what did you do next?
  • You laughed or atleast smiled.
  • You liked the post and most probably did a comment or tagged someone.
  • Then you would have shared it in your stories for your friend to see. Maybe you would have visited the account and scrolled the profile. 

Yes! That’s it! Memes are like the sauce which makes Instagram the most relatable place for GenZ. 

And trust me creating relatable memes can boost your account engagement like crazy. 

#4. Be yourself on Instagram 

Let me again emphasize on how important it is to be yourself on Instagram stories. 

Genz is one of those bunch of peeps who possess a very little attention span and also they are not the ones who will engage with you on a superficial level. This is the generation who does not idolize the big stars anymore. 

They follow and engage with people whom they can relate with. And that is only possible when you are yourself. 

So let your personality shine through Instagram!

And how actually can you do that?

Being yourself means being unapologetically you! Don’t fake anything. 

Don’t sponsor products that don’t match with your brand or are not relatable to you. 

Remember that Instagram is not a one time game but a long haul. Your engagement must be sustainable which can place you on the top of your game.

#5. Share your Story

Yes, you read it right!

Sharing your story, your success, your failures, your blunders, your mission, your vision, etc., can be a really great way for people to know you, your product and your why, which can inspire your audience. These are also the posts which receive a very good engagement from the audience.  

Also don’t forget to add CTAs [Call to Actions] as it will probe the audience to share their experiences as well.

#6.  Engage with similar Accounts in your Niche 

The basic rule of Instagram is that engagement feeds engagement. By interacting with other users on the platform, you’re increasing your chance of being seen. The more you engage, the more visible your account becomes, and the more engagement you’ll get from visitors to your profile. Engaging with similar accounts is the most effective as it will make you visible to the target audience.

So these were some of the most common and time tested ways to boost engagement. 

Bottom line: add suitable and relevant hashtags, captions, aesthetics, competitors, appeal, and most importantly the value you provide is some variables that determine your engagement as well as your brand. So use the above tips with the right strategy and plan. And Voila!

Next time when you plan your content, go through these tips and let the engagement come!

Garima Jain