How to check sent follow requests on Instagram

How to check sent follow requests on Instagram

Instagram is full of attracting people and sometime we find some attractive profile and instantly tap the follow button on private account and wait for the person to accept our request.

However, after sometime we forget whom we have sent the follow request on Instagram and Over the years you may have too many sent follow requests to private account users, and now you want to look into those account whom you have send the request then do not worry.

Instagram has inbuilt feature that allow you to see the list of all sent follow requests on instagram.

How to see who i requested to follow on instagram ?

On a daily basis, we request to follow a lot of people on Instagram. Some are people we personally know and some of them may have a mutual friend with you. Quite other times, we may find interesting people in the comment section of different posts or on the stories of known people.

However, when we request them to follow, it is at the discretion of the user to accept your request or not. This leads you hanging there for as long as they want. You would want to see their request status or just want to know whom you have requested to follow.

You may also think that they have either ignored your request or haven’t even seen it till now. However, there are a few easy ways to find out the people whom you have requested to follow or view the status.

In this article, we will provide you with both mobile and desktop methods to view the status of the people whom you have requested to follow.

How to view sent follow requests on Instagram in Mobile

  • Open Instagram on your phone.

  • Go to Profile and then click on Menu which is on the top right corner in three lines icon.

  • Select Settings

  • Tap “Security” and then scroll down until it says “Access Data“.

  1. In the connection, you will see “view all current follow requests“. Proceed by selecting that.

How to check instagram sent follow requests on iPhone

How to view Instagram sent Follow requests on PC (Web)

  • Go to your web browser on your computer or laptop.

  • Log in to your account and go to your profile.

  • Select the third option from the dropdown menu and select Settings.

  • On the left side, you will see the option of “Privacy and Security” as the 7th option. Select that.

  • Then when you scroll a little down, you will find the menu which is titled “Account Data”. Proceed and select Account Data.

  • In the top right column under Connections, you will find “Current Follow requests”. Click on the view all option.

  • Now you will just see the list of accounts you have requested to follow. Note that you won’t have any links to the account nor the button to cancel the request. The list will be in plain text.

Final Thought

The bottom line here is that don’t be obsessed with people who have denied or ignored your follow request. Don’t take this personally. If you really want to follow them, then DM them. However, in the process don’t be an annoying and toxic person by re-requesting them. Some people just want to have a close circle on social media and it has nothing to do with you.

With this, I sign off!

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Garima Jain